A Weekend to Remember: A Daughter’s Gift

A Daughter’s Gift
Author: Robert Sexton

When I imagine
the life you will live,
I think of the pleasure
your presence will give.

I see the joy your smile will light
and the wonders you’ll weave
when your dreams take flight.

I feel the hope
that will grow with your grace,
and the difference you’ll make
to each heart you embrace.

I imagine your life
as I know it will be;
for, my daughter, you’ve given
all this to me.

Deck chairs outside the cafeteria.

Loved how the colors turned out, this is a cute little bird.

We didn’t stay in a cottage but this was the stained glass windows on one of them.

What started as a weekend retreat with the women of my Church, turned into a mother/daughter retreat for Sydney and I. We had precious times together. Lots of talks. I won’t go into the sermon series, but I will say it was about unfading beauty. Beauty that is inside. Beauty that is spiritual. Beauty that is in other things besides outward appearance.

What an incredible message for a teenage girl, yes? Let’s just say our “talks” were because all the main prizes that were handed out – or the big ones I should say – were on laser facial treatment for your wrinkles. Spray tanning, mineral make-up, laser hair removal. You get the idea. Um. Yeah.

So we talked about what unfading beauty REALLY MEANS. I thought the message was pretty loud and clear, but then it got muddled a bit. Luckily for us, we are on the same page. My mom was a beauty queen, but she did not teach me outward beauty. I truly believe beauty shines from the inside. All that outside stuff you do is just pursuing what your inside already knows. You are BEAUTIFUL.

That was our weekend. It was entirely too short, but I treasured it. Happy Monday!

39 thoughts on “A Weekend to Remember: A Daughter’s Gift

  1. Holly

    so true, so true…

    this reminds me of an orchid… when you look at it from a distance it is really kind of ackward looking and then as you get closer and really look at it… it is absolutely amazing…


  2. I’m glad you had such a wonderful time! What the heck was up with those prizes?! Didn’t they contradict the theme? From the time my daughter was two, people have been stopping us to tell us how beautiful she is, how amazing her eyes are. She modeled and won beauty pageants as a toddler. But through it all, I told her that beauty is what god gave her, she had nothing to do with it. Being compassionate, smart and truly nice were things she had to achieve and were therefore more important. People still compliment her looks like crazy, but thankfully she would rather be complimented on her achievements.

    I’m sure, growing up with your guidance, Sydney realizes the same things. You are a wonderful mom!



  3. suzicate

    That’s kind of weird that the prizes were for outward beauty when you were supposed to be focused on inward beauty. Good for you and Sydney though…pics are fab!


  4. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful subject. She looks like she loves to laugh and have fun. It’s been years and years since I’ve gotten to spend time like that with my girls….or with my own mother, for that matter.
    Every mother should have the opportunity to spend time with their children individually and learn who they are.
    Great post, Angelia. You’re having fun with that new camera, aren’t you?


  5. I have to say I’m a bit flummoxed over the spray-training and laser facial treatments prized out at a retreat focusing on celebrating inner beauty. I’m thinking the Right and Left hand weren’t talkin’ to each other here! That being said, it sounds like you and your daughter got the message loud-and-clear and had an awesome time in the process! Love the pictures! =)


  6. Beautiful message of a successful mother-daughter re-bonding at the retreat. That was really refreshing for both. Congratulations! Now I see the photos, beautifully captured by a pro? Well, you’ve amazed me again!


  7. “All that outside stuff you do is just pursuing what your inside already knows.” I love that… truly insightful. I’m glad you had a great time and what an amazing gift to each other. You will both remember this past weekend as a special time in your lives. Congrats!


  8. What a fabulous weekend and special QT with your daughter. Man, that is what it’s all about, right there. I had a great weekend with my mom, too, and it felt awesome. šŸ™‚

    Superb photos too, by the way!


  9. You take such amazing pictures. Love the one where she’s trying to squeeze between the poles, such a candid shot. And I have to say this, I love her blue nail polish. Mine is a slightly deeper blue šŸ™‚


  10. What you’re saying is so absolutely true. Outward beauty fades one day, but the inner beauty stays until the very last day!
    And what wonderful pictures you’ve taken!
    Have a nice day…


  11. Holly-That is a perfect image. Love it!

    Danielle-Thank you. I appreciate your comment.

    Spot-I’m not sure, maybe I misunderstood the intention of the prizes. šŸ™‚
    What a great quality your daughter has. I truly believe our mothers teach us a lot about beauty. Good job Mom!

