Freshly Pressed and More…

Arrivederci, Italiano! I decided to take an Italian language class to honor my Italian heritage. Freshly Pressed – October 2009
Arrivederci, Italiano!

A concert that changed my life…….Radiohead. Little did I know how well this LONG blind date would go. Freshly Pressed – May 18, 2010
I’m a Creep. I’m a Weirdo.

I fell in love with photography. I posted a few of my favorite images from my new DSLR camera and it caught the attention of the WordPress staff. Freshly Pressed – August 2010
Possessed by Nikon.

We took the kids to their very first drive-in movie. It inspired this post. Freshly Pressed – April 18, 2011
Still in existence – The Drive-in Movie Theater.

A walk to remember? Well….not at the witching hour, nor during a full moon, or alone in the deep, scary dark. Hey, it’s my first ghost walk tour. Captured by Freshly Pressed – October 31st, 2012
The Baker Hotel Ghost Walk.

I love my step girls more than I can say. Writing from a different perspective, I give honor to the mom of my step children on Mother’s Day. I want her to know how precious the girls are to me, and her too, because she is their mum. Freshly pressed – May 8, 2014
A Letter to the Mother of My Step Children


A remembrance and honor of a wonderful man I had the joy of being raised by.
A Father’s Love.

My views on compassion and love mercy regarding all types of women. This was shared and retweeted as hearts opened up.
When I see a Woman.

I started running for fun. A year later, I did the impossible.
My first half-marathon OKC.