My Paranormal Experience

Well, it’s that time of year again……HALLOWEEN……where all the ghosts and goblins come out! SCARY!

Run and hide, if you will, I am about to divulge my paranormal experience. Sister, please don’t read this post, I can’t be responsible for you not facing the dark ever again, mkay?*

First, I have to tell you – I don’t think all physics are full of baloney – Why? Because I do believe there is an energy between people.

For instance, driving down the freeway, I often “sense” a car is about to change lanes – into MY lane. I speed up or slow down and sure enough they get over. *I was right*

I can tell you are still unbelieving, okay. One night this summer, I awake from a DEAD sleep. I don’t mean, I slowly wake up, uhhh, what’s-going-on kinda thing? I mean UPRIGHT in bed, eyes wide open, What the heck? It was 417AM. I looked at the clock on the phone, like I always do when I wake up out of dead sleep (more on that later). I saw some flashes of lightning. I went back to sleep.

Come to find out, later in the day, Jason tells me his X called him at 417AM that morning because her weather alarm went off. He had the girls and she was worried about tornadoes and stuff. It was exactly the same time. We even checked his phone to verify it was exactly – down to the minute.

Or even this last week, Sydney and I were trying to decide where to go eat. It came down between two places. Neither of us could make a decision, I thought SURELY there is coin flip application for iPhone. HA. There was, I downloaded it, we flipped the coin and found our direction. The next day…..Jason had downloaded the same app, the SAME day.

You understand what I’m saying, there is some “energy” or something. How else can such coincidental things happen, over and over? And I could go on and on, but I won’t – not on that anyway.

My paranormal experience (not the only one but ONE of the ones) happened summer of 2008. I lived with Uncle Bub, and my ex-mother-in-law Susie, in a very small house in central Arlington, an OLD house. The bathroom was ONE person, standing room only. My bedroom had a blow up mattress which took up all the space. Not much maneuvering room at all, anywhere.

One night, my alarm went off, desktop one with glowing red letters. It was somewhere around three am. NO, I did not set it to go off at three in the morning. No way, no how, but it did go off. I silenced it, checked it, and couldn’t find anything wrong with it. I had turned on the lights and everything, nada. I went back to sleep.

This began to happen NIGHTLY. No, I wasn’t dreaming. I actually got a kick out of it (at first). Grandma died in this house. She was a jokester. I bet she is just having fun with me. The alarm would go off in the middle of the night, I would turn it off and say to the pitch black, “Very funny, Grandma”. I would go back to sleep.

That was until, I found out the guy that lived in the house before? Shot and killed himself in that one person bathroom. Yeah. That’s what I said. After that, I wondered….who WAS haunting me? And why? It was no longer funny. It was downright terrifying. *They say there are no ghosts only demons, shudder *

That night my alarm went off at three in the morning (as usual), this time when I turned it off – I won’t lie – I wanted to whimper. The room was freezing cold. Not just the A/C is on, it was, but I mean bone chilling FREEZING cold. Also, I had *unplugged* the alarm in the wall. The alarm going off – was my cell phone alarm – that I didn’t set for three am. *Did he DIE at three am?*

I began losing important things. The biggest one, my glasses which disappeared off the nightstand. I found them MONTHS later under the rug – in the middle of the rug – in the doorway to my bedroom. Alarms continued to go off, whether I set them or not.  Sometimes, the room was a meat locker in the wee hours of the night.  Salem never growled, so I hoped, whatever this “energy” was, it was harmless.

I’ll admit, I was pretty darn happy to get out of there, six hellish months later. When I moved out, the first night in my new house, my cell phone alarm went off – around three am.

To this day, it’s never happened again………………..

Happy Halloween!

24 thoughts on “My Paranormal Experience

  1. I’ve had a couple experiences with paranormal stuff. however, my biggest was not good at all. Caused me to go a little wonky, my son to have night terrors, and our dog to lose his mind.

    I think things like this happen but I worry about what is actually behind it. Maybe there is ghosts, maybe not. I think more people are susceptible to it (like crazies like me). All I know is that I tend to shy away from paranormal or ghost movies these days.


    1. Jenera,
      I never thought of it like that……you know I was in a separation at the time….maybe not “all there” ya know?

      It really IS something to make you go wonky. The alarm going off at my BRAND NEW house coulda done me in for sure.

      I shy away from the movies too, somehow got roped into seeing Paranormal Activity. OH!!! Bad idea! Had a few night terrors myself *still not quite over it*.


