Disneyland Dads

Ah, every other weekend something magical happens. Dad’s house transforms into a Disneyland adventure. Where fun abounds, and around every corner is something new. Something that spurs a spewing of laughter, tickling, and pursuit of joy. Anything could happen at Dad’s, any place could happen. Hold on tight…..looks we’re in for a ride through the safari of couch land.

Giddy-up Daddy!

Then, in a race around the world, in perfect place and poise. Two racers fight to the end. Who will end up princess of the hill? Who will get the gold?

Just don’t forget, win or lose, after every race, and every ride, and every new adventure…

There’s ice cream – squeeeeee!

I know Dad’s is supposed to be normal, but I contest. When you see your children overnight 4 times in 30-31days. It’s a party. EVERY time. It’s not on purpose. It just happens.

Okay, THIS was a party.

And this was too.

Tomorrow will be another party to celebrate Bridget’s upcoming number FOUR birthday! All the cousins will be here, grandma and grandpa, some Church friends, and even a neighborhood friend from their Mom’s house. It will be another Disneyland day. With a castle bounce house, the water slide, and even a medium size blow up pool. I love summer parties, but then again, I’m a summer baby too.

And today is date day. Jason and I have talked about taking each girl on our own for a mini “date”. That gives them each one on one time with their Dad. I get one on one time too. It’s a win, win.

Molly and I are going to see this guy.

I think there will be popcorn.

I think she needs her own bag. Ha.

Daddy and Bridget are going on their date today as well. Bridget picked the place. She did not hesitate at all.

I’m not sure who was more excited.

I do feel bad I will miss it. I REALLY love playing Deal or No Deal and winning the case with the most tickets!

But have no doubt, I love me some movie time, and I LOVE Disneyland Dads!

Happy Weekend everyone!

26 thoughts on “Disneyland Dads

  1. This post is as warm and inviting as a summer day! Your pictures are sooooo happy! Will you invite me to the birthday party? I promise to be good and not eat too much cake, or talk with my mouth full.



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  3. Oh what fun it is to slide! Wheeeeee! Okay, so I love the slide thing, LOL! Well, I’m only thinking of my grandkids. :p

    Mini dates, what a very fun idea!

    Have an awesome week! 😀


  4. Hope your ankle is faring well and not requiring medical attn!!! Sounds like a FUN weekend was had by all! We do the divide and conquer thing with our kids….I really do enjoy spending time with just one at a time…its so special!


  5. I can always tell by your writing how much you truly love Jason’s girls. I guess I should say YOUR girls because now they truly are even if you aren’t married yet. All step families should use you guys as an example. You need to be the poster children for blended families! I love you guys!


  6. I always loved it when the kids were around 🙂

    Looks like you are making the most of your time with the kids, now I said you girls shouldn’t be fighting over the popcorn and getting your own bag will only take the fun out of sharing, I Love win/win with the kids.

    Loved the Post


  7. I am so thankful that hubby and I have full-time custody of our three kids. It would just break my heart to be away from my kids. I know the parent with custody probably hates that they get to come to your house and just have fun but what else are you supposed to do.

    Have you guys thought about trying to move to a split custody agreement or is that not possible?


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