Confession Wednesday!

Okay, this comes from a fellow blogger KAREN . A featured SITS girl today.

Love the idea, so I am posting my confession, errr one of them anyway! Feel free to add to your blog and join us.

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The first thing that comes to mind as a confession is my daughter. My daughter can not ride a bike. I didn’t teach her. That’s on me, yes?  That’s what I thought.

Actually, she will tell you she KNOWS HOW to ride a bike. You know, the inner workings and concept of it, but she just CAN’T. Got all that? Here is how the conversation goes.

Sydney: I know HOW to ride a bike, I just can’t.

Me:(???????) No, sweetie if you CAN’T ride a bike, then you don’t know how.

Sydney: MOM! I know HOW to ride a bike. I know what to do. I just can’t.

Me:(????????????????????) Noooooooo, if you CAN’T, then you don’t know HOW. If you knew HOW, then you COULD. (Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!)

*This could go on for hours, you get the idea*

Yesterday, I took her to get her permit at the DMV. She has to pass an exam of driving questions, and she DID. She made an 84, she passed. Let’s not confuse my little text message to Jason. 84 she passed, which made him unsure of who passed and where the funeral was. Ahem. No, SHE passed, Sydney passed. She knows HOW to drive. DMV said so, they gave her a driving permit.


We leave the DMV and she is all smiles, how about letting me DRIVE YOU. Uhh, heck NO! But nice try. A small argument ensued.

Sydney: How am I supposed to learn how to drive if YOU won’t let me?

Me: That’s what the driver’s ed car is for!

Sydney: Mom! You are supposed to TEACH me, the parent, that’s what the drivers ed teacher said.

Me: (Whaaaaaaat??) Uhhh, NO that guy is crazy! Didn’t you say he only teaches to pay for his Harley. (OMG!)

(Sometime later) Sydney talks me into letting her drive my car around in a parking lot. Harmless right? It’s just a parking lot, no moving cars, the business was closed. Easy.

Let me just say, she knows HOW, but Lordy! She can’t. I have never been so scared in my life and we were in a completely EMPTY parking lot. An empty parking lot with a BIG light pole encased in a round concrete barrier, two small medians at each end, curbs outlining the lot, and let’s not forget the building home to this lot. (YIKES!)

Despite my desperate pleas of SLOWLY, SOFTLY, EASE IT! It was PUNCH, JAM, and BRAKE suddenly. Somehow the wheel wouldn’t turn. Uhhh, Actually you have to physically move the wheel, TURN IT! TURN IT! TURN IT! Use your muscle, because softly rotating it from side to side does NOT make the car turn, it will only drive you from a parking spot into the median it’s parked next to. (Ahhh!)

I’ll give her some credit. She did finally manage to make a turn around the median without hitting anything. ONCE. Just as I was starting to relax (she’s getting it), she drove straight into the curb (again!).

I have a confession, not only did I not teach my daughter HOW to ride a bike. I have a feeling I WON’T be teaching her HOW to drive a car. Not with my nerves intact, my sanity, and let’s not forget any bodily harm.

26 thoughts on “Confession Wednesday!

  1. Ok I have a SON who got his permit and I understand the white knuckle thing. I refuse to ride with him currently. My mother who is much older and been through much more trauma handles it fine my hubby does a great job.. I still am not that brave lol.


  2. There are plenty of things that I KNOW how to do but can’t. Baking is one of them, dancing, making a grilled cheese.

    It might be a good idea to outsource the teaching to drive, lol.


    1. Jenera,
      I was thinking I need one of those NASCAR suits! I have a new brilliant idea, make first time driving kits for parents and sell for a profit. Neck brace, helmet, fire proof suit, bull horn…..


  3. My much younger sister just got her permit a few months ago. Her first time out, she hit the gas, cranked the wheel and did a backwards u-turn from her driveway into the neighbor’s. My dad has never been whiter!

    Great confession! Thanks for participating!


  4. LOL- that reminds me of when I got my permit….my parents were crazy and actually let me drive them home – AND then drive myself to go get some ice cream.

    But I look at my parents today, and notice just how “off-thier-rocker” they really are.

    Stick to your guns. Don’t let her drive and she’ll think you’re the smartest woman alive later on.


    1. Jenny,
      WTH? I, seriously, wondered if there were any parents that actually did that. OhMmGee.

      Trust me, I’ll be doing HER a favor by NOT letting her drive (and everyone else on the road) LOL. Great story!


  5. Kambria

    I think that I am still laughing.
    Yeah, I don’t think that I ever let either of my daughters drive my car or with me. They are now 20 and 19. LMAO
    I let Hugh do all of that. It seems to be a thing that guys can handle better.
    I definitely say let Jason take her, or pan it out to someone else.
    *SIGH* she is stressing me out just reading it all!

    Then they wonder why us moms drink?


  6. Jason

    84. She passed. What was I supposed to think? I was in the middle of a class. 🙂

    Still, I’m very proud of her. What an achievement. We all have stories about the first time we got in a car, and knowing all the theory just doesn’t do justice until you make that foot-to-gas/brake connection. She’ll get it. I’ll help.


    1. Jason,
      You’re right, of course! I didn’t realize there were so many 84yr olds in our life in grave danger of passing….my bad.

      As for Sydney, you are in for a RIDE. I may just have to observe this “help”.



  7. blissbait

    bringing back great times
    of feeling outright terror!
    now it’s cool….but lord!!!

    I remember those days so well. Now we just fly down the freeway and I’m actually relaxed in the passenger seat. They find this just as amusing as when I was paniced and terrified! Have a blast…says I snickering.

    Cheers, Thanks for the smile, and Namaste. 🙂


  8. Oh Angelia, I am not envying you. I taught my eldest to drive and remember those times well. I had to totally relax every muscle to get out of my cramped state before I was able to get out of the car.
    When she was 9 we let her drive in the drive way while we pushed, the first time she drove straight into our metal letter box. Luckily it was an old care and a few hits with a hammer freed the wheel again.
    Hmm, as I said good luck and a big hug, Wilma


  9. Wilma,
    Thanks for the hugs! Here inTexas we have some mailboxes made out of brick! It’d be a toughie on the car. I think I’ll let her practice in parking lots.
    🙂 Cute, cute story…9? Really, what a cool mom!


  10. I can still remember my Aunt’s face! LOL. She was driving down a straight flat road with no traffic as far as the eye could see. Suddenly she stopped in the middle of the road and told me to drive. I had never done it before and I was scared! I don’t know where the ditches came from, but I went into both of them! I didn’t get to drive again for 3 more years!


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