  2. Peggy Nolan

    Hey Angelia – all those coincidences between you and Jason aren’t coincidences…That’s Serendipity Smiling =)

    Rick and I have a very similar serendipitious path…which culminated when he hit the send key on an email he sent me from (we hadn’t seen each other in 25 years).

    As for your paranormal experience – totally creepy. Reminded me of my own…the day after 9/11, I was trapped in Atlanta, GA but I did have a car rental. I decided to drive 1300 miles HOME with a stranger (he wasn’t a stranger after the drive home!) After 13 hours of driving the first day, we stopped outside of Scranton, PA. The only hotel with two rooms available was an old old Ramada Inn…

    Before going to bed, I watched TV for a bit…turned off the lights, then turned off the TV. Was just about off to sleep when the TV came blaring back on. But not on the TV channel I had it on. Just the static black and white snow.

    Thought nothing of it…turned it off.

    Drifted back to sleep and the damn TV came back ON. Freaked me right out of my skin. It wouldn’t SHUT OFF. I pulled the plug.

    I’m so creeped out just writing this because after I unplugged the TV, the god damn LIGHT came on.

    I was scared poopless. Our country was attacked the day before, the world, as far as I was concerned, ended and I just wanted to get home to my kids before planet earth exploded.

    i thought about knocking on the wall and waking up the guy I drove home with – to tell him “wake up, we’re on the road in 15 minutes” My hotel room was giving me the heebeegeebies in a big way.

    I talked myself out of leaving. I bereted myself for being such a scaredy cat.

    I managed to fall back asleep, for how long I don’t really know…but when I woke up, I was gasping for air.

    I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.


    1. Peggy,
      I get that with Jason, it’s really cool, we think it’s the neatest thing. Serendipity smiles – absolutely!

      As for the hotel room, AIY YI YI!!! Absolutely horrifying, especially after 9/11. Got me shaking in my boots just reading it!

      Great story to recount for Halloween.


  3. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the type of stuff I just SHOULD NOT READ!

    Freaking scary!!!!

    What is it about waking up at 3:00 am… I do that too. Almost every night. And it scares me!

    It freaks me out!

    And now you? This is just too much!


  4. Kambria

    What a great Story, I mean the part about you and Jason. I think that it says tons about your relationship. Hugh and I do that ALL THE TIME. We send e-mails at the same time to each other about the same totally Random things. We think the same things at the same times. Serendipity Smiles…..very true!

    I do believe in ghosts, and they are not all bad or demons, and I dislike that the world thinks that there are only the bad ones out there. There are spirits, guardian spirits and ghosts all around all the time. Some times you see and feel them and some times you do not.

    I get to hear real like stories all the time (its in the family) but that doesn’t always stop me from getting creeped out, or running up the basement steps really FAST when I am alone. LOL

    Happy Halloween!


    1. Kambria,
      Yay! I think so too (about Jason).

      I personally don’t believe in ghosts as much as I believe in “energy”, like when I sense cars are going to get over. It’s their energy I am sensing. I do that with other stuff too and so does my mom.

      I fully believe my Papa is my guardian Angel. I am not sure if it’s his spirit present or if it’s more like his energy was left with me, or even that I possibly KEEP his energy with me, or even his energy IS his spirit. I have no idea, but you are right. It’s not all bad.

      I think our minds, spirits and souls are very interesting!

      Especially how we all relate to different things. I find it extremely incredible. I am glad to be part of it.

      I love the image of you tearing up the steps. HA. I hate basements.


  5. blissbait

    This is, I think, the only post I’ve ever read every comment on! Wow! I’ve had many bizarre experiences which I have learned not to talk about because it either scares people or they think you’re absolute nutters or both! It’s fun to hear so many others talk so openly about their experiences. I’ll tell You one of mine, which is similar to Yours.

    When I was very Young, 19, I was living with a boyfriend. We lived in a studio apartment. Our work schedules varied, so often I was home alone at night. I got the creeps in that place. Particularly in the hallway, just outside of the bathroom. Always felt I was being watched. One day, my boyfriend and I were feeling amorous and began making love in the hall, which was next to the bathroom. I got the absolute creeps and told him not there, anywhere but there. We went into the ‘bedroom’, main room, and I was fine. We only lived there for about six months. On the day we were leaving ( I was THRILLED we were moving) I was trying to pack the hall closet but kept getting chills. I felt very strange, and again, as if someone were watching me. I kept looking over my shoulder and ultimately made my boyfriend pack up that closet. As we were driving out of town, each in our own cars, my boyfriend passed me gesturing frantically for me to follow him and pull over. I complied. We got out of our cars and he was jumping all over the place laughing. I asked him what was up. He said, “Oh God!!! I didn’t want to scare you so I’ve been holding it in! But You know how weird you felt in that place? How freaked out You always got in the hall and felt like someone was watching You?” I said, “Yes…”, “Well”, says he, “The guy that lived there before us killed himself in the bathroom!!! I asked the landlord after You started feeling things and she told me the story and understood why you would feel him in the hall.”

