Part two is coming

In the meantime, can I just spill for a second?

I have the hardest time exercising. I used to exercise between six pm and seven pm. EVERY day. Then, I moved, started reading, and other things more improtant at the time. THEN, I changed jobs which changed my hours. I was working 9-6. My commute home? Between six and seven. By the time I get home? I’m starving. And I just can’t move after stuffing my face.

Quickly, my habit changed to zero exercise. I tried here and there to get it back, but it never worked. Nothing stuck. The timing did not stick.

Oh, I know, you could say, hey just suck it up, exercise THEN eat.

But here has been my schedule.

Monday, work 9-6, after work visit Jason with the kids til he takes them home at 7. Dance class with Jason 8-9pm, then Fuzzy’s Tacos for dinner, home at midnight.

Tuesday, work 9-6, after work eat a light dinner, then go to Italian conversation class, 7-9pm, after, see Jason 10p-11p, home at midnight.

Wednesday, work 9-6, after work visit Jason and the kids, or go home and see Sydney (optional SFI classes at the Church).

Thursday, work 9-6, after work eat a light dinner, then go to Italian class, 7-9pm, see Jason at 10pm , watch Survivor, home at midnight.

Friday, work 9-6, after work eat Sushi with Jason, or take the kids to an event together. Last outing, we went to the Ranger’s game, home at midnight.

Saturday, errands, laundry, cleaning, grocery store, gas, etc.

Sunday, Church 9a-1230p, lunch, then….ummm rest?

Repeat week.

I’m a natural night owl. Once, I almost learned to go to sleep at nine. Yeah. That didn’t last. I get my second wind about 10pm.

Mornings are tough, although, I have done an exercise or two in the early morning, (5am) it’s haaard. Lunch time might work, but they tore up all the sidewalks, and road by my work, building a new highway. Why? Because we are about a mile from the new Cowboys Stadium. Believe me, they need bigger roads. Wouldn’t matter,  I don’t want to get all sweaty (which I would). Our office is very nice. I have a feeling that would be frowned upon.

Thing is, I love to exercise. Walking, swimming, bike riding, hiking, running, elliptical, gym classes. I love it! I really want do another half marathon. So, why is this so hard?

This morning, I got up half an hour earlier (it didn’t kill me). I went outside, into the cool, brisk air of October in Texas. I breathed in the dark and blew out. I walked to the end of the street. Reset my Garmin, stretched, crossed the street, started my Garmin and ran. Not fast, just a steady pace, for a mile. I reached it in about 12mins (fastest mile ever was 8mins).

Hey, I am not knocking it. I would have turned around and ran some of the way back (without stopping), but a little dog decided to run with me. He decided to run with me and head towards the school bus stopping to pick up a group of high school kids. Ahhh! After, I stopped and advised him to go home. NOW. He went off to find “other friends”. He did NOT head home. He went the other direction. Bad dog.

I wogged back home the mile. First mile in a long while. It felt good.  This might be doable. Thirty minutes in the morning to get back on track. Finally. I would love that.

Do you have a good habit gone bad? How do you get back on track?

11 thoughts on “Part two is coming

  1. Oh girl – I feel like I’m the broken record, on track, off track, on track, off track. But I finally did find something that worked for me.

    Every day when I get home, I don’t even think about anything else other than getting my running clothes on, and getting out the door. I use Nike’s “Nike Plus” Ipod/running shoe companion. It does a lot for me, tracks my runs, paces me, times me, etc. I don’t leave home without it…or the music that I’ve downloaded on my Ipod. Music is a must for me. Anyway – the point is that I have told everyone, and myself that each day after work (I get home at 4:30, but go in at 7:00) I am going running. No message on my home machine, or a loving cat, or a dirty kitchen will stop me. That all comes after my run.

    I would suggest, looking at your schedule, that you bite the bullet and do the 30 mins in the morning. That’s all I do in the afternoon (plus weights, but you can work up to that) and it’s quick, easy, and I got my exercise in. I mean think about all the TV you probably watch, right? What’s 30 minutes of not watching TV….or better yet, if you go to the gym you can watch and run. That’s what I do at my gym…I never miss my cooking shows!


  2. You are right! Ahhh! The truth hurts :-O. I think that Nike plus is like my Garmin. It tracks all that too and I wear it on my wrist. It’s very cool! Love that stuff. I only watch one TV show a week. 30mins of computer time. THAT’S the kicker for me. I always worked out for an hour. So, maybe, reducing the time will help work in my favor.
    😀 I really like your focused mindset. That is what I need! Thank you!


  3. blissbait

    i’m doing the same
    my yoga’s on the back shelf
    need to dive back in

    But wow! You’re being a little hard on yourself, says this portion of the peanut gallery. You’re booked! It’s uber cool that you got up early and did that little jaunt even…’ll work it out!

    Good Luck and Cheers! 🙂


  4. C’mon now, if I, in all my lazyness and orange SnoBall eating glory can do it….so can YOU!!

    More power to you in the morning. I struggle to make it to work everday ONLY 10 minutes late.

    Thanks for stopping by. =)


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