Welcome to the Chuck-E-Club!

Oh boy! You read that right! I am a proud member of the chuck-E club can you dig it????
What a friday I am having! Who has more fun than me? HA.
J’s kids love this place especially the oldest. Begs to go there all the time.
Well that place is stinking expensive & the pizza is terrible about the only thing decent is the salad bar.

I just love it when I see their little faces light up at the mention of going. Chuckecheese! Chuckecheese! They shout & jump all around. They ride everything & really both of them have the stick-the-token-in-the-machine thing down well. (advanced little gamers) LOL.

I actually love to play there too. Deal or No Deal is awesome! So heck if I can sign up for the club & get some extra tokens. I am all about it! DEAL!

Friday night is almost here. I am so ready for the workday to be over. It’s been a long drawn out week! Going to an Airhogs game tonight in Grand Prairie with the sweetest man in the whole world. My guy & minor league baseball—-ahhhh sweet bliss!

Maybe tomorrow I can finish planting the flowers that will (hopefully not die) be so beautiful.


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