Thank you YouTube – Car Dancing Part Two

I hope you can view this. I can view it but am not sure how public it is. I originally made it private when the song continually got blanked out but now they have added the song tag. I linked my blog to youtube so hopefully that will work.

This is the full length version of our car dancing video clip featured on The Levity Project. The International video is listed in the below post or click here to watch it on YouTube.

If this shows as a private video – Please click


It will open a new window.

Disclaimers This video was filmed safely in the parking lot of UTA. No subjects were at risk. No traffic violations (that we know of). No danger of any kind unless you count when Sydney was driving. HA HA. Although we did in fact car dance ALL DAY at stop lights, shopping mall parking lots, and highways in honor of International car dancing day. Our actually filming was a reenactment.

If all else fails go to Youtube-angeliasims and become a subscriber. It should show up there. IF NOT, search angeliasims, then click on the blue highlight of my name. It should take you to a channel that plays it. Hey, I don’t know how it all works. Trust me it’s there. It’s worth it! At 3:46 in the video time when you see a little three year old doing the ROBOT. Oh yeah! ROFL!

I truly believe this will bring us great joy and laughter for YEARS to come. And who knows? Maybe we can do a video every year just to check our skills.

30 thoughts on “Thank you YouTube – Car Dancing Part Two

  1. Yay!!!!! :::: clap clap clap ::::: ::::: STANDING OVATION :::::

    That was excellent! I enjoyed that so much more than the levity clip (sorry levity). You guys rocked so hard, it must have been a mission just to untangle your hair afterwards! LOL! Gotta learn some of your moves…. Sydney’s robot, for sure! Hahahaha – love the high kicks too towards the end (darling lil daughter on the left of the car), and the mimed-violin move (for lack of a better description) of little daughter on the right side of the car.

    Did I mentioned I loved this? Well I did! Thanks for posting this. It played perfectly, btw.


  2. Jean!-You just made my DAY!! You have NO idea how HARD I’ve been trying to get this video uploaded WITH the song we JAMMED to. (wait yes you do I emailed you-anyways) TO FINALLY get it then, it shows PRIVATE. Ahhhh!

    But now it’s working. Somehow. Someway. I DID not give up! Yay! Yay! Yay!

    I am thrilled someone else enjoyed it as much as me. I truly thought it was a parent thing but I DIE LAUGHING watching it and I always catch something else when I watch it.

    Like I said, we have been training since LAST SUMMER go Team Car Dancing Arlington USA! Go Levity! I hope everyone laughs as much as we did – tangles and all.

    Thank you!


  3. suzicate

    Totally AWESOME…you guys ROCK!!!!!!! I so loved this. Thanks for sharing it. I liked the levity one but this one was even better.


  4. AGAIN…Thanks for sharing your silliness and levity!

    BTW… you will have an award on mine in the morning (or later tonight!)… Just in time to honor your dancing skillz!


  5. hehe thats so cute & looks like u guys have soo much fun! your girls are adorable! have a great week & thanks for stopping by!
    love, queen for the week 🙂


  6. Ohhh, my, but I LOVE it. Your house must be full of joy and laughter. I was pleasantly surprised to hear The Black Eyed Peas as your song of choice, because I was recently blessed to see them in concert. 🙂 Awesome video!

    Stopping in from SITS


  7. ok… around 2:38 when the song kicks it up a knotch and all the hair is flying around everywhere i was laughing out loud…

    i am afraid to ask this, but was Jason on the hood of your vehicle filming through the sunroof? really… now that’s a supportative man or whoever it was…

    that truly was really cool… i loved it…

    random thoughts from my head:
    1 – cute haircut 🙂
    2 – love the jeep, i have wanted one so bad… and somehow i wasn’t shocked when i saw you in it… looks like what i thought you would drive
    3 – i love that you had no reservations about the dancing, not sure that i would want my dance moves out on the internet for the world to see… uggghhh…
    4 – love me some Fergie…

    and… this is how my mind processes your name when it sees it written as “angeliasims”… i read it as “angela-isms”… funny, huh?… and i am glad i get to be a part of the “angela-isms” from “angeliasims”….


  8. When I first clicked over I thought, “What? How did I miss this?” Then I realized it is new. Good for you for sticking to it and loading it up for all of us to enjoy.

    I really enjoyed it. How fun. It it weren’t 12:30 am I would have cranked up the volume and danced along.

    It was great! Thank you so much for sharing.


