Blog no Evil

Says the three wise monkeys.

Mizaru and Sydney.

Okay, they really say, “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.” The embodiment of a proverbial principle to live by. A fourth monkey, not depicted, but sometimes seen crossing his arms, “do no evil”.

The main meaning of these is not, “no monkey business”. But rather, be of good mind, good spirit, and action. Speak with good intentions. Since we are in the blogworld, I could go as far as saying, “blog no evil”, and pen that phrase. Heh. I’ll let you find the monkey.

“My task—which I am trying to achieve—is by the power of the written word to make you hear, to make you feel. It is, before all, to make you see.”

-Joseph Conrad

My writing is not to tear someone down, or call someone out. My writing is to help others see and feel good things. Maybe within yourself, or maybe within your life. That said, I am not a life coach, nor do I have any professional experience. No studies in psychology. I just love people. I love our differences, and how we can pull together to rally for someone who needs encouragement, or prayer. How we can celebrate those differences; in terms of life style, culture, or country.

My purpose is to always find the blessing and to speak from the heart. I may not always say the right things, or live the right way, but I do try. Many, many years I lived in a dark place. It was the closest to evil I have ever been, and until you’ve seen it, felt it, and lived it – it’s hard to understand the good. The true good of spirit and life. I feel like I have glimpsed the dark side, and that enables me to see the light in a different way.

But I fail.

We all fail.

Hopefully, you have someone to brush you off when you do. When I get down, or discouraged, it’s really nice to know you are there. I appreciate you all so much.

Whatever place you are in right now, I hope you find that bit of peace to know there is good in the world, despite all the evil. Someone loves you, every part of you, good and bad.

My pledge is to blog no evil, and write of only positive, honest life. Life being lived with the best of intentions, and life being learned, for how else are we supposed to grow. Life in the past and in the present. Even in the worst of times, I can usually see the good.

Will I succeed? Maybe not, but it’s something to live by blog by.

If all else fails, I’ll just stick my finger in the monkey’s mouth, like Bridget did in the back. That’ll show em’! Haha

27 thoughts on “Blog no Evil

  1. I always see you as someone positive, someone loving and supportive. You certainly have been part of my support system. If the world had no evil in it, it would be great, but would we appreciate the good we have?


  2. Hi Angelia – I think so many of us in this blogging world have been to the dark places you refer to and have found blogging a safe haven and a place from which to grow back towards the light.

    You always write so positively and so if your pledge is to write positively and honestly then you have more than succeeded in that goal.


  3. I like that you put ‘positive’ and ‘honest life’ together. There is a way of looking at things critically that can also be uplifting. I think real integrity involves being vulnerable enough to admit our ‘dark side,’ but also kind enough to not drag others into the shadows. THAT can take a lifetime to master, especially for those of us who love a little company in our misery. Guess there’s a time and place for that (journaling, even the Bible has plenty of dark thought and poetry). I think even blogging can be an outlet for these things if set up tactfully.

    Love your pledge–that shows character. It’s a whole lot easier to fall in a pit than it is to climb mountains–but the mountain climber can see what no one else can.


  4. Yogasavy

    Angelia we must have been on the same path. I just wrote something on words and the power it has.
    You write from your heart and that is what makes it beautiful and inspiring.


  5. You do strike me as a positive and really joyful person. Everone has their dark days. I get a little grumpy in summer and I’m sure that shows in my blog but I do try to find the “lighter side” as well. It’s what gets us through.


  6. What a beautiful post – I love it. I know that I always feel good after posting something positive. And not good after posting something less than positive. I’ve thought about having a “mission statement” (god I hate that term, I have to think of a better tem) for my blogging, that drives my writing. Something I can think of before I post. You know, ask myself whether or not this piece of writing is true to what I’m trying to accomplish with my writing. Thanks for this lovely post.


  7. Your posts and all the comments I’ve seen you make on various blogs reveals a happy person deeply in love with life. We all have our angry thoughts at times, but as long as we don’t translate them into action they do no harm. Personally, I can’t see the point in being gloomy or cynical It’s still better to light a candle than curse the darkness.


  8. Nice Post Angelia,

    I try to not blog evil but if I ever did you would point it out for me wouldn’t you 🙂

    I am so pleased to have found you and am enjoying getting to know you and your family through your blog, you are on my list of must reads but you already knew that huh.


  9. I think I need a ‘blog no evil’ button. I’m kept in check by how many people in my family and from my church that are able to read mine, but sometimes I sure want to let loose. But what’s better in the long run, that’s what I have to remember. ❤


  10. Great post…wish I could always be as positive as you are…thank goodness, my blog is on food and I can still vent holding tightly to a towel in the bathroom…come visit when you can, SITSta! Happy Friday!


  11. Good morning, Angelia. Love the monkeys. My three daughters adopted them as their own when they were little…..and were replaced by the PowerPuff girls later on.
    Your blog always brings a smile to my face. You are forthright in your words and still maintain your spirit. Thank you for being here. I cherish our ‘blog-ship’.


  12. blissbait

    Hey Angel Woman! There’s a reason I call You Angel Woman, You know. And the fact that Your name is Angelia is not a big part of it! 🙂 You just drip, exude, and shower LOVE and CHEERS all over this place. Your intention has always been crystal clear to me! If a trespass has been perceived by someone (it’s ALL in our perception/projection anyway, if You ask me) I’m sure it will wash over….find a loving understanding/resolution. It couldn’t help but do that with You in the mix! I send Much Love and Many Thanks for Your open heart. Big Hugs and Cheers and Namaste. 🙂


  13. Your positive outlook on life will help pull you through “those” moments. 🙂 Keep us smiling and laughing. I think that you do a great job here. 🙂 Happy Friday. 🙂


  14. How refreshing and blessed to come across your blog (via SITS, where I’m 2-days new!)… I’ve seen waaaaaay too many with profanity and trash and all that. Thank you for being uplifting and good and blogging no evil. Have a great weekend! I’ll be back to visit! {hugz}


  15. I love your sentiment here. I think so many people will do anything to get a laugh, and that can be a slippery slope.

    Not only do you try to be positive and upbeat, your posts are always interesting. Nice work.

    Funny picture!


  16. I feel like I have glimpsed the dark side, and that enables me to see the light in a different way.

    I can relate to that. To have experienced evil, makes me appreciate the better side of life. I was going to post my chapters of Cassie’s Story but thought it to be to dark for my readers, kind of like blogging evil. I just can’t do it.


  17. This is a beautiful post. It is important to think positive, and find the good in all things.
    However, there will still be moments when you see evil, or have disappointment, or just feel yucky. If you don’t want to share those on your blog, that is fine. Keeping this upbeat is a beautiful thing for you to do for others. Just make sure you share the negative in your life with someone. Sharing the burden makes the load so much lighter.
    We have almost the same “title” for our blog. Living, Loving, Laughing… I just added “Learning” to mine because life is constant learning. Both the book kind, and the emotional kind. I have learned that I can’t stay positive all by myself – I use to try. Now I know I have to have help from those who love me.


  18. Good for you!! I just did a post on how we have to chase, search, seek, and follow after God and His will, and this definitely includes chasing after positive!!
    Proverbs 11:27 – If you search for good, you will find God’s favor; if you search for evil you will find his curse.


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