Fighting the Funk

Owww, we want the FUNK! Give up the FUNK! Owww, we want the FUNK!-Snoop Dogg

Well, maybe I don’t mean peace funky…..

Maybe I mean junky funky….. from cake, and holiday treats.

Anyone else feel the need to detox? Not just from food, but from the lethargic state of holiday. You know? The one where you just happily proceed through the day….it’s a holiday. I don’t have to do that. I can do what I want. Eat what I want.

Laze around in sweatpants, smacking on chocolates, feet kicked pondering, UM, nothing. Ahhh….

So when Monday rolled around to “normal” , it was a bit of shock to my delicate system. Whuh? OH! It’s back to business is it? Slammed all day at work like you’re a house in Extreme Makeover. Then, I get to head to Dallas to pick up my daughter from the airport.

Hello Love Field my friend. Gimme my daughter and no one gets hurt.

The threat worked. It spit her out like a bad seed. SCARY how well I know this airport.

My little child (the Sushi Monster) is jonesing for Sushi. Well, DARN. 🙂

From the airport we take the freeway south. We are admiring the gorgeous downtown Dallas skyline  – look at the pretty ball. The freeway is fairly peaceful and open. I am thanking my stars it’s not downtown Houston.  Death grip on the steering wheel, foaming at the mouth as drivers zoom past, shaking the car wildly –  waiting – for that one half second when the back end is plowed under and we are left on the freeway broken. Yeah, not a fan of driving in Houston.

This is so much better. Light traffic. Nice midnight blue sky. The moon is shining. The downtown buildings are still sporting their Christmas dos. I’m so grateful, and relaxed, feeling the holiday fuzz buzz of funk coming back. That’s when I remember….I FORGOT to pay rent. It’s the 4th. I’m a day late. Whuhh, whoops?

When work didn’t succeed in popping the holiday bliss bubble, then that sure did. Prick. Guess what folks? Back to the real world. You know the one where you have to do stuff. Like pay rent. And take kids to school. No more presents. No more candy.

After Sushi, I pay my penance. I take the drive to Fort Worth to drop a check in the box.

Dallas and Fort Worth are not close. If you are taking notes, you’d note – I already drove to Dallas.

Contrary to popular belief, they are a good 30-40 miles apart depending on where you are driving from and to.  From where I live, it takes an hour to drive to West Fort Worth and back.

Are we there yet?

Sleep was late. I had strange out-of-body floating dreams. (?)

Day two of, in-your-face, it’s not a holiday anymore. I wake up early to take Sydney to school. I grog my way to work. I am in serious need of de-funking. I need my groove back, my energy, my git r done!

Then I found out. I won on three giveaways! Yes! This happened in ONE day! I don’t enter very many and I am newish to giveaways. In fact, I had just stated on Mom Bloggers Club thread about what I hope to get out blogging  in 2010. My statement was that… I’d like to get more involved in giveaways and learn more about them.

Hey, hey, hey! Ask and you shall receive. I must say. It’s very nice to win. What’s even nicer? Meeting other bloggers and their blogs. And even nicer than that? Getting blog awards. YES I DID. But I’ve been hoarding them like a troll in a dark cave. There, there my pretties. Thing is, it’s time to bring them out and bedazzle you.

But…it will have to wait just a wee bit longer. I want it to be  special. Super special. Like my 100th post kind of special. Why? Because that’s what my bloggy friends deserve.

My 2010? Is picking up speed now. I am zooming right along. I plan to be a bridezilla formulate wedding details. I discovered The Knot Website. Why yes, I do plan on being an irritating, giddy bride-to-be (gag) with a wedding website. Because you only get married once twice to the most incredible man in the world one time.

In a Church.

In an actual planned Christian ceremony.

With ALL your friends and family (I hope? Email me your address?

So funk with no groove? Back off and hit up some moss under a rock. I got stuff to do. It’s time to get down.

28 thoughts on “Fighting the Funk

  1. Holly

    Maybe this is what i need… a detox to get rid of the funk… i am not sure mine has stemmed just from the holidays though… i might need professional detox help :-/

    Side note: Michael and I have been together for three years now and just recently bought a house together (moved 3 days before Christmas)… anyway, he told me, rather matter of factly, that i needed to start opening his mail (i didn’t in the past)… so yesterday the mail came and Mr. Man received an envelope from Jared… so, as i was told, i opened it… nothing really exciting other than i am fully aware that he opened a credit account… maybe there are also wedding plans in my future 🙂


  2. You won?!? That’s almost like the lottery. To me, anyway.

    Congrats on the super-secret awards…whatever they are 🙂

    PS: the knot was my bff during wedding plannng…it’s awesome.


  3. Yay for your wedding! Yay for your awards! No yay for sushi (ick!) Yay for your daughter coming home! Yay for winning things! Yay for paying your rent! Okay, I got carried away there…but still…yay!

    I’m having trouble finding my stride again too…



  4. OMG, it’s like you were following me when i was driving through Houston Monday to Hobby Airport!!! I didn’t foam at the mouth, that’d just not attractive but there are permanent finger marks on my steering wheel for realz!


  5. Yeah, that would be me.. having a hard time snapping back to schoolday pace, duh! I haven’t been to the gym yet this year!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following me on Twitter. Adding you to Twitter 😉


  6. Hey Angelia,
    I think I found a bit of that “too much” chocolate, cake, and cookies over the last couple of weeks. Withdrawals now! Yikes!!

