I’m Radioactive

Well, I’ve gone and done it now haven’t I?

Does this look like a hospital bracelet? Why YES! Yes it is, and see that’s my keyboard. I’m actually at work. I ESCAPED, Mwahahahahah!

Well, truth of it is, I was at the hospital this morning bright and early (730am). I got to register, and find out how much my Christmas present to myself was going to be. It is way, way, way too much. Basically, I get a diagnosis, and a treatment. Which in the end will make me feel better, right? You can’t beat a present like that. A radiology test. I’m just too good to myself. Thanks self!

Allow me to explain, a week ago when I found out about my dad. I had an appointment at the endocrinologist where I found out I have hyperthyroidism. See my foodie-ism has a name after all.  Along with my hot flashes, rashes, moods swings, appetite and heart pounding stress. It was not just my age (aka getting old). It was actually a thyroid going berserk (phew!).

The Doctor scheduled a radioactive iodine image test to determine which thyroid ailment I have. Apparently, the dye goes through the thyroid and leaves it’s tell-tale signature (so I hope). They read it, then the doc can treat it. But first, I have to SWALLOW radioactive iodine (ahhhh!).

Yeah. That’s a little scary. The instructions were no food or drink after midnight (I had a TINY sip of water at 1205am-Sorry!).  They did NOT say no Mexican food, nor one lil ol’ margarita for dinner (gee, I hope I don’t mess this up). Then, come in at o dark thirty (NO COFFEE) to the hospital. So I do so, begrudgedly.

And I get pulled over by the hospital police.  Yeppers, I did. I am very sorry officer. I was just looking for where to park and didn’t really notice the people trying to cross at the crosswalk. I mean, obviously, I stopped at the stop sign cross walks, but not the other four in between (that’s a lot of cross walks). Ooops. Thank you for taking pity on me. It was very sweet of you to think I was a new hire. 

I get inside and  fill out a mountain of paperwork. This is the same hospital I had my daughter in. They still had my records (15yrs ago!). Then, they send me to the basement (never a good thing), where they take me to a room (padded cell). They ask me a zillion times if I’m pregnant or could be pregnant.

I answered a ZILLION times, NO, not possible. I have no fallopian tubes. But I am glad they are thorough. Can you imagine if that happened to someone? (shudder) The nurse explains everything about the procedure. Then, she asked the other zillion dollar question. Have I had ANY fish or shellfish in the last seven days. I have not, and I really missed my Sushi night (pout).

The nurse gingerly holds a tube (lead encased-I’m sure) with gloves on. She ever so lightly taps a pill into a medicine cup. I am having the hardest time not squirming away. The pill was ORANGE (aahhhh!). She tells me to throw it back in my throat and swallow. DO NOT TOUCH THE PILL (whimper). Like a Champ,  I toss that sucker back, and OH YES IT DID GET STUCK, right on the back of my tongue. I take a drink, STILL STUCK, then it moves to the roof of my mouth, and FINALLY down the hatch.

Crap! How is it supposed to go down your throat when your mouth is like sandpaper after no food or drink? I just radioactivated my brain and my teeth. Wonderful. The second pill went down much easier, thank goodness.

Then I waited to start glowing or something. Seriously, my vision is a little hazy (that could be the 4 hours sleep). For today and tonight, I am not allowed any dairy products, fish, nor can foods. I am supposed to eat “fresh”.  For me, that’s worse than eating nuclear pills.  A veggie fresh diet? Well, maybe it will start something good. I go back tomorrow and they will do images of my neck. Weee!

As for blogging, I am trying to get back in the swing of things, after a week away. Sydney leaves for Mississippi on December 19 until January 4. Our Christmas with Jason, the girls, and Kyle is December 18. FOUR days! I have four days to shop and that’s all. We know what gifts we are getting her. It’s just getting it. Yeah, that.

It’s also Jason’s birthday month. He is a New Year’s Eve baby. Isn’t that the sweetest? I decided to gift him a present every day for his birthday month. They are not big presents, but I attach a little note to each one, to let him know how special he is. It’s not easy to have a gift EVERY day. I really am putting thought into them (well…some are thoughts of HIM sharing, HEH). His birthday is so close to Christmas that I concluded- what better way to make it special and unique – at least I’m trying to. I think I have up to day #18 packaged. I have another weeks worth ready to be wrapped. It has been soooo fun. I have loved doing this.

I have some wonderful blog posts in the drafts that I haven’t had time to write.  Another timeless one, a bloggy bling parade, and a gift of Christmas that will touch your heart. As well as, a few pictures from our outing to Bethlehem Revisited on Saturday night with the kids.  As soon as all the hospital visits, shopping,  and gifting slow down, I will happily get them done. 

 In the meantime, don’t turn down your screen. It’s just me pulsating with my radioactive self.

27 thoughts on “I’m Radioactive

  1. Is that a glow I see coming from the photo?!?! And if this fixes you all up…that will be good (although I hear you on the expenses! Not cheap!!).

    Angelia, I’m thinking of you, and that it all goes well.


