Good-bye Dad

Good-bye glad.

Good-bye times we had.

Good-bye jokes and good-bye smokes.

Good-bye sings and weekends like kings.

Good-bye smirks and crazy quirks.

Good-bye Dad.

Good-bye sad.

Good-bye times we had.

Until when…

I see you again.

18 thoughts on “Good-bye Dad

  1. I have had you in my thoughts and prayers since I heard of your dad’s heavenly journey. I can only imagine what you have experienced. You are among friends here and we are all willing to ‘listen’ if you need to talk through these sad days. What you have done is a beautiful memorial to Dad. Blessings and prayers for you and your family.


  2. So sad to know about your Dad’s demise. You are a smart lady endowed with intellectual and down-to-earth perception about life and death. My daughters and I will pray for your Dad.

    You can do it. My own Dad died in June 1999 in my arms, heart failure, as we rushed him to a hospital. My husband followed in November-prostate cancer at age 48, a nephew soon followed in December at age 25- colon cancer, Mom- followed after 2 years- stomach cancer.

    I lost 4 loved ones in one swipe, but here I am- Living, Loving, Laughing. . . to borrow your blog cliche. Thanks. The BC group will add strength to your already strong will to live life. Carry on!


  3. Dads are so very hard to let go.

    I am crying to myself, sitting here reading your post.

    (I lost my dad a year ago in a drowning accident.)

    You are right, though. Dads would never want their loved ones to stop finding the joy in life—as difficult as it feels to just “carry on” with business as usual.

    Many days I feel betrayed by the entire world for not “stopping”. I feel like the world should have just “stopped” when my dad left this earth.

    I pray you find peace and comfort in all your cherished memories. My deepest condolances.


  4. Thanks everyone for all your thoughts, prayers, hugs and just the utter kindness you have offered me in your sympathy.

    This poem was set to good-night moon and as easy as it was to write Timeless Soul hours after his passing. It was much harder to express the loss and the letting go days later.

    So Thank you for sharing the journey with me. I appreciate it more than you know.


  5. This really broke my heart. When my dad passed away 17 years ago, I felt the same pain. You did a wonderful job putting this together. Yes, we will see them again, and the sadness and emptiness will be filled with laughter once again.
    My goodness, you just made me cry!! I told yah in my blog, I cry easily.


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