Wordless Wednesday

Easter weekend

Coloring eggs with Anna

Never grow up

Just Dance, hoping these pics reveal the 5yr old’s secret for kicking our behinds at this game! Is it how she holds the remote? Hmmm…

Nothing says Easter pictures like basket over your head

The Cheshire kid. Whatever you want….you can have it.

I know! I’m a little wordy for wordless `sigggghhh` but please, one last thing, check out my post being featured at Real Bloggers United: The Blog. I am thrilled to be featured.

Real Bloggers United

52 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Thanks for stopping in. I love being a mom and I love it that kids make life fun!
    Congrats on moving on from your job too! I know that isn’t easy but it seems like you will be happy! Change can be hard but normally it’s better! at the very least it’s good for our minds to be challenged into a new endeavor.
    Oh, your kids are very adorable and great egg decorators!


    1. Bree-Thanks Bree! It is fun being a mom and living a loving life. I love it too!

      I am sure I will pick up the old job quickly. I like change. It always makes me learn so much more. It has never been a mistake, just as I will take many lessons with me from where I was at. 🙂


  2. That egg puts the ones we dyed to shame! Great pictures and there’s nothing wrong with not being wordless… I’m surprised I wrote as little as I did to my photo today.


  3. Hi Angelia, I love your pictures, very nice how you captured these pretty girls of you! I am just home from work, will read your RBU story tomorrow, okay? Have a wonderful da!


  4. Beautiful photos.
    Hey, you know what I wanted to ask you? How do you have such a great relationship with your oldest daughter? People and constantly telling me to enjoy my daughters now because when they are teens, they will hate me. I don’t think that is true. I have a wonderful bond with them, and I can see you definitely have a strong, loving bond with your children. Any advice?


    1. Jean-Thank you!

      You know…I heard that too. Over and over, and well, I was a HORRIBLE teenager. I was (have been) prepared for my daughter to turn into this MONSTER but….knock on wood….she is still fun, and cool, and she loves to hang out with me. I don’t know?? I have always been brutally honest with her about my life and my mistakes. She is (was) an only child so she was always different. Got along with adults. She is very laid back, no drama. Maybe it’s partly her personality and mine. Whatever the case, I am just real with her. I hope we continue this way. I still have a few years left though. 🙂


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