  2. When I get asked if I am or could be pregnant, I don’t say no anymore, I plurt out “no parts”.

    My om is a new years eve baby too, she hates it cause she rarely gets anything. Everybody is broke by then. That is a great idea. I’m going to start getting her presents early.

    Sorry you have had such a rough week! (((hug)))
    Good luck with your test!


  3. You’ve created a post that was delightful to read even though the subject was maybe not so pleasant. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve got this thyroid problem. At least mine is HYPOthyroid so I’ve been condemned to taking a pill every day of the rest of my life. I’ll be interested to hear how they handle the HYPERthyroid.
    Good luck with the results! We’ll all be waiting to hear.
    Happy shopping!


  4. Peggy Nolan

    I’ve had radioactive iodine for a CT scan. My whole mouth tasted like tin.

    I was told that I’d set of the scanners at Logan airport. Cool. Love being radioactive! not that I was going anywhere…

    Good luck with the results and report back in when you can!



  5. Well Angelia, as Lance said, let the expense and experience result in the return of great health.
    Tell the doctors they have to because we need you, so there, how is that for selfish reasoning.
    I love how you are dealing with Jason’s birthday, I hope you know what you have started here.
    Heaps of best wishes and may you soon be no longer active, radio active I mean.
    Love Wilma xox


  6. Victoria-I know, right? Even the lab tech guy was like….did you tell him you are a PATIENT???

    Triplets Plus Two Momma-Thanks, I feel all warm inside and out. I should get a hazard tattoo. 😀 I think they went well but we will see ….
    AND YES, It is a Bulova watch! I love it! Jason gave it to me for my birthday. There is a blog post with a better picture, called a Blessed Year Begins posted in August.

    Lance-Thank you for the kind thoughts. It’s worth it. I had no idea I was feeling bad, just thought it was a part of life at 38. 🙂 Good to know I was wrong (at least for a while).

    Bliss-What a beautiful gesture! Thank you my friend!

    Heather-That is exactly why he hates it too. Plus everyone is celebrating but not his birthday but the new year. Thanks for the hug!

    Weezer-That is my spin on life. Whether it’s pleasant or not, I try to make it into a delight. I live in a way that EVERYTHING is a blessing – good or bad – truth is… if it’s not now, it will be. I’ve heard HYPO is worse because of the fatigue. Mine is just a crazy appetite and being hot. I think if it’s hyperthyroidism it will be a pill as well. That is what I’m hoping anyway. (no surgery)

    Suzicate-Happy to oblige! Whenever you need a night light, just call me!!

    Peggy-No weird tastes for me, thank goodness. Funny about the airport scanners! And thanks, I should know the results Friday or Monday?

    Elizabeth-My mom and my aunt suffer. Good thing you won’t inherit! Phew! I should start a new bracelet line with hot new colors. 🙂 Thanks for the idea, HA!

    Steph-I think I look great under the black light.

    Wilma-Great health is priceless! I agree. So far, so good on the birthday. My only hope is to make it extra special for him.

    Mindy-Exactly! No third eyeball yet… guess that’s a good sign. 🙂

    Ashleigh-Hey there! Thank you so much! That is so nice of you to say….hiya back my SITSta!


  7. Well, it appears that you are well on your way to a happier path in life and will have many happy memories along the way! Thanks so mush for stopping in to my vlog. Hope you have fun with wrapping! 🙂


  8. your comments warm my heart 🙂
    ohmygosh big fan of IKEA now…i’ve only been twice and they’ve been two very successful trips! my work is also IKEA obsessed…all our dishes, napkins, and lights are from there. it’s wonderful 🙂
    speaking of stalkers…why yes i do sorta have one. a hold over from an ex-boyfriend. i’ve changed blogs multiple times in order to escape her. but alas, she has found me again. it’s just a small annoyance. with previous blogs she posted, she copied me. along with facebook profile stuff (which other people found, not me). it was…interesting. hazard of going to a small college i suppose. but no danger of me marrying her! 😉
    i hope this comment love finds you smiling and enjoying your thursday, maybe minus the radioactiveness?
    also suffering from bloggity back up because i have no internet as of yet in my apartment.
    anyways, thoughts are with you lovely lady!


  9. You’ll have to keep us posted! I have a serious issue swallowing pills. Tim makes fun of me because I walk around staring at the ceiling and he’ll be all, “seriously. Just swallow. Think of it as food.”

    it’s not food. It’s a PILL. So just leave me to my own little process…


  10. Heihei Angelia,
    I hope everything will turn out allright. Swalloing radioactive pills – this sounds like a sci-fi movie…

    About the present you’re having for Jason everyday. We have a similar tradition in Germany for children. They will get a little present everyday in December until the 24th, mostly it’s just some sweets or little toys etc. to make the time go by faster… I never thought about doing this before a birthday, but I think it’s a really nice idea…

    Take care,


  11. Stopping by from SITS!

    I have a good-ole-thyroid condition too, but thankfully I didn’t have to do this sort of radioactive testing! Yowsers!

    Looks like today/tonight is your Christmas… Happy holidays!


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