Beach Breath

Yeah, I got it. That’s what good clean beach air will do (two weeks in a row). Yeah!

This week you can find me training in Milwaukee, Wisconsin near Port Washington. Located about one mile from Lake Michigan. How sweet is that?

It is much colder than Texas, not that you could tell any of the natives that – wearing shorts and no jackets – but for me…. brrrrrrr. Especially at the lake. I now understand why they sit in their cars instead of on the actual beach. Ha.

But hey, the view from the car is just as nice. My iPhone pictures do not do the blue justice. It’s incredible!

The trip started out meeting my dear friend in person Mr. Lance of Jungle of Life blog. His entire family is adorable, sweet, and kind with just enough silly to keep lunch very interesting (Jakob) haha. The warm and inviting hospitality, and delicious meal (yeah Wisconsin bratwurst) inside their incredibly gorgeous home nestled in a cul-de-sac surrounded with trees, countryside, and good-sized yard. Nice! I traveled the back roads (totally my bad Lance) to get there. Turns out the back roads took me past picturesque farms. So pretty!

Driving from west Milwaukee back to Northwest Milwaukee and seeing the sights along the way (Miller Park stadium, Milwaukee zoo, and Olympic training site), I felt I really got to know the town. I haven’t met a single person that has been impolite. I love the beauty here. I love that spring is just starting and I get to see all the trees in bloom again.

My training has been great! I am really trying to focus and use the things I don’t know. There is a LOT that is very remedial for me but focusing on the new stuff is keeping me fresh. I am a believer in over training. It doesn’t hurt a company in any way. In the last two years, some new formats and procedures have been implemented (for the better). I am LOVING the new technology. Just blows me away. This company is so hi-tech and cutting edge, all for the sake of their clients, it makes me giddy.

My partner in crime, aka the other trainee, is from California. We have so many similarities it’s not even funny. We both have Nikon D3000 cameras, significant others named Jason, black labs, baseball fans, and about the same age. I am pretty sure I forgot half-dozen other coincidences. I love it!

Tomorrow I will meet another online friend, this one from many years ago (4). She and I were challenge buddies on ediets and have kept in touch. I can’t wait to see her in person after all this time. I really do wish I had brought my camera to capture the lake and all the meet ups!

I thought I would have more time in my hotel room to catch up on reading and writing, but not really, seems like the time is just flying by. I don’t get it. Where does it go? It couldn’t possibly be the TV (with cable) in my room front and center. Naaahh…. But I did catch the news for the first time in weeks months many, many months.

Sydney and Jason are surviving, or thriving, if you consider the movie date, Wal-Mart sushi feast, and then Jason getting a meal cooked for him by an almost sixteen year old tonight. Hey Sydney….neat-O-burrito!

I’m gonna wrap this non-post up. My blogster friends….I hope you are well. Please know I am thinking of you all. I appreciate your support during this transition time of travel.

42 thoughts on “Beach Breath

  1. Peggy Nolan

    How COOL! You got to meet Lance!

    (I get to meet Tess Marshall next month…so excited!)

    One day bloggie girlfriend…you and I shall meet!

    (Hubs is getting me a Nikon D90 – my old tamron lenses fit that body – so excited – I’ll be bringing it to Utah and hope to capture the bigness, boldness, and sheer creativty of mother earth!)


    1. Peggy-It was AWESOME! They are so fun. You would love his wife and kids just as much as him!

      Meeting Tess will be a dream! How wonderful. I LOVE THE NIKON D90. LUCKY! LUCKY! That will take some great shots! I can’t wait to see.


    1. Shayna-LOL. True. Man there was some fuzzy wuzzy frames huh? Glad they came such a long way!
      The flip flops on the beach in Padre was an iPhone picture too. Most people think it was taken with my Nikon. LOL.


  2. Hey Angelia!!

    So, so awesome to meet you IN PERSON!!! And you know what – I should have gotten a picture (or three!)! Okay – next time!!! And – my kids all read this. Bekah seems to think she’s the “adorable” part!!!

    And hey!! You took the scenic route!!

    Anyway, really glad to hear your Wisconsin experience is all positive!! And – the lake photos look wonderful! (I need to get down there more often!).

    Have fun the rest of this week!!!! (…and I’m getting the shorts our after work and going for a bike ride!!!)

    And to Peggy – very cool that you will be meeting Tess!!

    Isn’t it awesome when the online goes offline!!!!


    1. Lance-HA. She is definitely adorable so don’t LOSE her! LOL.

      I’ve been told the lake is extra nice due to the wonderful weather. I also got more time around Bayshore. What a NEAT, NEAT place. I didn’t know there was a big inside part too. 😀

      Hope that bike ride was fun!!! Definitely get pics next time. SO GREAT TO MEET YOU! I love your precious family!


  3. Lori Schmidt Lutze

    I’m out of town this week or I’d meet up with you—-I live in Milwaukee! And so does Joyce!! In the summer, that is. What job have you taken? Will you continue to blog? xo


    1. Lori-GET OUT!!! How cool is that?? I love MILWAUKEE!!! I am working the same kind of job it’s just with a different company, one I actually worked at before. Their headquarters is in Milwaukee. GOOD PEOPLE HERE!

      So yes, I’ll still be blogging. I am working 9-6pm. I bet summer is amazing here! Lucky, lucky for you both!! I’m sorry I missed you!


    1. Mindy-Bummer!!! I am wishing you much sunshine and hope it clears the stench. It was raining in South Padre when I left, then raining in Dallas when I left, and now it’s supposed to rain here the day I leave! HA. I just keep dodging it. Now that’s lucky!


  4. It’s very cool that you’re meeting some blogging/online friends. It’s always interesting to meet someone who you’ve had a “relationship” with, but don’t really know.

    Now that’s “A TRIP!”



  5. Go Angelia go, sounds you are lapping it up. Oh New Zealand is a wonderful place but a bit far to meet up with blogging buddies. Oh I wish we hurried up with enlightenment and can introduce tele-transportation. Although that might not be good for the travel industry. Drat!
    xox Wilma


  6. Gosh I’ve always wanted to go to Wisconsin ever since I was a little girl and watched Happy Days…seriously. Yes, I know I’m weird. And hearing you recount the fun you’ve had on your trip has rekindled that strange little want of mine!


  7. beautiful photos! I grew up on the Long Island Sound, and there is just something about the water that makes me so happy.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope you enjoy the weekend!


  8. Hey, Angelia. You’ve had some adventures since I checked on you the last time. What a wonderful trip. Wisconsin? Isn’t that like, up north somewhere? North of Georgia, anyway. Just to say it….Wisconsin…sounds cold.
    I love the beach. You should venture east sometime and try out coastal Georgia and South Carolina.
    How are the wedding plans coming along? Just over 5 months, right?
    I’ve missed being on the blogging circuit, but hopefully I’m back.
    Take care. I’ve missed checking in.


  9. Thanks for sharing. Advid beach lover myself.

    I always thought it would be cool to meet one of my online friends. I really need to do that. I’d love to hang with Jean from Jean has been shopping.


  10. Hey there fellow Texan! Lake Michigan is beautiful:) Cold too! I hope you enjoyed being there and enjoy the new position you have! Congrats on that:) Glad you were in front of me at SITS today.


  11. As a native Wisconsinite, I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂 It’s springy now, but will get miserable in about a month.

    Stopping by from SITS 🙂


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