Blog Award EXPLOSION and Giveaway!

I have to tell ya’ll, it makes my heart proud that you give me awards. ME? Really?

Seriously, I am just HAPPY to be here. Happy to be a bloggity blog blogger. I am THRILLED you’d offer me these tokens of acknowledgement.

In fact I’m so blown away that I’ve decided today is the day I give back. Not only will I pass on some awards, but I will also be having a GIVEAWAY!!! Yes!!! My FIRST EVER giveaway.

Hey, I just feel generous. What can I say? Feel the love. Reap the rewards.

ONE winner will recieve BOTH prizes below. The winner will be picked randomly by

$10.00 gift card to Borders

$25.00 Target gift card

*no compensation was given, nor am I part of either business*

You don’t have to have a blog or be a blogger to enter. All you have to do is leave a comment. That’s it!

In fact, I’ll open the floor to questions. If there is anything you’d like to know. Ask away. If there is anything you’d like to share. Share away. This is a free-for-all. Share, ask, or just comment.

And let me just say to YOU. THANK YOU! Thank you for commenting. Thank you for following. Thank you for being YOU. I LOVE every comment. I read every one and although I try to respond, sometimes I don’t but believe me, they make me laugh, chort, smile, and just feel REALLY special. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

Now for the awards.

This is from Jeanice at Journezine. She is in the process of rebuilding the site bigger and better. Go Jeanice! You are amazing and THANK YOU for this. I am so humbled. I don’t feel worthy of such an honor. I contributed two articles if you’d like to check them out in archives.
August 2009- A Father’s Love.
November 2009-A Day in the Life, A Day in the Park.

Um. Guys? You might think I’m a little HAPPY. YES?

This is not a mistake. I recieved the Happy 101 award from SIX bloggers. That is not counting the two previous ones I was given on my 100th post. Eight times I’ve been given the happy. Can I just say…..that makes me VERY HAPPY!!!!!!

I love happy. I do happy. I bounce happy, be happy, am happy.

I am not pretending I promise. I really am THIS happy. Now, during that PMS time of the month (you know). Well I hide. I don’t do UN-happy.

Thanks goes to.
DJ Kirby at Chez Aspie. My wonderful England blogger twitter friend.
Spot at What Passes for Sane on a Crazy Day. The funniest conversationalist I know.
Mrs. Foxy at Foxy Den. She did this award up nice. With an Oscar dress and everything. Woot!
Heather at Welch Happenings. My fellow Texan. Incredibly sweet and down to earth.
Holly at My Bubbled Mess. This girl is so full of heart it overflows in all she says and does to the people in her life she loves. What a blessing it is to know her.
MOTPG at Mom of the Perpetually Grounded. Hers was in a meme but it’s the same as above, so I am adding here. I immediately connected with her because we are both moms of teenagers.

List 10 things that make you happy.

1. Blog Awards.
2. Giveaways.
3 Winning giveaways.
4. Getting to know people.
5. Smiling.
6. Laughing.
7. Singing.
8. My new camera.
9. iPhone.
10. My wedding date being 8 months and 1 week away.

And the award goes to…. I just recently passed this on. But I do want to honor a few happy folks.

Jean at Jean has been shopping. She makes me smile. She makes me laugh. So HAPPY to connect with her.

Just a Mom at The Eyes in the back of my head. Her children made posters saying, “Less Homework. More video games. Signed the Angry Mob”. They posted them all over the neighborhood. Funniest thing EVER.

Stephanie Not the Oxygen, Stephanie is doing love horror stories by guests. I probably shouldn’t laugh, but I have some of those. I can laugh NOW that I have Jason, but man I was there in thick of online dating madness. Ah Steph, you gotta be happy to get through it. πŸ™‚

Given to me from Deiala. My dear German friend who says the SWEETEST things about me. I can never repay you for your incredible kindness.

I am passing on to a new blogger who probably won’t know what to do with this and that’s okay!

Square Peg in a Round Hole-New blogger, sister to Suzicate. She writes super funny stories. She has beautiful daughters. I can just relate and laugh at what she writes.

Award from Believe in yourself. Stop by and see Luisa, you will LAUGH WITH DORAZ too.

I have to award this to my friend and NOW blogger. Brooke Brooke Knows Beauty. Does she ever! You have to stop by and read all her wonderful ideas, beauty tips, and beauty advice. I had NO clue. It’s really not just about outward appearance but things you can do with your girls.

Thanks to Wide World of Gary. Dude! (sorry every time I hear sweet- I think of that movie Dude, Where’s my car?). If you’ve seen it you get what I’m talking about. Dude! Sweet!

