Meet the Fuzzy Clan

One of the stories from my husband’s childhood involved his mom buying some fertilized eggs and putting them in an incubator. She had her son turn them every day for three weeks until the little eggs hatched into baby chicks.

I thought it was the cutest thing I had ever heard, but seemed impossible. I mean….really? Growing baby chickens? In a residence in one of the ninth largest cities in the U.S.?

But yes, that is exactly what she did. And she did it again for her Sunday school class. Except this time she turned the eggs herself.

And they hatched.

Cute little baby chicks were born from the eggs.

I sorta, kinda fell a little lot in love.

Yes, with chickens……look how cute they are….

Chicken butt.

Holding them in my hand, watching them run around in a little hop-walk. Pecking away at the air, or the floor.

They are so curious, but sweet.

I got really attached to the little yellow one.

It liked climbing all over me. I’m thinking it’s because I am always warm.

They were just starting to grow their real feathers on their wings.

It is not easy to photography baby chicks. They move pretty fast. They are also not thrilled with the flash. I recommend a long lens to zoom in from far away. Unless they are on your foot.

Sometimes, they won’t go far away, because they think you are their momma. The downside of being born in an incubator.

I finally said good-bye to my little baby chicken. Pretty soon, the fuzzy clan will grow up and head to the farm. They will be the makers of farm-fresh eggs.

I’ll get to say……..I knew them when. Awwwe.