The Truth about Fortunes

With my work’s moving me home date looming closer and closer (the latest estimate is by July 12th or when Charter calls them back)…. I decided to hit my FAVORITE Chinese food place before I’m too far away during lunchtime. Trust me, there are NO decent places I have found by my house, and I don’t think Szechuan will deliver thirty miles away.

My favorite part, other than the egg drop soup, and moo goo gai pan? The fortune.

And here is what mine said…..

20120616-073515.jpgPhoto by iPhone

Um. Wow!

It’s funny because I have been wondering what God is doing with friendships in my life. For awhile, I wasn’t even sure if I was open to them due to some trust issues.

Enter fortune stage left.

And maybe it’s not such a far off one. I truly believe whether it’s through prayer or fortune, if you seek what you need, you will find it.

We had friends over for dinner last night. I have a girlfriend movie date today. And later, my family is attending a BBQ at my sister’s sister-in-law’s house.

Yes, that is a little confusing. But my sister lives in Houston. Her husband’s sister lives in a town over from me. We decided their next trip up from Houston….we would alllll get together. It sure makes it easier on them to visit everyone.

So, I’m excited. Maybe, I am not so closed to friendships after all (if I ever was).

Plus, I am really looking forward to all the blogging friendships as well (now that I’m here again and actively blogging).

So, I’ll let you know how Snow White and the Huntsman turns out.

Has anyone seen it?

And how my friendships progress per my fortune.

Happy Saturday!!