    Peedee-We’ve always been close and I want to keep it that way. Is that camera amazing or what?? I’m so in love with it!

    Just a Mom-Thanks! It was….despite super frigid temps (for here anyway).

    Weezer-Your comment makes me cherish the moments all the more. These times are very precious! I LOVE this camera!

    Peggy-Thank you so much. It was very blessed. šŸ™‚ xoxox

    Mindy-Maybe it’s a girl thing? We had a great time. She is such a good kid.

    Lita-It was nice to bond with her. I have a new camera so I am trying my hand at photography. I am lovin’ it! A pro?? Really?? *blush*

    Keri-Thank you kindly! I really appreciate your comment. I am just trying out photography so it means a lot. šŸ™‚

    Peg-I will always remember it. I hope she does too. Great memories, great times, great pictures. GREATNESS!!

    Luisa-Thank you! I am trying. I need more practice. I just got a book I am reading, but would really love some class instruction too.

    Tinka-Hope yours is the best SITSta! Thanks for stopping by.

    Foxy-Yay! Glad you had a good weekend with your mom. That is soooo sweet! Thanks for the pic compliments too. šŸ™‚

    Christy Cross-It is a valuable lesson to be taught and lived. I know you do this well too Christy. Your entire cause for Aiden is beautiful.

    Sherri-Thank you Sherri. I love having it to share. I am very blessed. šŸ™‚

    Carolyn-I am sure trying!! šŸ™‚ Thank you!

    Ellen-I loved the poem too. It fit her so well. I hope we always stay close but I am prepared either way.

    Josie-Ahhhh, that stinks! I hear about this all the time. I’ve heard it’s completely normal. They are so close to you they have to rebel a bit to become their own person. To me that says, you are doing a good job establishing her identity. šŸ™‚

    Clairity-What’s really funny is the colors of the retreat decorations matched her nail polish EXACTLY. We got a big kick out of that.

    Persis-Thank you so much!

    JDaniel4-Me too!

    Deiala-All you have to do is look at those celebrities that tried to fight the age process. It’s a never ending battle. Beauty is truly inward that shines outward. You definitely shine with it!

    The photos were all taken outside in 20 degree weather. We were such troopers going all around the lake in the cold and through the puddles. We spent about an HOUR. I have to thank Sydney for putting up with my….let’s go one more place (sorry about your boots). I truly think the photos were worth it. Man was it cold though!!! Thank you all for visiting! It means a lot. I really do cherish your comments.


  12. Jenera-Woah! You totally just made my MONTH! Coming from a professional! I am thrilled. šŸ˜€ Thank you!

    Jaymie-Yes indeed. She was my miracle. The only one I could have. She is a treasure to me and a gift I’ll never forget.

    Terri-Your welcome Terri, so glad you could enjoy them like I have.


  13. Jean-Thank you so much! We won’t. I won’t. EVER. The giveaways weren’t just beauty stuff (although they did give away a hotel room night and 1 hour massages, books, journals, and free dinners out) but the BIG prizes were actual visits to a dermatologist for high dollar laser treatments. Yes. I won a mineral make-up makeover but you have to be an established patient which I’m not. It would cost $50.00 to use my “free” gift. I plan on finding someone who is a patient and giving it to them. Apparently, it was all donated by a Doctor that goes to our Church and was at the retreat.

    I don’t want to judge anything. Like I said, maybe I missed something. I know where I’m at and that’s what matters. šŸ™‚


  14. I admit I was a bit confused with giving outer beauty treatments while teaching the importance of inner beauty. Oh, well all that matters is that you and Sydney had a great time.

    You really do take wonderful pics!


  15. Heather-Believe it or not, I got a lot out of it, probably more than they intended just because of my interpretation. šŸ™‚ It was a great weekend.

    Steph-One of mine too! I really want to get these framed. Thanks for stopping by!

    Grissell-Thank you so much!

    Mommy Bear-That is HUGE compliment from you. I really LOVE the pics you take of your children and in fact it was YOUR BLOG that convinced me I had to get a DSLR camera! For serious!

    Daisy-Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love you blog name. šŸ™‚ And the snow pics.

    Sally-Thank you kindly! What a sweet comment. I appreciate it. We had a BLAST. I need to do more trips with her before she is grown and gone. šŸ™‚


  16. ohmygosh i completely forgot to tell you how amazing these pics are. you are truly mastering your new toy and sydney is quite beautiful indeed. your pictures make me happy =] what a weekend to remember and breathtaking pictures.


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