Belles of the Bride

Belles of the bride……not sure who stole the show more. Bridget – a living princess doll flower girl. Or Chelsea – the belle of the show. She took a bow before the recessional that gave us all a laugh.

Beautiful wedding. I am so happy for this family. The photographs say it all.

21 thoughts on “Belles of the Bride

  1. So THIS is the happy couple. You’ve brought me to tears again with these photos that are bursting with joyful delight.

    I especially love the one with the beautiful bride, your mom (I’m guessing)–they having thrilling looks of victory on their faces, and the lovely little flower girl (I’m thinking, Bridget–and both little girls are completely adorable).

    Thanks for sharing this with us.


  2. I must say that I am really happy you have your camera. What a wonderful pictures of beautiful people and thank you for sharing these real life ‘we live happily ever after’ stories. It can happen and those images are worth gold, they tell about possibilities, about grace and about joy more than anything.
    Bless you and your sister. xox Wilma


  3. What sweet pictures! I know the little girls were excited to be a part of day. It is something they will always remember.

    Deedy and Roger are certainly a handsome couple. I predict a long and happy union.


  4. You sure do know how to capture those precious moments. 🙂 I remember when all of this first started with your new camera. You are amazing. What a talent. Keep it going strong. 🙂 I am going to be playing catch up. lol


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