    To this day I thank him for saving his story till we left!!! 🙂

    Thanks for the fun Halloween sharing! Cheers All!


    1. BLISS!!!
      Ahhhhh!!! That is freaky as all get out! It is similar to mine! What is it about bathrooms? And hallways? And basements? Yikes!

      I read this comment and Mindy at Suburban Life’s ghost story last night.

      I’ll admit, I peeked out my 1st floor open window looking for red eyes. Then, I cowered underneath the covers and thought about GOOD things and not that Halloween conjures up more “spirits”. Probably didn’t help watching the Thriller video yesterday.

      I am so thankful where I live is free and clear. These duplexes were built about three years ago, so no “bad energy”.

      Thank YOU for sharing you story. I really did feel a little crazy blogging mine. I feel so much better now after all the comments.


  6. Actually, I do think there is something to the “energy” you are talking about. Every once in awhile I have moments of clairvoiance that I have no idea how I did it.

    A man I used to know (I shall call him Bookclub man) reappeared in my life in the last year. My marriage was completely unraveling and Bookclub man and I would get together as friends for lunch every couple of months to exchange books and just chat. Totally platonic.

    See, we had dated briefly years ago but it never went anywhere. Fair enough.

    Well, this past June my divorce from my husband happened and Bookclub wanted to do more things together. So we did – amorous stuff if you know what moi means. But I never went to his house.

    But I kept having these weird dreams about him in Russia, and ducks on a stage and him in a big coat with a hat. What?

    I told him about it but he blew it off. Then in August he emailed to tell me that his father was terminally ill and I instantly sensed that his father was going to pass over very soon and to please hold his father’s hand, kiss him on the forehead, and tell him he loved him. No answer from Bookclub man.

    He came over at the end of August to show me his new puppy so my dog could play with him and we cuddled on the couch. It was warm and sweet. We talked about places to take the dogs. Yippie , right?

    But I couldn’t stop thinking about his father and texted him to see how he was. On Friday Sept. 11th (this year) I couldn’t stop thinking about his dad again. I didn’t know his name. It was late so I for some reason typed Bookclub man’s name into Google and what pulled up? His father’s obituary from Ohio. He had died on September 6th (and on that morning I had a “clear hearing” that sounded like an old man screaming in pain)

    But what was the shock? In the obit there was my Bookclub man’s name…and his wife….from Ukraine….she’s 16 years younger than me. And I had nooooooooooooo idea. Needless to say, I no longer have lunches with Bookclub man.

    The thing is….why he hid his marriage for the last year when I was still married I don’t understand. We were supposed to be friends. Weird.


    1. HBG,
      That is exactly what I’m talking about – how you know. That happened to me Feb, 2008. I had met a single Christian man online. I saw him twice. It felt wrongwrongwrong. Come to find out he was STILL married. Yep, I knew it.

      I will say, I would always pray about these things, especially men. I would pray for guidance and if they were not supposed to be in my life to remove them. EVERY TIME, God answered my prayer. I’ve prayed that with Jason. He is still here, in fact, put BACK into my life. I know he is one of my answered prayers.

      Also, a long time ago, I wondered about someone and googled them like you. I specifically wondered if they got married. The wedding was in the paper online. Married the month before. I had dated them five years before. Random thought and there it was.

      I think bookclub guy wanted to be “more” than a friend, even when you were friends. That is why he didn’t let you in on his little secret. An unhappy girl in a marriage maybe he could offer comfort. This is a good thing. A God thing. He was obviously not a very true person at all and very much undeserving of someone like you!


  7. Okay, Angelia….super creepy! I would HATE the idea of knowing I was going to be woken up by God knows what every night…don’t know how you handled it for 6 months! And as for voluntarily going to see the movie Paranormal Activity…if I were to possibly entertain that idea I would have to borrow one of my son’s diapers…pretty sure I would pee myself a little. I can barely handle Ghost Hunters… Great story! =)


  8. Oooh, what a creepy story at the end there! I’ve never experienced anything like that, but years ago when I lived in an apartment building, a man killed himself in the apartment next door.

    Someone new moved in within a month and I always wondered if he ever made an appearance. *shudder*


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