  9. Seriously. I LOVE your daughters. Especially your oldest one. She was SO into it and she looked like she was having fun car dancing her patookis off with her mom. That’s awesome. When I was a teen girl the last people I wanted to be caught dancing with were my mom and brother (no worry about my dad, pretty sure he has danced since he was in preschool). I was moody and lacked confidence. Good for you that she doesn’t seem to be. And, I smiled all the way through, particularly during the robot part.


  10. Y’all crack me up! REally. What a fun life all of you are going to have together. Do you know what the song is that the Levity Project used for their video!!? Love watching all you together.


  11. You made me shed tears of joy! How lovely you all are! So happy, youthful, and free! You’re very creative, Sweet Lady! The girls are so blessed to have you to live, love, and laugh with – all their lives. Congrats!


  12. Suzicate-We were trying to ROCK it. Maybe we got a little carried away but HEY you know more than anyone how kids need to burn off excess energy. HA.

    Shayna-Happy to offer smiles. We had fun – too much fun if that’s possible.

    Much More Than Mommy-Oh! We were violating all right, complete with illegal butt turns and head motor swings. HA HA. Thank you!

    Peg-Thank you for the award! And the wonderful comment. I wish you could have met them too when you were here, but maybe October….. 😀

    Lance-Hey…all thanks go to you my friend! Thanks as always for welcoming me into these wonderful outreaching projects. We had a ball. A dancing ball! HA.

    motpg-We must be some kind of twinkies! I am not Mom of the Perpetually grounded BUT I am a MOM that WAS perpetually grounded as a teenager. LOL. Keep on dancing – car dancing is the best!

    Harriet-Hi Harriet! Thanks for passing by. Good luck on your thousand comments! WOW.

    el-All hail Queen of the week! Congrats and thanks for coming by. Enjoy your reign.

    The Drama Mama-LUCKY!! They were here too and a friend got to go. I bet that was a blast. Something about that song just makes you want to dance. Love the Peas!

    Joyful-So glad it brightened you day! Thanks for taking part with us!

    Glen-Oh man! That is an excellent idea! They can do ANYTHING in TV nowadays. Taking the show on the road, now THAT’S a great pun!! HA.

    Holly Ann-Jason was NOT on the hood. He was on the side step filming through the open roof. The car is actually HIS (well MINE too right?) and I LOVE IT. He just recently got it. Thank Van for my hair, she is a genius with the scissors! As for being out there on the internet. Well….what the heck! I LOVE FERGIE TOO! Angelia-isms. I LOVE IT. It almost makes me quirky. Woot! Thanks for the awesome comments. 🙂

    Foxy-You need to cut a rug AND a film! I’d love to see you boogie. The main global video had TWO people from Austin. You go girl!

    Terri-Thanks Terri! I think they are too. I still can’t believe they danced so well!

    Jennifer-HA. They were SHY when I met them. LOL.

    Doraz-I am so glad! Thank you! Thank you! I appreciate you watching and commenting from the road.

    Mindy-I sure hoped it would. It makes me laugh so hard. I just can’t imagine a more joyful way to exude life than through dance and play.

    Terre-Posting those back to back probably confused a lot of people, but that’s okay. I am SO GLAD you watched it and enjoyed in the late hour.

    parenting BY dummies-The oldest is mine and the two younger are my future step daughters. At 15, she is a neat kid. Very laid back, no worries, no drama. We have a TON of fun together and love to include the little ones. I know from your parenting stories you gained much confidence and you are an awesome parent! Thanks for coming by!

    Multiple Personalities-I am picturing a future OFFICE dancing video. I beat you rocked that cube! Thanks for watching and coming by.

    One of the Guys-We did. I was sore the next day. I am not KIDDING. All the arm jabbing and punching, I could barely lift them. HA.

    Elizabeth-I truly have NO IDEA. No clue where they get the gangsta from -well other than Sydney- but man oh man did they put on a show. We really got into it! LOL!

    Weezer-Thank you! We enjoy being together. Those girls are crazy about Sydney! It’s so cute. The song is “Guramayle” by Gigi.

    Lita-Part of the song says – “Livin’ Life, Feelin’ Free, that’s how it’s suppose to be. Come join my festivities, celebrate like Imma be.”
    I never understand words to the songs anymore, but when I actually heard that, I was like that’s it! Livin’ Life. Feelin’ Free. I hope they always do LOVE life. And BE who they are.

    Lynn-Yeah! We did our best!! Hey that is a lot of dough chickie! Thanks for letting me know. 🙂 Awesome.

    Bella Chica-Oh my girl! I can’t WAIT to meet you. You are going to have a blast. I sure hope you can hold that camera steady. 😉


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