Writing tips

Yeah, about that, see I don’t have any. I wish I did. I write from instinct. I took a creative writing class my Sophomore year in high school, but that was it. I enjoyed English through school, but I wasn’t “trained” in writing.

I was even a straight A student, graduated with honors, but I didn’t attend college. I didn’t do any further study on writing.  It was my choice actually. My step dad was a professor at the local college so I could have gone. I didn’t because, I wanted OUT of that small town. College just never came up for me.

I wrote many stories before life really began; basically before I turned 18. After that, I was busy and preoccupied with other things. Work, marriage, and raising a daughter. I always felt my writing was still there, just beneath the surface, taking it all in, and would one day emerge from the deep blue. I had no idea when and if you would have told me 20years? I would have called you a LIAR.

However, that is exactly how long it’s been. Twenty years.I am amazed how much I like writing again. I am amazed at the availability of writing. Back in my days, we used a yellow legal pad, or a diary with a little lock. Computers were just coming out into the mainstream. They were not the norm. Word processors and electric typewriters were available, but they were hard to get and not easy to use. I preferred writing long hand. It was easier to edit than try to figure out the word processor. Boy, have times changed.

So, here it is, two decades later and look at the writing process currently. Every day people get recognization from writing blogs and other online articles. More people have the opportunity to get their writings out in public. Writing is easier and faster with more platforms to do it on. Some, truly amazing writers are found in blogland.  I find the stories and styles incredibly diverse and interesting. I wonder how many of them are “trained”.

With WordPress app for your iPhone, you can even blog in the bathroom. Seriously! I saw a Toilet Can Blog. Now that just puts a whole new spin on potty mouth. HA!

Why I write this? To tell you, I am not a professional. I am not grammar perfect. I am just me. I just write from my gut.  The errors are ALL MINE. I take full responsibility and blame it on my twenty year hiatus.

The most compelling reason for writing again after twenty years? Click About this blog link below. God sure works in mysterious ways.


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