Three Kitties and a Baby

Is there anything cuter? Recently, I got to take the grand baby and my two little younger girls to see three four-week-old kittens. And…OH MY WORD…four-week-old kitties are SO CUTE! And no, I… Continue reading

Father’s Day 2014

Most know, this is not the easiest day for me. I miss the two dads in my life more than anything. One not more than the other. Both leave a gaping hole in… Continue reading

That Extra Special Visit

Have I told you about my Mom? Former beauty queen, best preschool teacher in all of Oklahoma (in the 1980’s), former dog breeder of champion bloodhounds, super fun and carefree (although very strict… Continue reading

Room to Bounce

In March, we took the girls to Oklahoma to visit my mom for her 72nd Birthday. It’s not a far trip (only about 3 hours) and we usually make a day out of… Continue reading

The Peeks and Boos of Averey at Nine Months Old

Nine months old. I’ll let that sink in a bit. Yeah. Hard to believe, isn’t it? This girl is in flirting distance of her ONE YEAR Birthday. What?! She is on the brink… Continue reading

Spilt-Second Love Story

Family in town. Pre-wedding dinners. Pre-wedding jitters. All the plans, appointments, and schedules. All of it coming together. All because two people fell in love. In a spilt-second that love captured for all… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

Oh, the joys and excitement of field day at school. It marks a day of celebration. No schoolwork! No books! A day that sings of Summer and the freedom of summer. In fact,… Continue reading

A Summer in the Arts

One of my favorite hang-outs The Arlington Museum of Art hosted their very first photography contest. Aptly named, the “Image as Art Photo Contest: The Landscape”. The contest allowed entries for a fee… Continue reading