Blog Photo Fail

I tried to get a picture last night (for my blog) – of course – and it didn’t quite go the way I planned.

But let me start from the beginning, I have this bad habit of leaving a glass on the counter and using that to drink out of – a day or two at least. I fill it up from the fridge water and gulp away. I usually drink a full glass every morning. It makes me feel awake (ish) – until the coffee finishes brewing that is.

Sunday morning, I am wetting my whistle and downing the glass of water like I’m chugging beer (I love water). Chug, chug, chug. I notice – a speck – at the bottom of my glass. So, I stop drinking and peer inside. There, in the glass doing the deads man float, a bug. A teeny, slimy, germy looking bug. Ahhh!!!

I poured the water out, threw the glass in the dishwasher and vowed – NEVER – to drink from a glass I left out on the counter again. How many bugs had I ingested in my water chugging delight? My stomach turned just a little bit. But I put it behind me and now my glass stays in the cabinet; clean and germ free.

It was a moment or two after that I thought……..I should have taken that bug’s picture and blogged about it! Surely others would laugh and cry over my close encounters of the bug kind. Surely, they could relate and share their own near bug ingestion mishaps. But, I didn’t and buggy had went down the drain (the disposal drain).

Enter chance #2, which I was NOT going to miss. Sydney comes walking up to me in the living room holding a glass of water. This was last night. I had seen the water glass on the table when I was cleaning the kitchen, but just left it alone. I figured it was hers and she was drinking from it, and all that was true.

Sydney jams the glass in front of my nose, “Mom, what if I had drank from this without looking?”

My mind flashed back to my drinking without looking moment *shudder* and well, her bug was harder to miss, and a lot bigger. It had LEGS. They were thrashing. “Ewwww!” We chimed in unison – a call to action. We took the captured pest into the kitchen light to look at it and make – that’s digusting – sounds. Imagining if she had drank the water with him in it and what it would have looked like when she tilted the glass up to her face.

That’s when I got the brilliant idea to capture the shot – the moment. “Yeah! Let’s get a picture of it!”

Syd,”Why? Are you going to blog about it?”


I grab my camera, all the while bugster is in a Michael Phelps free stroke Olympic event. As fast as his legs were going, he might hit the world record. I pick up the glass holding the camera down. I wanted to get him in the moment he would have been seen as Syd was drinking water. It’s all about renactment ya know?

So, I tilt the glass up towards the camera, towards the horizontal position, the drinking position. The water moves up, and so does the bug. Then he gains traction on the slant racing out of the glass, right towards me, and right towards the camera lens. “Ahhhh!” We shriek in unison as I drop the glass and he reaches the rim climbing down to the table.

More panic and screams as I smoosh the bug. I didn’t get my blog photo moment. I have no picture for you.

I think the lesson here is Jason needs an exterminator do not to leave water glasses on the counter when the temps have been over 100 every day and look before you drink.

By the way, the glass is still on the table.

Drink anyone?