Midweek Morsels

Snippets of the past weekend ending with today.

Saturday night, Jason comes in from the back yard says,
“Hey, come look at this animal and tell me what it is.”

Yes, he is asking me – the animal expert – because I’m from Oklahoma? HA.
Of course, I knew what it was before I saw it. What other animal would be in the back yard in the city? Wait, don’t answer that, some things I don’t want to know. Well, let’s just say I’m not fond of rats. When I lived in Richardson we saw rats running along the electricity lines at the back of the back yard..eek! But I digress.

No this was a giant rat with a tail.

I was walking up to the tree stump to get a better look.
When Jason panics, “DON’T GET CLOSE! It might attack you.”
What? I respond, “Uh, no it won’t. It will play POSSUM. It’s a possum, get it?”
This whole thing cracked me up. He has never seen a possum? Really? That is so cute! Animals fascinate me. I thought it was cool Jason had a new pet. An outside one. Who lives on the stump and apparently plots attacks. This not a regular possum, oh no, this is a rebel! It won’t play dead. Rawr!


Molly lost another tooth! Her third!

She was so excited. Her other two bottom teeth are coming in pretty fast. We took her picture and she had to show THREE fingers for her three lost teeth.


Jason’s niece was baptized on Sunday. They live and go to Church only 30 minutes away, which enabled us to attend. She wasn’t like some of the other kids I have seen baptized. She really knew what she was doing and why. Her stance, testimony, and calm surrender was her statement. This young girl has a beautiful heart and soul. I felt very lucky to be part of her special day.


I only had to manage one child with Sydney. Easy right? With my future step daughters, I am having to learn what it’s like to juggle two. For example, this is what I discovered on Sunday afternoon.

If one is playing Wii boxing…..

She is scary good by the way.

and the other wants to watch Barney songs…

I can play it on my laptop. Phew!

It really amazes me the technology that we have today. I know most people shy away from it with their kids, but I was raised by a Computer Scientist and Jason is one too. We love it.

See how that works.


In the backyard, I found out we are most definitely in a new season – SPRING.

The bees loved the pink blooms. They were flying all around landing on different buds. It was much harder to capture than I thought it would be. I guess I need more camera training. Either way, it was beautiful.


Saturday night was a night I will chalk up as one of my sickest times EVER. Right at 10pm, I was struck with stomach cramps so bad I could hardly move. Eventually I got to the bathroom and emptied the contents of my stomach and other insides, out of every opening crevice possible, off and on for about SIX hours. I was never so tired of a bathroom floor in my life.

Thankfully, I was fine the next morning. I have eaten since, just not a whole lot. It definitely made me lose my appetite. I was absolutely certain it was the shredded chicken on the nachos at Taco Cabana (food poisoning!) right up until, Sydney got the EXACT same thing, last night about 9pm. Hers has lasted about 17 hours (poor thing), but I think it’s on the way out. I have been giving her electrolytes and will try some soup next.

I find it odd the sight of my own kid puking doesn’t gross me out. I guess that goes to show how much we love them. She waited all night to puke in the kitchen sink next to where I was getting myself a cup of morning joe. Nice!

Get well Syd, get well. I sure hope that nasty stuff is done for!

Happy Hump Day everyone!!

42 thoughts on “Midweek Morsels

  1. Sometimes though opposums aren’t so cute! I have had them hiss at me, which they will also do when frightened. Scared the beejeezus out of me, let me tell you. I shooed him away with a broom!!

    Your future stepdaughters are adorable!! Hope you and Syd are both back to normal and feeling better soon. And at least she’s outgrown the need to stand over your bedside in the night going “Mom! I think I’m gonna hurl!” =]



    1. Spot-This was the third or fourth time she has EVER thrown up in her life. I got so LUCKY. I totally picture that happening with Jason’s kids though. LOL!

      I guess I never got close enough to hear them hiss. See how brave I am.


  2. It is amazing how we can go from being one way to another way…when it comes to health issues! I wish we could just press a bottom and all of the paon would go away. I do hope your energy is up and running soon…the way you like it! πŸ™‚


    1. Doraz-I actually feel really good. I’m just not hungry. I exercised Monday night and ran 2 miles. I plan on running tonight. It was a bad bug but was over for me quick. Now poor Sydney. Yikes! Her 110lb body did not handle it so well. πŸ™‚ Thank you, as always, for bringing a smile to my page.


