From Fit to Flab

Well, since I was bullied by BOOSHY to BE in the BUFF challenge. Ha, just kidding! I voluntarily offered myself as a sacrifice to participate, FOR MY OWN GOOD. Yes indeed.

Please, see my BUFF-TOBER page, and join the challenge. This time of year (the last three weeks) in October is soooo hard. No you DON’T need to buy trick or treat candy a few weeks early. Take my word for it, the store will NOT run out!

Some of my friends know my story about my previous buffiness, for those that don’t, here is the walk of shame recap.

January 1st, 2006 at noon (yes, I remember the exact time), I smoked my last cigarette. A habit formed at age sixteen in France, and from watching my mother smoke my whole life, was finally (heh) snuffed out.

Now, I had been told to form a NEW habit in place of the old. Preferably a good one and not like a crack pipe or something. So, I began exercising and drinking water.

Craving a cig? Down a glass of water and exercise. It worked. I was hooked. I joined E-diets, began a challenge team, and started posting on the message boards for support.

Eventually (okay, six months), I lost 47lbs. I became captain of a diet/fitness team, started training for a half marathon, began moderating my own message board, and was a success story – featured on the front page.

Life was FAB. I had it all down. Then, I divorced and everything went downhill. Not all at once, but gradually, and I pretty much gained it all back, three years later.

I am not in as bad of shape as when I began in 2006, no way no how. I couldn’t have ran a mile by just walking out my front door (like I do now) with no training. However, I am far from my best fitness level. My stride is to regain my endurance, and began anew, a quest to lose what I gained. And gain what I lost, which was my drive and purpose.

If you need some support, join some fellow bloggers, and give it a go. HALF of October is already over, SEE, I made it easy for you.

Don’t delay! Walk, swim, bike, kickbox, and run to this challenge. I triple dog DARE you! Plus, I need all the support I can get. For me? Please?

16 thoughts on “From Fit to Flab

  1. Chantal

    Rock it, Ange! Did it once, we can ALL do it again! I went for a walk with my friend this morning, alone yesterday. I can only live in this day and make it the best today there is. Today is also the best day to start.
    I’m with you!


  2. My challenge was to give up the city and live rurally.
    We now do and as there are no distractions and the shops are far far away, I am not tempted. And eating fresh home grown veggies does nurture and does stop cravings.
    I am still allowing myself the odd piece of chocolate.
    My challenge now is too go for a daily walk, so I will.


    1. Wilma, That sounds like a slice of heaven! The pictures of your home are beautiful! I can see how that would fill you up and curb your cravings. There is something to be said for country life!


  3. Hi Angelia,
    This is awesome! Awesome that you’re putting this out there, and challenging yourself to be a better you. Having went through a period where I lost a bunch of extra weight, I know how good it can feel (physically and emotionally) to improve fitness levels. And that’s what is so great about this – that you’re looking to make improvements! So awesome!


    1. Hi Lance!!
      I seem to do better at things, when I put myself out there and make myself accountable. Just fessing up and being honest with others help me stay true. I discovered the first time I lost weight, that having a support system in place made all the difference in the world. Thanks for your support! You’re the best cheerman I know. 🙂


  4. Jeanne

    I feel your pain buddy. Where did the motivation go? I am going to have to go back to the Y or something. Can’t be done without support.
    What was the website where you found a fitness buddy in your local area?
    YOU can do it! You have always inspired me.


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