Wedding Wordless Wednesday

For all my friends that love all things wedding……..presenting my DREAM bouquet and inspiration for the colors of my wedding.

Beautiful isn’t it?

I owe an onslaught of ideas to Kellene. My friend – a wedding planner, and unbelievably talented photographer – not to mention a wonderous soul full of love and light. Your friendship is God sent and blessed beyond measure.

Please check out her post that has a BIG dedication of wedding bliss for me to indulge in again and again.

Bella Lucia Photography Blog

32 thoughts on “Wedding Wordless Wednesday

  1. This is really beautiful! I think it fits perfectly to your personality! The assortment of the different flowers and colors ist just lovely!
    And how perfect to have a friend who is actually a wedding planner…


  2. blissbait

    BBBBBBBBBBBBeautiful! HOW exciting! Yowza! It’s like we’re all along for the ride. How fun! You must be exploding with excitement. Thank You for including us, and I LOVE Your new tagline. It’s probably old, but I just noticed it! Big Hugs and Namaste. 🙂


  3. Peggy Nolan

    PS – I just sent Bella Lucia’s link to my step daughter who is getting married this July. I checked out her DIY wedding ideas and really liked a number of them!! Loved the candy jars with the initial label!


  4. I love these colors. They remind me of the color scheme for my (our) wedding back in March 1979. We’ve got our 31st anniversary coming up and I thought I might share some pictures with my blogger friends. They’re quite a hoot!
    The idea of planning a wedding makes me so excited. I love them. Planning them,. attending them, recording memories. How exciting for you.


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