Sunday’s Healthy Reflection: A Lifetime of Moments

Should you find yourself at a loss, wondering what life is all about and what your purpose is, be thankful. There are those who didn’t live long enough to get the opportunity to wonder.


Taking inventory of your gifts and blessings

You’ll probably spend some time this weekend thinking about the good things in your life and your loved ones. Before you do that, take a moment to just consider how lucky you are to be here in the first place. In the 21st century, we can experience more in a month than most people throughout history did in a lifetime. Instead of appreciating that fact, we usually just end up wanting to do and have more. We look at what’s wrong rather than what’s right. This is a perfect time to take a look at your life and priorities again. Can you make some extra time every day to just enjoy the moment and your loved ones? You’ve been given the gift of a lifetime of moments. Accept the gift and prove yourself worthy.

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‘You’ve been given the gift of a lifetime of moments.’

I haven’t been online the last few days. Spottily from my iPhone is all. What I have seen is a lot of either, New Year’s resolutions, or non-lutions, or even just goals. It is that time of year to think, reflect, and assert what you want out of 2010.

And that is great. I’m not saying any of those things are bad. I quit smoking January 1, 2006. I also lost 50lbs. Resolutions are inspiring and they can work if you have the resolve to do it. Of course they can also be done any time of the year.

What I have noticed is there less focus on living in the moment, cherishing our family, and finding more time with them. I have seen less focus on the priority of “lifetime moments”. And maybe what I am trying to say is….can we resolve to just partake in the wonder – the sheer wonder – of life all around us?

We live in an amazing world, an amazing time. My goal this year is to see – really see – what I am missing in my rush through it. I have a wedding to look forward to. The details to be incredibly poignant and meaningful. A new family to blend and grow with. My daughter turns 16. She will never be 16 again.

One of my goals, along this line of this thinking, is to get a new camera. A DSLR for a beginner. I would like to take a class at the local continuing education building (where I took Italian language). I’ve been playing around with my camera recently and I think my writing this year has increased my “eye”. I would like to expand on that in my blog and in life. I think it will be such a treasure to embark upon a lifelong sight journey.

This is an exciting time and year for me. I refuse to miss it. I want to remember and take part of every miracle that happens. I know there will be struggles. I know there will be complications. My life motto is to live as though everything is a blessing no matter what it is.

I have been through some tough stuff in my life – an abusive past relationship and drug addiction – yet, those experiences are a blessing in that it grew my compassion, strength, and knowledge. I wouldn’t be who I am without them. And that is what I hope for this year, to be AMAZED. To be present and accept the gift.

2010 – Hi there, so glad to meet you. I look forward to knowing you better.

Life is a garden, dig it.

-Joe Dirt

Please note some language in this video (bleeped out), but it is so funny with a great message.

29 thoughts on “Sunday’s Healthy Reflection: A Lifetime of Moments

  1. Well put. My plan for this year is to just take it as it comes. I have a few goals or plans business wise but for the most part, we’ll just see where life takes us.


  2. I realized a looong time ago that all we have is the moment. I think that if you cherish that thought, and really believe in it….your life will be full! You can handle the good and the bad. Hope 2010 brings you many wonderful surprises! Nice post! Just stay focused! 🙂 Have a great week!


  3. Great post…I have been thinking about what I have to be greatful for this past year…you know we learn so much for falling flat on our faces., and getting back up a trying again…I am always greatful for lifes lessions…they may be hard but they make us what we are, and that I would never here’s to a new begining with all the lessions life has to offer.. may we all learn something about our selves this year and may it be life changing!!! God bless!


  4. Hi Angelia.
    I love what you say here as your intent is focused on what is going on; “My goal this year is to see – really see – what I am missing in my rush through it. I have a wedding to look forward to. The details to be incredibly poignant and meaningful. A new family to blend and grow with. My daughter turns 16. She will never be 16 again.”

    It is in the daily living, in the things that are right in front of us, where the wealth lies.
    Looking over our shoulder to the past or the future, looking to fit in or to do it right, all takes us away from our wealth.
    I will support us both to have such an awesome year, really seeing and tasting what is in front of us with our heart.
    Lots of love, Wilma


  5. Peggy Nolan

    Happy Sunday Angelia!

    As I looked back at my year and my decade, all I could think of was how time flies…in the blink of an eye.

    Savor the moments, be present, focus on the now…that’s where I’m at, too.

    I know you are going to have a Now filled year!



  6. Very Well Put. I am glad I have already began working on these goals for my family. More quiet, non-outing, type days just surrounded by each other, playing, laughing, enjoying. Thanks for stopping by to visit as well. I appreciate your motivation, GREATLY. Enjoy your week,



  7. Great post! I have no past pace life, so pretty much get to see what’s here. I do wish I could spend more time with the grandkids, since they will only be this age for a year.


