Today is a big day

Thoughts have swirled around in my head about what to write for today.

Do I tell you about my Dad(s)? Gary and Carl. One biological, one by marriage; both showered me with all the love and care a girl could hope for.

Do I tell you how today is the first anniversary of my blog? The sad, shocking beginning that turned into the best thing that could have ever happened to me.

Or do I tell you about all my firsts on Father’s Day? The first time I ever visited a Church and liked it (3 yrs ago). The first time Jason told me he loved me (2 yrs ago). The first time I had a Father’s Day with no living Father (today).

Now you can see why this is probably one of the hardest posts to write. How do I celebrate the sheer joy and accomplishment of blogging, but also honor the two men that changed my life? Two men who are no longer here. Two men that departed way too soon. All my Father’s are in heaven now. I can’t hug them, or mail a card. I can only fill my heart with gratitude for being blessed by their presence in my life.

In a way, this is all connected. My blog. My Dads. Their life and death. I wrote about my step dad when I first starting blogging, One year later, A Father’s Love. I wanted everyone to know, there are GOOD step parents out there. Ones that truly love you, like you are their own. Ones that add to your life. So much about me reflects my step dad. My love of computers, my compassion for the disabled, and my desire to always live life to the fullest, despite the hand you are dealt. Writing his story was deeply touching and healing for me.

In the same first blog year that I remembered my step dad, I said good-bye to my real one – Good-bye Dad. I haven’t wrote the story about seeing him for the last time. Not really, but I will. I wrote a blog post within hours of his passing. It was the most therapeutic thing I could have done. He was a FUN Dad. He made me laugh. His death has been much harder for me. He wanted to be cremated. There is no grave. I know he wouldn’t be in that grave. I do. I guess I just wanted a place to visit and tell him what was going on, like I do with my step dad.

What’s weird about that is yesterday I realized…I DO have a place. The park by Jason’s house is FULL of wild life, and every bike ride I take, I see an animal. Some creature great, or small crosses my path. My Dad LOVED animals. He wanted to be a park ranger. I remember weekends at his house when I would look at ALL the books he had on wildlife. He even sent me a magazine subscription on animals every year when I was little. I realized, this is where he is for me, and why I love it so much. I see a bobcat and think….Dad would flip to see that (he had a stuffed one – no lie). I see a Red-tail Hawk in flight, and there is Dad forefront in my mind watching it soar with me. He is in that place, in that park, and it only took two bobcats, a snake, and a lizard to convince me of it (ha).

My year of blogging hasn’t just told stories, but I’ve met friends. I was even lucky enough to meet them in person. Take a look.


From – Square Peg in a Round Hole. She is a delight and her blog is a delight, plus she had a friend with her named, Angelia. I kid you not. Pronounced Angela but still…..that’s pretty cool in my book.

Christy and Aiden.

From – Tales of the Toot. She is an incredible woman of faith and strength. It was an honor to meet them both.


From – Jungle of Life. I know Lance and his family are here to put a smile on your heart. They are just huge joy and I am so glad our paths crossed and we met in person. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any “live” pics (this time). You must check out his Sunday posts. They are divinely inspiring. Happy Father’s Day, Lance.

Lastly, I haven’t met her YET, but come this October, I will. I found my wedding photographer – right here in my first year of blogging. She visited my blog and that’s how we met.


From – Bella Lucia Photography. Check out her blog and her pictures and tell me she is not mad talented. I can’t WAIT to hug her neck in person. I hope she doesn’t mind I borrowed her pic to showcase her.

I must thank Jason most of all, for coming into my life, and gifting me such wonderful things to blog about. For being my supporter, my subscriber, and even a commenter now and again. Without him, I would have never found this place, and never created this blog of memories, I so dearly love. I am very, very happy to see how far I have come, and how long I have accomplished blogging. What a great feeling. I wouldn’t trade a minute.

So thank you readers, bloggers, and friends, for sharing this first anniversary with me. Happy Father’s Day to you. Embrace all the love you can hold; hug a Dad today…..for me.

36 thoughts on “Today is a big day

  1. Happy Blog Anniversary Angelia!
    Both of your Dads sound like wonderful people. You are truly blessed to have had them in your life. I’m in the middle of a lot of dad memories too. It is only a couple of weeks until the anniversary of when I lost mine. But you are right, we can find them within the things they loved.


    1. Motpg-Father’s Day was tough last year. My first without one of my Dads. I know this year will be tough too, but we plan on filling it with many HAPPY memories (and more firsts!).

      Thinking of you!


  2. blissbait

    OH, Beautiful Angelia. Again, You pour out Your heart amazingly. I send You many smiles and Hugs for All this day holds for You and Yours. I’m SOOOOO happy You blog. You are a brightspot on the planet, to be sure!!! Thank You for ALL You give. Big Hugs and Namaste. 🙂


  3. Congrats on your year one of blogging Angelia, like life it is full of joy, heartache, pain, hope, respect and friendship and like life it is truly worth it.

