A place called Hawk Tower

In the distance, on a hill, high above neighborhoods, and trees stands a majestic electrical tower. What makes this electrical tower so majestic? Not just the greatness of it’s size but the number of Hawks that reside there. Hawk upon Hawk call this place home or perch.  Their gaze pierces through the land as they hunt, as they survive.

She can see it from where she stands. The tower is taller than imaginable. It’s distance seems great but not so far as being unreachable. She watches the hawks soar and land, soar and land. Their glides like music, as they fade in and out. She wonders what life is like on Hawk Tower. Is it better than hers? Her constant turmoil of her marriage? Her limitations as a mother? The blackness inside that threatens to consume her. What if Hawk Tower could take her away? What if she could become like a Hawk and rise above the desperateness of her days. Is Hawk Tower her hope? She has to hope so, because there is nothing else left.


Guess what? I’ve signed up for the challenge.  November novel writing month. NaNoWriMo. I just started writing, this blog, a brief four months ago. I haven’t wrote a “story” in about 23 years. The synopsis above is ALL I have so far, until November 1st. I am scared, but I also believe this will be very good for me – the experience, and the exercise.

Even better than that? My fifteen year old daughter Sydney is joining me. She will be writing her novel as well (which will be a thriller and scary as all get out – trust me). If you can handle that, you should look her up. Her stories are very catching and spooky, I can’t wait to see how she does with this challenge.

I hope with our competing household, we will finish the 50,000 words (each). If you are joining this madness, please look me up – angeliasims – especially if you participated before. I haven’t quite figured out how to navigate the site yet. I could use all the help I can get.

Happy Writing!!

And a *big* THANK YOU to wordpress for putting my post, Arrivederci, Italiano! on the main wordpress page, what an honor!*

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