Blogging what’s so great about it?

OK I’m not an English major. I don’t read the dictionary for fun. I certainly don’t need to VENT my problems. Lord knows, I talk enough that I never have anything left inside, that doesn’t spill out the first chance I get.  Being from a small town, I think that’s pretty normal. Talking and sharing IS my therapy and I am very healthy by the way (for the moment that is-I think..).  But seriously, what I’d like to know is this. Is blogging truly an expression? Is it about finding out who you truly are? What makes you tick? Or is it figuring out your own personal life? Adding some flair to the everyday. Journaling? Is it about talent? Creativity? Or therapy? Memoirs perhaps? Or is about sharing love and llight? Sharing hope and faith? Maybe it’s just a simply connecting. Whatever IT is. I look foward to finding out. Whose blog will enlighten me? Yours? Or my own? Can a country girl really survive???


*on a personal note *This blog is written as honestly as possible*The only errors will be my own faulty memory*

2 thoughts on “Blogging what’s so great about it?

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