Sunday’s Healthy Reflection

Life is not a ‘brief candle.’ It is a splendid torch that must be made to burn as brightly as possible before it is handed on to the next generation.

George Bernard Shaw, Irish critic and playwright

How Can You Share Your Spark with Others?

Light is meant to be shared. If you try to hoard it or keep it covered, out of everyone’s sight, you’ll just end up smothering it. Try to close it in your fist so it doesn’t get away, and it burns you. You can’t possess light. All you can do is appreciate it, use it and help others use it, too. In the same way, your life is also meant to be shared. Many people look upon their lives as something that must be jealously protected and stowed away. They block out others and are afraid to share their time. What happens? Their spark suffocates. But there are others who have an abundance mentality. They believe, correctly so, that there’s plenty of life to go around, that all flames get brighter when we share them. They know that when we invest energy in others, we get even more in return. Don’t sacrifice your chance at a bonfire because you’re too busy trying to keep a tiny match from going out.

Healthy reflection brought to you by SPARKPEOPLE

Originally when I started this blog, I was an out of control forest fire – jumping from here to there – threatening houses. Angry with no direction but to consume. Then a funny thing happened, I saw torches all around me. Torches lit to share life and lessons. Torches showing truth, greatness, and a better way of dealing with anger. Torches leading to a bonfire.

A bonfire where everyone could dip their torch in for flame, or they could stand and appreciate the glow as it got brighter. The greater the number the bigger the light. The bigger the light, the better the stories – to learn, to grow, to be, to share.

This week, I have realized my sly jabs, in my blog, here and there were directed intentionally at someone I was angry with. That was my issue, not theirs. It only hurt me. Instead of getting revenge, I hoarded bitterness. In the midst, I got a new insight. I found a place where everyone is navigating life, passing their torches, offering a brighter place to be.

My spirit is renewed. My part is to always shine – brighter, stronger, and smarter. I may not be perfect. I may not always get it right. I may stumble, snuff out my flame, and have to start again. But I will try. I will try to lift my torch higher, to light your path, or to combine it with yours in a brilliant hue – so bright – we have to squint our eyes to see through it.

Don’t let your flame go out. Don’t get burned like I did. Share your light. Share your hope. Share your story. It could be exactly what someone needs to find their direction. Invest your energy, and be invested in return, abundantly.

8 thoughts on “Sunday’s Healthy Reflection

    1. Jessica, snakes scare the wee out of me. If you see one first, please let me know! My dad had me hold a hog nose snake when I was eight, didn’t help, I still don’t trust them. They hate light, I think?


  1. Peggy Nolan

    Bravo Angelia!

    It is only when we realize that if we are pointing one finger at someone else, three are pointing back at us…(that’s my husband’s favorite line…)

    And I think you figured it out 😉



    1. Hi Peggy! Oh I figure it out alright, then I relapse, in good time it finally sticks. 🙂 I think too, it’s good to know we are never alone, and can learn so much from others. Especially YOU. I’ve seen some bright torches in blogland, yours included. Thank you for being such a blessing.


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