Shy Baby Chubba Cheeks

Two summers ago, these two little girls came unexpectedly into my life. Unexpected because I did NOT want to date anyone who had children. Not because of the children, I love kids. It’s the other parent I have problems with and that messy situation is a little too much, so I thought. There’s plenty of single childless men in the sea, right?

But…….the man upstairs had other plans (and isn’t that JUST what I get for thinking that?).

I am glad he knows better than I, because what I would have missed……. here they come two big-eyed dark headed shy little girls into my heart. I met Molly before Bridget and talked about it in her birthday post here.

I met Bridget a few days after her 2nd birthday, July 4th. It was in the garage. Jason had pulled the Commander in and was getting them out of the car. She was clinging to her daddy like a little monkey. Her head on his big shoulder, her arms tight around him. All I could see were those chubba cheeks with pigtails.

Bridget on the right, at almost two years old.

She didn’t smile. She didn’t laugh, just ducked her head not looking at me. But oh! She was precious. She was a BABY. I couldn’t believe how little she was. I, like any normal person, wanted to squeeze her to death, and pinch her little cheeks. But she would have none of me. That’s okay. One thing I am, is VERY patient.

We trekked to a ridge in Fort Worth to set up chairs to watch fireworks, since Dad had three chairs, a blanket, and a cooler to tote. Guess who got her hands on chubba cheeks? Squeee!

Up we went and got settled. She wasn’t so afraid of me after that. She sat in the chair next to me and stuffed her little chubba cheeks with peanuts. Fascinating how many they could hold.

We had a good time and she even let me carry her down the hill back to the car. But let me tell you something. Steep hill + flip-flops + child in arms + plus four-year old child in hand = FALL.

Yep, I fell. She cried, and really didn’t want much to do with me after that. Can you blame her?

She stayed Daddy’s girl for a long, long time….

Until I was safe…..and she was sure I was safe, ha!

I think it was October 2009 when our breakthrough occurred. She let me carry her after the State Fair, and she would NOT go to Daddy, or let him hold her. Only me. I had arrived in shy baby’s world.

Today, life with her is amazing. She is the kindest, sweetest baby girl. She gives the best hugs, the best cheesy grins, and she will pat and rub to her heart’s content as she lays her head down in comfort next to mine.

Shy baby chubba chubba cheeks, how I adore you. Your smile lights my world and your heart sings the sweetest song to mine.

Happy, Happy Fourth Birthday! My how you have grown into a BEAUTIFUL little girl.

35 thoughts on “Shy Baby Chubba Cheeks

  1. What a precious little thing she is. And how lucky she also is, having such a wonderful stepmom. Have a wonderful birthday with her and the rest of your big family!


  2. What a precious nickname!! My Mol is in that stage right now, and the cheeks are just so killer at that stage! How wonderful that you both came into eachothers lives…it looks like you both have benefited so much from eachothers love!


  3. Oh Ange, she IS absolutely adorbly beautiful!! I wanna squeeze her a little too!!

    We should consider breakfast this Sunday if you and the family are gonna be around. Or just you, or you and Syd, whatever you want. Send me a message on my FB page….or better yet, my phone number is listed on my info page. I’d love to meet up for some chit chat!! ❤


  4. Oh, those cheeks! Don’t you just want to squeeze them? And that tiara! She deserves it. And you deserve hugs and kisses for being such a wonderful step parent!


  5. You stopped by my blog and left a comment – THANK YOU!! I LOVE comments. I read your most recent post. How wonderful. I tend to get attached easily to the children and that is always hard. I kind of feel the same way you did. So happy for you happy. You have 3 beautiful girls.


  6. Happy Birthday, Bridget! She really does have ADORABLE ‘chubba chubba cheeks.’ You sure are blessed to have each other to share life’s journey. Looking forward to following along with you 🙂 . Great photos.


  7. Wahoooo! Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday, Bridget! (please pass that onto her for me.)

    This is precious.

    God is really amazing isn’t he? I so appreciate that he knows what we need/want even though we don’t.



  8. All of her looks loveable and sounds.
    Bridget, Happy Blessing on your Birthday. You are a big girl now.

    (Angelia, my Zachary will be 4 in 1 1/2 months. I thought age three brought a “big” kid. But what a change at 4!)


  9. You’re right, those cheeks are irresistible and she is so-oo precious. You’re so lucky to have her and she’s so lucky to have you. Hope you all have a wonderful birthday celebration 🙂


  10. blissbait

    Love, love, love it! She is cowrazy cute! Lord, they ALL are! Lord! YOU ALL are! 😆 My favorite photo is that one of her and Jason in the woods laughing. I laughed right along with them! How very fun! Happy, Happy Fourth Dear One! Cheers and Namaste, Angel Woman. 🙂


  11. Happy 4th Birthday Bridget!!!!! Hope you have a stellar year ahead of you!!!!

    Love the nickname you gave her!!! Be especially glad you came into their lives at younger age…it makes a world of difference in the bond you make!


  12. Awwwwww, she is so sweet! Happy 4th Birthday, Bridget! May your days be filled with smiles and laughter and hugs and blessings!

    God always knows what He is doing. 😀


  13. I also want to say….”Happy 4th Birthday Bridget.” You are all such wonderful folks. 🙂 I love how you all encourage and support one another…always. I true meaning of family. 🙂 Have fun now.


  14. Sorry I am late! Seems like I am always late here lately.

    This post was soo sweetly beautiful!
    Time and patientence is all it takes.
    Happy Birthday Bridget and love the crown!


  15. Oh man… she is adorable… and I do suddenly have the urge to pinch those cheeks! My new hubby met my son at the same age… it’s amazing how quickly they grow-up on you… and how much 2-years does for a child-stepparent relationship…


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