Please stop by and say Hi to Gary. He is the greatest!

From Purple Hatter. If you love adult humor and fantastic art work (free blog awards). Go see this super talented guy!

PLEASE no one feel obligated to do ANYTHING with these awards. If I missed someone that gave me an award. I am so sorry! Please let me know. I lost my notes and tried to remember.

And don’t forget…ask any question, share anything you like, or just leave a comment to be entered into the giveaway.

I can’t wait to see who wins. That’s the most exciting part. I will announce on WEDNESDAY morning FEB. 10th. On the day my wedding is eight months away. Yipppeee!

91 thoughts on “Blog Award EXPLOSION and Giveaway!

  1. Holly

    ah, tears… thank you very much for your kind words… seriously!

    Now i have a question… as i visit blogs and see all the giveaways i am always left wondering how this works… are these gift cards out-of-pocket or are they given as part of advertising from the specific companies? i haven’t been blogging long enough to understand it all… and if it is advertising how do get started with this?


    1. Holly-That’s a good question. Maybe a more seasoned blogger can chime in? I have no clue. I assume it’s on their own and maybe they get more visitors and possibly more clicks on their ads? This one is competely on my own. I just want to make someone as happy as me. And I love to give. πŸ™‚

      I’m sure there is lots of opportunities for reviews from the manufacturers?

      If anyone can help, please chime in! Thanks!


  2. Angelia,
    You just made my day! Seriously… I feel like Sally Field accepting her award for Norma Rae “You like me… you really, really LIKE me”! And I am amazed that anyone would like my rantings. But I am honored. Honored that someone as talented as yourself takes the time to read me and recommend me to someone else.
    So, thank you thank you thank you… and you are right. I have NO IDEA what I am supposed to do with this! (other than grin like a jackass eating briars as my mom always says) Thanks again. I’ll try to make you proud (just tell me now what I do with it),


    1. Peggy-You CRACK me up!! You don’t have to do anything but if you want to just save one of the happy images (right click Save image). Then when you create your blog post….there is a Upload/Insert like how you upload pics in the’s a square like a TV screen it’s the first icon next to the upload/insert. Click that then hit select to find the image. It will put it in your blog post. List 10 happy things and any blogger you want to give it to. That’s it and that’s all.

      Or you can just eat briars, that’s cool. πŸ™‚


  3. You don’t even have to enter me in the drawing! I had to drop by and say this was the happiest post I’ve seen in some time. My fav? that banner of your kids. THE BEST! Totally sets the tone.

    Love you on FB as well.




  4. I love your giveaway! You know why? Because you are so sweet and you are just giving. No strings attached. No “if you mention my blog on yours, I’ll give you a chance to win”. I have been truly disenchanted with blogville lately and you have singlehandedly restored my faith. Thank you Angelia!! That was a gift in itself.



    1. SPOT!!!-You are going to make me cry! It’s that pre-pre time of the month, ya know? When commericals make ya cry. Yeah. Awwwwh! My heart.

      Thank you! Listen, I know what you mean. I truly blog for me. All of you are a bonus. And bonus does not even come close to what I mean. The sweet cream on top. The extra slice of banana in a banana spilt. That twenty you find in the parking lot.

      I really do want to give back and it’s truly not much that I’m offering. Best of luck! As always, thanks for being here!


    1. Debbie-Oh gosh! I love everything! I’m one of those that go from end of the spectrum to another on music, books, and movies.

      But if I have to pick……
      My all time favorite book series has been Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time- Sword of Truth Series.
      He died before finishing the FINAL book from a rare blood disease. Another author took his notes the family gave him and now the last book is THREE books. It is the only set of books (except for the last three which are coming out) that I’ve read more than once. I have read ONE other book more than once and that was Stephen King’s THE STAND. I just don’t read books over so to read them again means I must REALLY like them.

      Favorite movie- Signs with Mel Gibson. I love the spiritual message plus I’m a scifi geek. And now James Cameron’s Avatar also for the spiritual message, scifi setting and imaginative detail.

      Music-I really can’t pick one. Christian, pop, rap, metal, classic rock, 90’s, Indie, easy listening, classical. I love them all. My iPod list is nuts!

      Thank you for asking and good luck!!!


      1. I knew you were a lady after my heart. I’ve read The Stand more than once myself. The first time took me a couple of months. The second time I had just had surgery and was laid up and I think I read it in like 2 or 3 days! Were you as disappointed with the miniseries as I was? I usually like books much better than the movie. My imagination is much better than anything they can come up with.. LOL. And Avatar? OMG… we saw it regular 3D and then IMAX 3D…The IMAX was SO much better.


