Unedited Garden

If you look, close you can see the spider webs. The little bits of homes embedded in growing life. Isn’t that how we all live?

Sun capped green

Perfectly imperfect

Photos-by Angelia Sims

Until you make peace with who you are, you’ll never be content with what you have.

-Doris Mortman

41 thoughts on “Unedited Garden

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  2. “Until you make peace with who you are, you’ll never be content with what you have”

    So many miss what is right in front of their eyes due to worry about getting there to gain things so to say, very nice pictures.

    Thank You for sharing


    1. Jimmy – I am reminded of my constant desire to lose weight and be in better shape. At one time I was in the BEST of shapes. Great weight, ran a half marathon and guess what? I still thought I wasn’t perfect enough, so yeah, I missed it. That won’t happen again.


  3. it took me a minute…but i found them…beautiful..when my son was 7 he had a pet spider named bruce….very interesting an unappreciated creatures….bruce is buried in our yard to this day…he is greatly missed…



  4. Angelia,

    You have captured a basic truth in human existence. We must accept who we are, foibles and all. Each of us have imperfections. We need to accept our “pimples” as well as the perfections. It does not matter whether one outnumbers the other. Accepting who we are leads to who we will be.

    With your words and photos you demonstrate this lesson.

    Thank you..


    1. Judie – Thanks! I’m still learning photography (or practicing). I enjoy the view through the lens. At first glance, I thought – oh no! – it’s got a spider web and some of the pedals are bent. Then, I looked and saw the beauty in that imperfection and it astounded me. It is a beautiful flower because it’s raw. So are you my friend.


  5. Yes! This is how we should live.

    Of course, I draw the line with spider nests in my car. (I have them) I don’t like to have jumping black spiders on my head while driving home from a late night gig. It’s a bit alarming.


  6. Nature has gifted us with one big beautiful garden Angelia, much of which has been edited madly. The simple dandelion is quite a nice looking little flower but we have vigorously dug them out or applied weed killer on them. There is a trend towards replacing lawns with trees, shrubs and flowers which I really like and I think will become very popular.


    1. Ken – You know that is so true. People edit their gardens to their preference. I was once at a garden store when I first began my gardening adventure. I asked the guy how to tell if it was a weed or a flower and you know what he said? All flowers are weeds. It’s the ones we like that we call a flower, and the ones we don’t, we call a weed.

      I thought that was brilliant!

      The yellow flowers I planted last year with Zinnias. They died at seasons end. Since they are annuals they are not expected to return. But they did, and so did the Zinnias. They came up voluntary completely unedited. πŸ™‚
      My favorite kind of flowers. Over-comers.


  7. My back is against the wall today. I know it is time to bring the past into my story, but I don’t know how without exposing the “raw,” as you so aptly put it. Thank you, Angelia.


    1. Judie – It’s your story. You can bring to light what you want, or need, or even just a skim of it. I think we would all understand if you didn’t want to share. And if you do, we will all be there to support you. I am very open about my stories and the encouragement from others has only gone on to help me learn in life and relate to others. I am sure your story is just as powerful. Sending good thoughts your way.


  8. Excellent depict of life, and nature’s meaning into who who we truly are. Beautiful photographs as they are. πŸ™‚ Unedited is always the most realistic, showing the path of truth.


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