    Here’s to a great 2010 ahead, and one that is filled with rockin’ moments!


  7. Just jumping back into the REAL life here also. Multiple house guests for the holidays, too much sugar, and all thrown into our FUNK.

    (MBC – Calling all Commenters 🙂


  8. Peggy Nolan

    I detoxed from Christmas last week…and started early back on my weight watching, work-out, then sit on my butt routine.

    Monday – yoga and kickboxing, consumed 19 of my 20 points

    Tuesday – yoga, ran 30 minutes on treadmill, more yoga, ate 20 of my 20 points

    Wednesday (that’s today!) I can’t feel my thighs…and I’m hungry…but I’m teaching yoga tonight and so far, I’ve only eaten 2 of my 20 points…maybe that’s why I’m hungry…

    I’m going to Ireland next week to meet my daughter’s fiance…I plan to drink beer in a castle…

    And point me in the right direction of the give-aways. I love winning stuff… 🙂

    Rock on girlfriend!


  9. Sounds like you live in Arlington, just guessing.

    I have finally gotten rid of all things holiday. Candy, cookies, nuts, popcorn tins, ect…

    I was starting to feel the funk of sugar overload, that stuff had to go.

    Glad your daughter made it in safely. Hope to get details of wedding plans, I love weddings.

    Congrats on winning the givaways and the awards!


  10. Wow – I want some of your giveaway mojo! Awesome start to the new year. But my favorite part, by far, was the great line “Slammed all day at work like you’re a house in Extreme Makeover.” Sister, you nailed it!


  11. Nice on the giveaways! I feel your pain about the drive from Dallas to Fort Worth.. I actually lived in the Anatole hotel downtown however then it was called the Lowes Anatole! Stopping by from SITS


  12. LOL I loved this post and can totally relate to the post-holiday funk! If you need a wedding photographer check out my portfolio! I am available for travel!

    I have also helped to plan MANY weddings, so if you ever need any tips or inspiration, don’t hesitate to email me! I am ADDICTED to all things “wedding”.. hence being a wedding photographer!

    Visiting from SITS! Happy Friday!


  13. I don’t know what I need but I am sluggish! There isn’t an amount of caffeine in this world – and believe me I’ve tried – that will jolt me back into reality. WTF?

    It seems the only thing I am remotely interested in has nothing to do with corporate America.


    Glad I’m not alone. And I lived in Texas while I went to college. Love the Dallas skyline…driving back and forth from Dallas to FW just to drop off a check – not cool.




  14. Jenera-I won one of your giveaways one time! It was a book but I don’t think I got it? Weird! I just remembered that.

    Holly-You know Jason hinted at having a website with ring designs and styles picked out. I didn’t push the issue but that really is his hint of saying – Is this okay with you too? If you knew I might ask? – guys are funny they want to make SURE you are going to say Yes. I will be waiting for some news soon.

    Jessica-Ohhhh, me and the knot are going to get along GREAT! Yay!

    suzicate-That’s like the lottery commercial. You can’t win if you don’t play. Haha.

    Spot-I said the same thing about Sushi until I met Jason. I HATE fish. Come to find out I only hate cooked fish. Raw fish is REALLY delish! I wouldn’t lie to you my friend!

    Luisa-Guess what? They are selling Girl Scout Cookies here. %$&( LOL!

    Nessa-True! Foaming at the mouth is not attractive but DANG it makes me rabid driving there! Too funny on the steering wheel marks. 🙂

    Lita-I love, love, love running on the beach. My favorite thing in the world. Sounds like you two are doing marvelous!

    Clairity-Ohmygosh, I haven’t been to the gym either. YIKES! You just reminded me. Thanks for the follow on Twitter! Very cool!

    Lance-Withdrawals YES! I get those. Mainly with Lindt Milk Chocolate Truffles. My sister gave me a bag. Ahhh! I try to have just one a day for now. I am schooching to the dance floor ready to jam!

    Stacie-Hi! Thanks for visiting. 🙂

    Kristin-It’s hard to get rid of the funk girl! Yeah, the real life is calling for another year.

    Peggy-You ROCK THE TOWN chickie! Awesome way to start. And Ireland. Ohh la, la. I know that is going to be amazing. I am so happy for you!

    Christy-I thought that too! But some are legit. What the heck! Give it a try.

    Heather-Thank you! I will keep you filled in! Good guess too by the way. 🙂

    Wilma-Yes! I would love that!

    The Gypsy Mama-HA! It’s always like that! Here’s to big bigger and better! Welcome home, welcome home.

    Jenny-Holiday hangover, pass the hair of the dog! LOL.

    Jaymie-Ohhhhhh a spa! Jaymie, let’s GOOOO. An all day one with mud baths, massages, and facials, and steam rooms. Ahhhhh!

    Morgan-Yes, I’ve been there! Dallas is the concrete city isn’t it? Thanks for stopping by!

    Irish-Thank you! I entered! Hoping my mojo stays alive.

    Mindy-I’m still waiting for your grocery store win!!! Yep, it’s a coming! Sending mojo your way. 🙂

    thevintagecook-I would too! And the junk food overload. Waaah! I can’t bring myself to toss it. I really need some help.

    BLR Graham-You are too good. I need your discipline ALL year!

    mykidsarefun-Thank you! It is such a rush. Yay!

    Bella Lucia Photography-Oh! You are like an Angel from sent from heaven. Thank you!!!

    Cristina-Corporate America is sooo not interesting in January! Thank you for joining in. Glad I’m not alone too.


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