  3. Poor you and poor Syd. I sure hope she feels better.

    Those tree buds are gorgeous!

    Dwight almost let a possum in our back door a few weeks ago. He thought it was one of the cats! Glad he didn’t! I’d have freaked. I think they are rather hideous looking. They give me the willies!


    1. Peg-OMGOSH! You always make me LAUGH – so hard!!! I can totally picture him doing that!!! Here kitty, kitty, kitty! “OH! Sorry Peg”, HISSSSSSSSSSS!

      They are BIG rats. ICK. I was getting close because I wanted to see if it had babies on it’s back. I saw one when I lived in Benbrook with babies. It was so cool.


  4. Hi Angelia, nice post you wrote! Really fun to read! These girls are very cute! I am happy for you, you get along so well with your step daughters. When it happens to me, feeling horribly sick and pucking etc. I always see the “positive site “Great, at least 2 pounds are gone” lol.
    Have a great rest of the week.

    Warm regards, and a big smile in return! πŸ˜€


  5. You crack me up girl. So brave lol. Just be aware…not all possums choose to play possum. We chased one in a parking lot one night after leaving the bar and it turned around and came back at us! Talk about running for your life and screaming like a little girl!

    And I wanna Wii!! I’m coming over to play with the kids! They are adorable and your the best step mommy ever!!!

    Your right about your own kids puke. Thank goodness Laurens never bothered me. She has puked on me because she has no warning signal built into her like normal people. Its, “Oh no mom!! **SPLAT**”. I kid you not. Nothing says I love you mom like puke in your lap. And I must admit I never had a problem with anyones puke. I was a paramedic for years and I’ve been puked on plenty of times. It comes with the job. yuck.

    I love the bee in the pic!! Your getting really good girl. πŸ˜‰


    1. Paula-Must have been a rebel mutant possum, he didn’t get the memo. LOL.

      COME ON. Come play Wii! Door is always open. She would stomp your butt, you would be so embarrassed. It’s awesome!

      Thanks about the photo. I was like the bee keeper. 8 or 9 of them buzzing around while I stood in that tree taking pictures. THANK GOD I GOT ONE OF THEM SUCKERS!! HA.


  6. OMG I thought that was a huge rat at first glance too! lol

    I love your budding trees. Such a beautiful pic. I can see the bee. I think you did a fine job!

    Thanks for the update πŸ™‚


    1. Sherri-I KNOW! It’s the tail! Like a big white rat. I read there were REAL rats this size by a lake somewhere up North. The size of CATS. ACK!!!

      I swear that tree popped buds overnight. All the pear trees are now blooming too. I can’t believe it. SPRING for real. I’m so excited. Thank you! I’m going to take a few tutorials on photography. I wanted to get one like Gary gets with the bee on the flower but I just couldn’t get it. I had fun trying though! I’m sure the neighbors were wondering what I was doing. LOL.


  7. suzicate

    Hope all is better soon. That nasty stuff is going around everywhere. That’s too funny that Jason didn’t know what a possum was! He does know what a skunk looks like ,right?!


  8. Stopping by from SITS – what a busy week! love the pics of your spring blossoms – things are starting to grow here in SC too! So excited for spring! Have to agree with PP – possums can be vicious…


    1. Heather-It always seems busy when the girls visit. We don’t have much time with them so we cram tons of fun stuff in. πŸ™‚ I don’t like vicious wild animals! I think I’m more of a zoo animal lover. I can observe and not worry. Honestly, I’ve never messed with one!

      Yay for spring and all the gorgeous blooms!


    1. Deiala-I have two sets of photographs from SAME weekend above that I have not posted yet. I don’t know how we do it all. LOL. Thank you! We feel much better. They really are gorgeous kids. They have good genes. Both their mom and dad are very smart and very good lookin’. The combo came out to heart stopping children. πŸ™‚ Even though their marriage failed at least they had those beautiful girls. πŸ™‚ I love being part of their lives.


