My iPhone Adventure in Northern Cali

I headed to San Francisco to meet my husband on Friday. He was already there on business the last few days. I used his AA miles to get there and favors from my two big kids – Brandon and Sydney – to watch the dogs for me.

This adventure wasn’t planned too far in advance. I call it an unplanned lucky break. We lucked out his conference was in one of my favorite cities. And caught a break getting me free airfare, and of course, travel agent rates in Napa Valley.

All in all, this is one my favorite trips on record. The coast. The cool air. The beautiful wine valleys. And those gentle, giant redwoods. This is the stuff vitality is made of. I soaked it up and hope I breathed in enough of the Pacific Ocean to last until next time. There is something about it that just calms me.

I highly doubt Nothern Cali needed me, but I sure needed Northern Cali.

Since I have no idea when I will upload my 800+ photos taken with my big girl camera. I am giving you a glimpse via my iPhone photo library.

I took mobile phone pics in hopes of making up for the lag in posting the “pro” ones. But hey, I get to brag on my new iPhone 5s.

Isn’t she awesome? She did a fabulous job!

DFW airport. My journey begins.

View from the airplane. I just love clouds. My window had funky cracked lines on it. Kinda weirded me out, but made a nice sun flare in my photo.

Lunch on Pier 39. Clam chowder in a sour dough bread bowl, mmmm, delicious.

The Bay Bridge at sunset. So pretty! And after this photo, it turned a brilliant pink.

Wine tasting at the hotel. Pretty sure there was only one I didn’t care for, but the rest were magnificent.

We hit the Italian chocolate factory after. It is like the Willy Wonka of San Francisco. So! Much! Chocolate! I would have gone back before we left, but we ran out of time. Not just for the chocolate, but the super cool mermaid holding a mermaid baby fountain in front of the store (a reason to go back! Ha!).

Day two in full tourist gear.

We are visiting the wharf and Pier 39 again. What can I say? Different time of day, different light. My photographer friends will understand this.

The sea lions. My favorite animals on the bay. Yes their arfing night and day is annoying, but they are so funny and cute. They remind me of my Anna dog.

Big war ship and submarine on the bay. The photo makes it small, but this beast was massive.

To die for pizza at Tony’s in North Beach. The leftovers were given to a homeless man in Chinatown. No doubt he enjoyed. Amazing food.

The Golden Gate Bridge by Big BUS tours. I liked riding the big BUS. Reminded me of Big Butt and hey, I can relate. Ha.

Day three, we arrive in beautiful Napa Valley.

I am truly amazed by this countryside. We drove up the side of a mountain for better views.

Muir Woods. We didn’t just walk the boardwalk and take a few pics. Oh no. We took to the trail and hiked steeply up, over, and around for an hour and a half. But now I can say, I lived and breathed redwoods for several hours. It was fantastic.

Fare thee well fine city. I will miss your vibrancy and your culture.

And lastly, the sun sets as our plane flys home.

A beautiful ending to a beautiful trip.

Have you been to San Francisco?