    I have enjoyed getting to know you and look forward to more wonderful posts from you.


  4. Happy Blogiversary!!!! We’re both 1!!! Mine was in April tho…so not to far apart!!

    Thank you for noting that there ARE good step-parents out there!! I can only pray my stepson has wonderful things to say about me one day!! Some day….


  5. Happy blog-anniversary! 🙂

    It IS therapeutic to write things down & gratifying to have reviews on the posts 🙂 I enjoy yours!

    Happy father’s day, and even if they are not here physically, I’m sure they know you are thinking of them 🙂


  6. Angelia-congratulations on reaching this milestone in your blogging career. With two wonderful Dads like that, it’s easy to understand how you came to be the warm, loving, happy person you are. Your posts are always so rich and full of feeling.


  7. Congratulations on a great year of blogging.

    You were lucky to have two wonderful dads.

    I’ve been on the opposite side of the equation. I was a “stepdad” to my ex-girlfriend’s son, starting at age 5. His biological dad and I became friends and he trusted me to give him the real scoop when he called from out of state. He’s 28 now and lives near me, and my young kids consider him to be their big brother. His mom and my wife are actually friends too.

    It’s funny how it all works out. Weird!

    I’ve enjoyed being part of your community.


  8. What a blessing you have been to me with your blog. congratulations on the one-year milestone.
    I thought of you yesterday and your Father situation.
    What a great thing it must be to be able to meet blogger friends face to face. A real colliding of two worlds!
    I cherish your words on your blog and look forward to not only your writings, but the emotion in your photography.
    Thank you for sharing your inner-most self. It puts perspective on so many things that others live through.


  9. Congratulations on your anniversary! And what a wonderful tribute to your dads.

    Thank you, Angelia, for all the kind words and support you have given me over the last 6 weeks. You are a very special woman, and we all know how you got that way!



  10. Angelia,
    Such a meaningful day for you – and in so many ways. Know that first of all, I’m sending out a virtual hug to you, as this day (yesterday) was one of both heartache and of great joy.

    What I’m touched by so deeply – is your gift of truly sharing from your heart. And in that – I connect with you…right here in this place. And deeply….

    May all the animals you see frolicking in nature be a reminder of your father’s love. And may you and Jason just continue to grow in love for each other…

    Angelia, it was a complete joy to meet you earlier this spring! And so wonderful to take what’s been in writing and share an even more personal connection from that…

    Big hugs,


  11. This is a very touching post. The Bear’s stepdad is great – we love him. I only have the one dad and I’m so glad to have him. I love him. I’m sad he’s on another continent, but glad I can still talk to him.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  12. You did an awesome job celebrating everything that is special and needs to be recognized. CONGRATS to you all for the love and support you share. 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful time with blogging….for a loooong time. 🙂


  13. Wow, it’s totally understandable, the myriad emotions that must be flowing through you right now. I love that you found a special place to remember your dad, and that you are able to focus on recalling the blessing in your life that was made by both of your dad’s. And a very happy first year of blogging to you!


  14. Each and every one of your comments have truly touched my heart. As many times as I thought about letting go of blogging, I held on because of your time and gratitude in responding to what I wrote. That you offer your support to me and make me feel so incredibly special.

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

    Thank you for sharing this special poignant day of celebration to all Dads here and gone, plus my very beautiful benchmark in blogging.

    It wouldn’t have been possible without all of you. You are the heartbeat of my blog. I am humbly and deeply grateful.


  15. Happy BlogAversary Angelia!! You have such a testament to your fathers and the love just radiates through your writing. I hope that one day I can write about the loss of my mother & the day that I lost her…


  16. It is so great that you had such good dads. I love how the park has become your place to reflect on your dad, that is wonderful that you can have that.

    Congrats on your anniversary!


  17. First, happy Blogaversary. I was so touched by this piece and by your honest, heartfelt love for the fathers you lost and the friends you’ve gained. I’m glad the writing process has been healing for you. Great, great writing. 🙂


  18. Angelia, the year of firsts was only bearable because of blogging for me also. It gave me the outlet I needed to get past myself, to immerse my hours in something positive and to be able to make online friends was a gift that truly kept me going for months after my father was gone! I lost my Daddy on June 21st, 2009 at 4:30am on Father’s Day. The hardest thing to get through so far was my own birthday on June 3rd, the first one without my Dad there in my whole life! I was Daddy’s little girl from the time conceived to the day he passed on and miss him very much. I read this post of yours with tears on my face and at times laughter. Thankful that you found your way this year to be able to do the wonderful loving post to remember your Dad’s, they were lucky to have you as a daughter just as you were blessed with them…

    Jackie B
    jackie b central texas


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