Furry kids

Life without fur? No thanks!

Our family has FOUR DOGS.

Yes, four.

I am still not sure how that happened, but I love those fur-faces like crazy.

We give our dogs two middle names. One after me, and the other after their doggy mom. We like long names like that.

Salem Dixie Elizabeth – Black Lab – 12 years old.

Anna Foursocks Elizabeth – Greyhound/Lab – 6 yrs old.  

Brownie Cinnamon Elizabeth – Shih-tzu – 4 yrs old.



He is our only boy dog. No idea on his age. He is a Shih-tzu. He is a permanent foster from my mom and he LOVES the girls.

In addition to the FOUR dogs, our family recently acquired a kitty. Of course, four dogs were not enough, we had to add to the zoo.
So our youngest daughter got a kitty for her birthday.

Meet Mya Madeleine Violet or as I call her – Mya The Terrible or Mean Ol’ Kitteh. DSC_2429cvrtcopy copyBW

She has certainly brought variety to our house.