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Birds of the Dallas Zoo

Of all the animals and sights to see at the Dallas Zoo, I had no clue I would fall madly in love with the birds of the zoo. These photos represent a small… Continue reading

When Photography is a Gift

It did not even cross my mind the first time I picked up my new Nikon D3000 what gifts it might bring to me, and not to just me, but to others as… Continue reading

No Fools in Our House

April Fool’s Day. Doesn’t it just slip right in and surprise you? Or maybe you plan for this day and all the tricks you will pull. Like you are twelve… This day comes… Continue reading

I’m that Grandma

You know the one… Always carries a “brag” book (my iPhone). Always snapping photos of their darling grandchild. Always proud to share every moment of achievement (whether you ask or not). Always beaming… Continue reading

The 5 Ways I Put My Dogs To Shame

1) I made them the most ridiculous signs to wear. 2) I set them in front of my best camera to share their stains with the world. 3) When they didn’t look properly… Continue reading

A Photo For Every Month of My Year 2013

I can’t believe it. I can’t believe I am posting about my entire YEAR. Really? So soon? Well played year, well-played. I decided to pick ONE photo to represent each month of 2013,… Continue reading

Merry Christmas Baby!

I remember earlier this year when all the newness of being a future Grandmother was settling into my bones. The shock had (mostly) worn off and I could accept and understand this was… Continue reading

Will the Real Santa Please Stand Up?

I think it is time we out these imposters. Santa #1 – Beard is too bright. Scared look in his eye. If that beard comes off, I have no idea where he will… Continue reading