  5. Really a nice post, Angelia, you know how to express your feelings and you do not hold back at all. For everybody who won an award, Congratulations, you all deserve it. And who will win the give away’s: You will be the best!

    I loved Avatar too! but I am also a “Love Actually” movei fan, with Hugh Grant.
    Mt music favs are to wide spread also. I love all kinds of music. I love to sing with the song, dance on the music, music makes me happy πŸ˜€


    1. Ellen-I’m the same way. I’m teaching my future little step daughters the art of CAR DANCING. I must say the three year old is really GOOD!! πŸ˜€

      Do you know I have NOT seen “Love Actually”? I hear about it all the time. I guess I need to hit the redbox!


      1. Hi again, you will love that movie. And you know, you can see it over and over again. I am not sure how old your oldest daughter is, but she will love to watch it with you too!


  6. Susan Mack

    Hi! I am glad that you are HAPPY that you won awards! I think it is cool too.
    I tried to blog, but I don’t think it is my thing…. my husband is the one with “stories”!
    God Bless you!! Susan from Facebook.


    1. Hi Susan!! -Thanks for coming by. πŸ™‚ I really took to blogging and it definitely wasn’t what I thought it would be. I bet he does have some good stories. Great to see you here too! Good luck!


  7. Sandy

    wow, you wedding is eight months and a week away….we have to start planning ….oh my. hehehe. I’m so excited. What is the Date???? I want to come. I want to be there. I want to share in your and Jason special day. Oh my…I’m so excited for the both of you.


  8. Angelia, I am soooo happy for you. You so deserve all the awards that have come your way..your blog touches my heart in ways that can’t be described. Thank you for dropping by to check me out ..I love getting comments from everyone..This has really been a way to fill the lonely hours after work, I have made so many new friends here and I hope to continue making friends! πŸ˜€


  9. Erin from Long Island

    Jean tolf me to come comment and since Jean is my queen, I do whateer she says : P

    You blog is super cute, I hope you win (and I do too)!


    1. peedee-Oh my friend! Thank you! Watch your elbows now. Oh ouch, that was my foot! πŸ˜›

      I have special case for these awards. They are all meaningful l because they remind me of the people that gifted them.


  10. Wow, look at all those awards! Woohoo! Congrats, you soooo deserve every one!

    I’ve never been to borders (don’t even know where there is one) and it has been an extremely long time since I was at Target. Com’on(throws name in hat) granny needs a new bra!!!

    Now I’m off to check out some new bloggers!


  11. Hi: Thought I would stop by and visit, and I am so glad I did. Love your blog. The pictures are fabulous. Will be back soon and thanks so much for sharing. Cheers, Lia


  12. I so understand on the 10 things that make a person happy.
    I am so there with you!
    I think this is the place to leave a comment, so that’s me.



  13. Hi Angelia
    Wow, what give aways can do.
    I looked at your last post and saw all these beautiful photos of Sydney.
    One question; have you been able to share your new toy and let someone else touch your new camera and is there a photo of both of you?
    Love Wilma


    1. Wilma-Hi Wilma! Well…..I thought the giveaway would be LOADS of fun….but I had NO idea. πŸ™‚

      Yes I did a photo shoot of Sydney. But I was behind the camera the entire time. I actually don’t think I have shared my dear baby with anyone else. I’m still a very protective momma.

      Good news is I have a tripod and I plan on using that to get some of us both. πŸ™‚

      The weather here has been really wet. Hopefully this weekend will be nice.


  14. YAAAAAAAAY for giveaways!
    YAAAAAAAAY for the second round of bloggy bling bling.
    YAAAAAAAAY for toooons of comments.
    YAAAAAAAAY for Angelia!
    YAAAAAAAAY for me almost off work!
    YAAAAAAAAY for happinees.

    mmkay nuff with the obnoxious yay.


    YAAAAAAAAY for almost Friday!

    now i’m really done. =]



  15. Hey there, congrats on all of the awards!!!

    You posted a comment that you’d like to guest post on my blog, right? That’d be awesome! I just need to get your email so we can coordinate. I just checked the “notify me of follow-up comments via email” button so hopefully that’ll do it if you respond, right? (I’m not as familiar with wordpress) πŸ™‚

    Have an Extraordinary Day!


  16. You impress me so much with your free-flowing words. Don’t you just love awards…..and free-bees….and blogger friends. I forgot about your wedding blog. I was going to ask about it and saw a comment about it above.
    Have a great weekend, dear friend, whose name is spelled like my own dear daughters’. Your humor and spontaneity reminds me of her so much.
    Happy weekend.


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