Timely moments

I have a thing I do (most days) that I’d like to share.

I have a hard time remembering to pray. I don’t mean talking to God. I talk to God all day, typically goes something like this……….

Good morning Lord , thank you for another day. Oh Lord, look at that sunrise, that’s you isn’t it? What a tradgedy, I heard on the news. Are you there? Are you comforting them? Thank you Lord for Jason, I am so proud of him. I only know him because you wanted me to. Lord the sky is such a beautiful blue how can there be so many blues? Incredible! And the sunsets? They really are your artwork. A tapestry only you can design. Lord thank you for letting me see that car before it turned into me. Thank you Lord, I can call my mother and hear her beautiful voice. Thank you Lord, for my stepdad I sure miss him but love remembering him. Lord, I am not worthy of your blessings, I can only thank Jesus for that.

……….you get the idea. I see God every day. I see him in my Sydney miracle. Miracle Digest: A Sydney Story I talk to him. He is part of my daily life.

What I mean, though, is pray from the greatest depths of my heart. I used to pray at night, like this, before I would fall asleep. That was then. Nowadays? An errant thought barely reaches my head before I’m out like a light. I needed to do more than that. I struggled with the timing of it.

Mornings were too rushed. Lunch times, too hungry. Bed time , too sleepy. Weekends equal errands, kids, exercise and outings. No matter what I did, I could not find that precious time to pray.

My heart yearned to pray. Each day would flash by and I would feel more and more disappointed. I had so much in my heart that I needed to pray about. It seemed like evil was against me. Robbing me of my time, that I needed, to keep my heart open.

I came up with a plan. I see a jillion clocks a day. What if I prayed every time the clock was all the same number. 1010. 1111. 1212. 111. 222. 333. 444. 555. Repeat in the evening times (if awake). What if I could pray, earnestly pray at least a few of those times a day? Would my life improve? Heart improve?

Well, let me tell you, It so did. My prayers are only a minute, or two. Quite often, only once or twice a day when I see the clock the same number. I pray for my family; for my daughter, for Jason, and his girls and even their mother. I pray for our love and the continued growth of our love. I pray for our children. That they are protected and guided. I pray they grow to know the love God has for them. I pray for good, and that evil be blocked. I pray for all of those hurting today.

It’s such a simple act, but it has changed my world. I know it’s not perfect. I know it could be more, but it’s working for me. It’s a timely moment, I give to God. It’s a moment that would have just passed by, unnoticed.

I urge you to give it a try and see what happens. Isn’t there someone that needs your prayers? Something on your heart?

Have a timely moment today. I know I will.

18 thoughts on “Timely moments

  1. Kambria


    You are such a huge spectrum of light! I have read through some of your blogs, and you are a naturally great writer, and very funny. This one especially hit home for me.
    I can’t wait to read more, and look very forward to it.
    You are truely an incredible person!


    1. Kambria, thank you from the bottom of my heart! Your story is very amazing to me, the struggles you faced at such a young age, yet you overcame it all. You raised two beautiful daughters successfully. Now, married to your soulmate and blessed with the gift of a grandbaby. I say all that so you know how honored I am to read your comment to me. Molte grazie bella!!


      1. Kambria

        Thank you,
        Your stories are amazing to me also. You have been through a lot too. I believe that God only throws us what he knows we can handle. It is all in how you accept it, what you get out of it, and what you decide to toss away. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger….and I think we both have seen that first hand in our lives.


  2. Peggy Nolan


    What a beautiful light filled post. My yoga practice helps me slow down to pray as I center myself on my mat. After I practice, I absolutely love to sit quietly and either meditate or read the Bible or other spiritual book.

    But most of the time, my prayer throughout the day is simple. “Thank You, God.” I’m grateful for everything and everyONE in my life. Expressing my gratitude, even to the Dark Ones who’ve taught me something, is the best prayer I can think of on a regular basis, during the busieness of life…

    Thank you for this beautiful post!



    1. Hi Peggy!
      I really enjoyed Yoga when I was going. So wonderful to relax and breathe. Life has gotten really crazy and I was desperate to find SOMETHING so this had to do. Now I look at the clock all the time and can’t wait for my “moment”.
      I love your gratefulness it flows from you, it’s wonderful!


  3. Angelia,
    Well…I find this so, so interesting. As I’m reading this post, it’s 12:12 here. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I seized the moment – all thanks to you! What a wonderful idea – so simple. And something I too have been way more than negligent in doing. And really, I can’t get over the timing of reading this at the time I was. Angelia, thank you! You are a blessing, and your light shines brightly…


  4. Angelia, what a lovely and funky way to make time for prayer.
    I am lucky, I am in a time of my life when I can wake up slowly and read some wise words that bring me to who we really are.
    Children of God, and love. That so centers me and that I can carry on for most of the day.
    I also forgive in the morning, myself and others and when I am lucky enough to catch myself in the act, I do that straight after.
    I make a point when I see something beautiful to enjoy it, that is also prayer to me.
    However it is lovely to consciously acknowledge God with a prayer, I am sure that is appreciated just as we appreciate it too.
    Namaste, Wilma


    1. Hi Wilma!
      Your days sound so peaceful and serene. I love the forgiveness actions you take every day. That is so needed. EVERY day Especially ourselves. I know it makes your spirit soar as it does mine to read it. Thank you sweet lady!


  5. Gosh you sound like me, or I sound like you…together we sound the same! I struggle with the same thing – and constantly I am trying to work on “working God” back into my day…but the day always seems to slip away….and I don’t even have kids. These days I feel so lost. Do you get that way?


    1. I DO!! That’s why this really helps me. It directed me more to God. Somedays, I just bow my head and be still on those moments. People at work think I’m crying, but that’s OK. Haha.


  6. blissbait

    heartfelt gorgeousness!
    what a lovely prayer you are
    thanks for shining BRIGHT!

    Your words touched my heart deeply. I bet this made God smile SO big it would wrap the world a quadrodillion times! 🙂

    Thank You and Peace All.


  7. Wow, I did not read this post when I read Elizabeth’s coronation post! Thanks for telling me about it over at my blog and giving me something meaningful to do each time I look at the clock at 11:11 and 1:11. I could definitely use a little more prayer in my life 🙂


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