Will the Real Santa Please Stand Up?

I think it is time we out these imposters. Santa #1 – Beard is too bright. Scared look in his eye. If that beard comes off, I have no idea where he will… Continue reading

Deep in the Cold Heart of Texas

It’s the great flash freeze of December 2013. And when this happens? This happens! And even though, I work from home and don’t get any “ice” days. I do get to enjoy my… Continue reading

Dec. 7, 2013 – A Walk To Remember

Although today was my day off and I finally got to enjoy our wintry weather, I have worked very hard. I have worked hard to make sure this day is exactly right. Perfect,… Continue reading

The Amazing Way Life Changes

I’m sure you can guess what is at the top of my Thankful list. The very top of a very long list (more on that below). I am thrilled to have so much… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

We didn’t expect to have any time between the Coastal Redwoods and the airport drive. We didn’t expect to see the coastline, not when the sign read Beach Closed. We didn’t expect this… Continue reading

My iPhone Adventure in Northern Cali

I headed to San Francisco to meet my husband on Friday. He was already there on business the last few days. I used his AA miles to get there and favors from my… Continue reading

Freddy Goes For a Ride

Have you met Fred? He started out as my mom’s dog – my favorite of mom’s twenty dogs. My Oklahoma visits to see them made my trips. Then, mom went into assisted living… Continue reading

Signs of an Art Deco Child

When children find a full roll of butcher block paper… When they wake up about two hours before you do… When the art cabinet is in the kitchen… When you find pieces of… Continue reading