Can I just say?

Prepare yourself.

Prepare yourself, if you have a child that will need orthodontic care.

Prepare for appointments EVERY month.

Prepare for the pain of cranking the contraption wedged in the roof of your child’s mouth to expand their upper palate.

Prepare for the poor child to wear braces from age 11 to 15 (16?).

Prepare for their mouth to be sore and them have to eat by tearing tiny pieces of their food up bite by bite.

Prepare for canker sores the size of your thumb from the wire poking them.

Prepare for words like power chain that make a mother cringe.

Prepare, because I sooooo wasn’t. I didn’t have braces. I didn’t know.

Six more months, maybe, I feel so bad for her. *7am appointments for me too waaaah*

Hang in there sweetie! You are a trooper. You wear those braces like a champ! And by the way………Do you know how beautiful you are?


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