Happy Hallows Eve From the Pumpkin Farm

First off, I have signed up for this… Yes, really. It is time to write my heart out! Or at least share more photos. Like the ones from last weekend when we went… Continue reading

When Your Safe Place Doesn’t Feel Safe

Six years, five months, three days, and 18 hours, I met my husband for the first time on the driveway of his beautiful home. Four years, one month, two days and 2 hours,… Continue reading

Give a Baby a Cookie

And she gets super happy. And super messy. But I didn’t really give her a cookie. Nope. I decided to do a few macro images of some leaf cookies for Fall. I had… Continue reading

Muir Woods: The Enduring Forest

Once upon a time, a land gave birth to a tree, a tree gave birth to a forest. A forest gave birth to a park. And the park became a National Monument that… Continue reading

12 Years a Companion

Twelve years is a long time. Many things can happen; three moves,a divorce,a re-marriage, two bonus girls, and a grandchild. So much life in those 12 years. So much joy, pain, and celebrations.… Continue reading

For the Love of All Things Cake

It happened. My Grand baby turned ONE. My heart both soars and breaks at the same time. The first year is truly a miracle. The accomplishments, the growth, and the sheer magnitude of… Continue reading

A Year Later…

Follow my blog with Bloglovin How quickly life changes… From one week to the next…. From one month to twelve. And all the days in between. A stunning journey of growth as you… Continue reading

A City of Relics

The Daily Post at WordPress weekly photo challenge is to find your relic. The first thing that comes to mind is the fabulous and dying (but resurrecting) Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas.… Continue reading