Personalized service makes a comeback

One day after my life story of being a travel agent despite the challenges and what do I read on CNN the next day?

CNN Are Travel agents making a comeback?

You know what is better than that? THAT personalized service is making a come back.
Let’s face it America. These computerized voices and call centers in Bangladesh is just NOT cutting it! We want service. We want a human. We want someone that actually helps in a crisis and speaks our language.

Let’s get old fashioned and get back to going above and beyond for our customers. I can tell you this. Travel Agents never lost that personal touch. The internet steered it away but we have always been here. I have serviced the same clients for 17 years now and they can vouch for that. We are looking out for your best interest and most pleasant travel experience and the best deal.
We are not a machine. We actually do care.

Happy Friday! Be extra nice today and see who notices.
*maybe even CNN*

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