  8. So happy for you, especially about your coming wedding! Congratulations! You deserve the best, it must be really poignant and meaningful for you both. Your happiness is all-over your blogs. And your plans are unfolding right before our eyes, savor the beginning of this long time moment of your life. God Bless you!


  9. Heihei Angelia!
    I thought about all this New Year’s resolutions and what makes us put it down to the turn of the years. And you’ve put it very well. With all the pomp about making resolutions we tend to forget the small things that are really important: spending time with our families and enjoying the moment…

    Have a wonderful year 2010!!!


  10. Very Nice Angelia! Happy New Year to you!! After a bout with some nasty times in my head 8 years ago, I vowed then to live in the moment. Cherish them all for what they’re worth. Its made a difference and I dont think I’ll ever change it.

    16 is fun. I loved every age Lauren passed through, but 16 is one of the extra special ones. I think you should do a special trip with her this year. Just you two. Something fun to make special memories for her sweet 16 year. =)


  11. Hi Angelia,
    Guess what?! You are the winner of the book giveaway at my blog featuring Suzanne Toro, “Bare Naked Bliss.” I am confident you will love this book. If you can e-me through the contact box at my main site:, and provide a mailing address, I will send it off to you.

    Your blog is lovely, fun and inspiring. My daughter and I just wanted the video and laughed and laughed. So true, what he says. May gratitude be ours for all the blessings we have…


  12. A very intelligent post, Angelia! And a wonderful reminder to stop and “be present” in our own lives. It’s taken me awhile to get to this place but I feel like I am truly grateful for all that I’ve been blessed with and even more grateful for the things I HAVEN’T been blessed with because my life’s positive and not-so-positive experiences have gotten me to where I am. It’s a strange (but wonderful) place to be. Dang, I got deep there. Time to bounce back up to my superficial self again.
    Thanks for a very positive post!


  13. be present in my life and loving all the moments was my new found theme last year and it served me well. 🙂 this is wonderful blog post, as always. 🙂 healthy reflection indeed!
    i like my hair too! its fun and very freeing i agree. my head is so light! its crazy.
    i have much love around me 🙂 sounds like you do too. aren’t we lucky?
    have i told you how much i love your blog yet?? 🙂
    hoping tuesday finds you well!


  14. Jenera-I think that was my plan last year and it worked well for me! 🙂 You are going to have an awesome year.

    Carol-Thank you! I definitely need to spend time reflecting on them to keep them fresh.

    Luisa-I’ve always loved your spirit! Thank you for the smiling affirmation.

    Terri-Cheering you to a new beginning! Thanks Terri!

    Suzicate-As always you kindness and support is appreciated. 🙂

    Wilma-Hi Wilma! Hear, Hear! I think we got some living to do!

    Peggy-Yes, now, this moment. These comments. The reflections and community. I love it!

    Danielle-By your blog, I know fun and laughter are ever present. What a joy!

    Heather-Slowing down sounds like heaven! Hope those babies come visit you!

    Lita-Thank you sweet lady! I plan on savoring EVERY moment!

    Deia-Thank God for families. Happy 2010!

    Janet-That’s AMAZING! That video went to SPACE and back. (lol) To majesty in the moment! (clink) That was our glasses. We have to toast to that right?

    Debbie-That’s awesome! Sometimes it’s easy to do and sometimes hard but what a reward!

    Jaymie-Thanks Jaymie. Love it!

    Spot-Thank you! It already has and now it’s overflowing. Hope yours are too!

    Blond Duck-Glad you liked it. Hope you capture a few. 🙂

    peedee-What a GREAT idea. I took Sydney on a cruise when she was little. A whole week just us two. It was awesome. I think we’d have more fun now. Thank you for suggesting! I love trips!

    Me, Myself & Pie-Okay, getting hungry typing that. Yes we really are so very lucky. That’s it!

    Mommy Bear-Thank you much! I hope you do too!

    Angelina la dawn-That guy is TOO TOO funny. My belly hurts when I watch him.

    Jan-Thanks! Yay! This is awesome! I am confident I will benefit greatly from the book. Suzanne was amazing and inspiring. I can’t wait!

    Mindy-You are too funny and always a bright spot in my day. Thanks for keeping it real girl! 😀

    Shelly-I hope I win!!

    belleringer-We are so lucky and blessed. I love your compliments to me. You have no idea how grateful I am that you come here. 🙂

    Stephanie-Hi Stephanie! Thanks for coming by!

    Kristin-Yes! Funny, crazy, and true. That’s a great description!


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