  9. Oh Gosh, at first I looked at the picture and caption and thought “That rat is so big it looks like a possum.” Those girls are adorable, mine would have both wanted the wii to themselves and got in a real boxing match over it.
    Hope that nasty bug, not the bee the stomach one, leaves your home soon!


    1. Motpg-HAHA. Thank you! I think when the younger one gets a wii (pardon the pun) bit older. They can play together. She is just not quite there yet. Yeah! I think we kicked it to the curb. Sheesh! C’mon summer and no more colds or blechy bugs.


  10. You are so funny with your camera, I love your world in pictures.
    And your lucky to have such beautiful people and things to take pictures of. Possums here in New Zealand are totally different animals, they are big (like a small dog), do not look at all like a rat and do attack when inside.
    I am pleased you feel better, nasty.


    1. Wilma-Thanks Wilma! I don’t know why I get such a kick out of my camera. I guess I just see so many things and think – that’d be a GREAT photo. Now I just whip it out!

      The possum was bigger than it looked, I was pretty far away. I still had no idea they fought or attacked. Yikes! I saw something tonight when I was out running and it took off scared. I think it was an Armadillo though.

      We feel much, much better! Yes! No more nastly!


  11. blissbait

    Hey! What a fun post!

    I LOVE possums. I used to have many critters traverse my yard. Lived in the Hills of a city and skunks, possums, racoons, rats, coyotes, and the stray cat or two thought it a groovy spot. A whole family moved in under my house and YOWZA, can they FIGHT! Man! They are outrageous with one another!

    I’ve been SLOW to fall in love with technology….but I’m there! I get ya!

    And….YIKES. I’M SO SORRY YOU WERE SOOOO SICK AND THAT SYDNEY’S GOING THROUGH IT AS WELL. Only had that sort of thing once. Finally just slept on the bathroom floor. Yuck.

    OH! AND….HOw cool about the TOOTH! BRAVO!

    You ALL are adorable! Thanks for sharing and Cheers and Namaste. πŸ™‚


  12. Bliss-My dad was a BIGTIME critter lover. One of his latest finds that he talked about was finding two baby coons trapped in a trashcan at the park. He ran home and got his camera to take a picture. I guess the game warden had to rescue them. It was too funny how tickled he was! He would have loved your yard. Now I wouldn’t want them under my house. AHHH!

    Technology can be tough. Sometimes you have to let go of the knowledge of it, to finally get it. I think you understand what I’m saying.

    That nasty stomach curse, ugh. I had the shakes, then hot sweats. At one point, my finger tips were tingling and I thought I was going to pass out. It was SCARY.

    Thank you for bubbling and cheering by. Mwah!


  13. Okay, so I’ve totally been stared down and hissed at by a possum before – and I was SCARED. They are so dang ugly too – ick! It’s the one animal that totally creeps me out.

    I happen to think the photos of the blooms are pretty dang good! So pretty.

    Have a good weekend!


  14. Peggy Nolan

    Hi Angelia!

    I LOVE the pictures you took of the girls and of the first signs of spring in your backyard – absolutely stunning!



  15. My hubby had the same stomach thing earlier this week…followed my my daughter…followed by my son. It’s like a frickin’ ticking time bomb around here waiting for my turn. Hoping my body’s in fight mode and maybe, just maybe, I’ll manage to get by without it. Although, losing the instant 5-8 pounds wouldn’t be so horrible. =)


  16. Glad you’re feeling better and hopefully now Sydney is too. Those blossoms are gorgeous! And I am a fan of technology too, my five year old knows all to well how to surf the web and find pbskids.org.

    A possom.


    That’s funny. Those things are crazy!


  17. You are getting really good with your camera… those pink blooms are beautiful and i caught the bee in the second one… NICE πŸ™‚

    Wii Boxing is my favorite but i am NOT good at it…


  18. I’ve seen many possums and I have never seen one play dead, they were always mean and hissing.

    Loved that toothy smile! Those girls are just adorable!

    I tried to take some pics of the bees when they were all over the peach blossoms. I could never get a clear pic. You might think you need lessons, I say huh! I need lessons from you! That was a beautiful pic.

    Hope Syd gets well soon!


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