Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms; young and old, new and experienced, with and without child.

I hope today more than any other you know you how important you are. How precious you are to the family. How precious you are to life itself. How beautiful it is to see a mother with their child.

The Church I attend has all the Moms stand up, then everyone claps. And claps. And claps. At that point it gets a little uncomfortable….oh gosh is that for little ol’ me? But as the clapping continues – louder and stronger – something happens that makes moms stand a little taller. Pride. Not only is that for me, I deserve that. Our jobs are so hard, some days, even impossible. THEN, the clapping goes on and it just bubbles up joy and laughter. Pretty soon, we are all enjoying it, looking at other Moms with smiles, cheers, and waves. Dancing just a little because guess what? They are still clapping.

I hope every Mom feels that honor today. Maybe it’s  not clapping, but lunch, or a card, even flowers. Maybe it’s something from a child made especially for you. And maybe it’s just having that child to hug or one you are waiting to hug in heaven.

I lost six pregnancies. From age 21 to age 35. I will always wonder what it would be like to have them. Always. Today more than any other day. Maybe you can’t have children. Not even one. Today, I hope someone reaches out in kindness. I hope you can hug your mom, your grandma, or a special niece or nephew. Just know you are not forgotten.

I also want to recognize all the Moms out there that choose motherhood; an adopted child, a blended family, a foster parent. You choose the possibility that one day that child will say, “You’re not my Mom.”
But you love them anyway, you endure the unendurable, because your heart doesn’t stop beating – no matter how many times it’s stomped on. I hope today you reap rewards for those deeds that many parents can not even comprehend. You are so very special.

Give yourself a hand, lift your head in honor. Let your heart do the smiling.  Stand and enjoy the honor you so richly deserve – today and always.

Happy Mother’s Day! I’m clapping for you!

Tomorrow, I am guest posting a childhood story from my Mom. You don’t want to miss it. Be sure to come back for the link.

41 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

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  2. This was beautifully written Angelia! Thanks for making me “tear up” on Mother’s Day! I hope you have an incredible day and that you are big time spoiled! Miss you lots!!


  3. Todd Crabtree

    Each one of your posts this week has been awesome. You are so blessed with the talent to express yourself to your daughter and to moms everywhere!


  4. Angelia,
    Happy Mother’s Day to YOU!! I happen to think you are a shining and bright MOM, and give so much of yourself to those around you! Have a beautiful day, sweet friend!


  5. I got a little teary because my mom is miles away and she went to church without me today. They did the same thing and I’m sad not to be with her but glad that she had a good day and was recognized. I hope she felt like you described. 🙂


  6. Oh Angelia, what a lovely gesture to clap for all the moms in church. Moms are a strange phenomenon really, you can be a bio mom and you can be an universal mom, which means being a woman who is always caring and love in action to make the world a better place. Yes motherhood deserves acknowledgment, it is what the world needs today.
    Happy happy mothers day to you, you are such a caring compassionate woman, not only to Sydney but to everybody you meet. xox Wilma


    1. Wilma-What a kind comment. I don’t even know what to say. Thank you doesn’t seem enough. Your words are always straight to the heart. You are a very dear person that I am honored to know. Thank you!


    1. Much More Than Mommy-There is nothing better than seeing people pray for your guidance, love, and care as a mother. Personally, I need all the help I can get and it is a wonderful experience. Hope you had a blessed day!


  7. I truly loved this post. One of your best ones because I felt sort of like it was talking to me and reminding me of what it really means to be a mom…and that is…it’s all about the love! Superb post!



    1. Avery-Thank you. I wasn’t planning on writing a post yesterday. That tells me it was meant to be written. I hope it touches many moms and women all around. I appreciate your wonderful comment.


  8. Your an amazing woman! You deserve the best! I can’t imagine losing that many babies! I lost one, had another and then decided two completed me and I could not be more grateful, thankful, blessed as I’m sure you are:) xoxo


  9. You know, I have no idea where my life will end up… whether I’ll actually be able to have actual children or not. But I am the mother to two fur babies and their survival depends on me. So thanks for saying what you did. 🙂

    Hope you had a fantastic day, friend. You so deserve it.


  10. So lovely!

    I was one who was never blessed with giving birth, but was blessed with step children and grandkids. I treasure them as if I had gone through childbirth. They are all precious to me.


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