Sydney’s Trick, not Treat

Long ago and far away – well not so far away – we lived in Benbrook. This was WEST of the metroplex, way West, about an hour from Dallas, half hour Southwest of Fort Worth. Our apartment had a front door and a back door. The back door led down a flight of stairs taking you to the border of undeveloped land, acres upon acres, as far as you could see.

It was heaven for a country girl like me. No concrete, no buildings, just trees and fields. We even had a flock of wild turkeys that would visit us, passing by, every so often. You could watch them from the balcony.  I loved this apartment. I wasn’t scared at all. It was awesome!

I had a little Yorkie, named Chloe, that I would take out every morning. I would go down the back stairs and walk her along the tree line. Walking farther away, there was a meadow that opened up behind the other apartment buildings.

Normally, I didn’t run into anyone. It was peaceful. Chloe loved it. I’d come in refreshed, ready to get Sydney to take her to daycare or school. She was 5 years old, in kindergarten.

Sydney a very sweet, gregarious child. Almost always sparkling with laughter, full of life. *my miracle*

I am not sure how her little five year old brain planned this scenario out, but she HID behind the wall of the dining room, right next to the back door. As Mommy came up the steps, opened the door, and let Chloe in…..OUT JUMPS SYDNEY-RAAAWWRRR…..and scared me to DEATH.

Elizabeth, Elizabeth, I’m coming Elizabeth!

I was so not expecting that. Of course, she thought it was hilarious! I don’t think I ever closed an eye to her possible antics again, which means she has got me many times since. I blame her Dad! *Sonny, it’s your trickster genes, they come from your Muda!*

On Halloween, my hats off to you Sydney. Your first Halloween? A sweet little lamb – Treat. To the “grown” version, at five, that decides to scare the beegeebers out of Mama – Trick. And all the princess Halloweens to dead zombie cheerleader ones later, I remember them all fondly. What a time we had.

They grow up so fast, hang on to these times, the tricks and the treats.

006New scans Halloween old pics-5.tif

12 thoughts on “Sydney’s Trick, not Treat

  1. Oh, that cracks me up! 5 year olds have absolutely no idea how fragile their parents are. =) My six year-old hid under my bed one night to scare me. She actually snuck out of her bed and dove under mine while I was getting ready in the bathroom. I came out, hunkered down into my covers and shut my eyes, ready to sleep. Just as I rolled over onto my stomach she popped out from under the bed and screamed “Bwahahahaaha…” I’m absolutley not kidding when I say I flew 2 feet off the bed. I scared her way more than she scared me. The poor thing has no idea that ever since seeing Poltergeist as a kid I have a HUGE fear of things under my bed…especially clowns. Needless to say, she’s never hid under my bed again. In fact, she’s never quite looked at me the same after that. =)
    Happy Halloween!


  2. Why do kids just love to see their mom’s jump threw the roof? My kid’s favorite things to do when they were little was to put fake spiders in my bed. They wouldn’t even be awake to see me get scared, as I was getting into bed at night. They just got a thrill over me recapping it all in the morning for them!

    Hope you had a great Halloween! Stopping by from SITS to say hello.

    Here’s my Halloween post…


  3. This really makes me smile. My boys are older, 23 and 20, and still love the antics. They both tower over me and love to stand quietly outside the sliding door staring in – crazy thing, it gets me every time! They could get me twice in 5 minutes easy. Thank you for the lovely reminder of silly times and fun antics.


  4. Stopping by from the SITS Halloween Parade. I was drawn to your site because of the spelling of your name…..which is the same as my oldest daughter’s. I love anything that will make me smile. This did the trick! Thanks. Love your site.


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