Wordless Wednesday: A blast from the past

Somewhere around 1997…..

A shocking Chuck-e-Cheese moment for Sydney and I.

****You talked me into it. Per popular demand, this is now a caption contest. Winner gets a prize.**** Can’t wait to see what you come up with. 🙂

62 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: A blast from the past

  1. Well…it being Chuck E Cheese and all…it could have been just about anything to make you react like that. I was recently there with my kids and got into a slight *ahem* altercation with some woman who took it upon herself to yell at my son. My 3 year-old son. It wasn’t pretty. At all. Chuck E. Cheese brings out the “inner trash” in all of us.


    1. It’s a fight for those rides and tickets. Man! Bunch of ticket stealers. Totally like Black Friday every Saturday and Sunday. And what do you get with those? A mini tootsie pop. LOL!


  2. And I thought no one saw us that day!! Lol. If the Chuck E. Cheese is anywhere near Illinois it’s quite possible you were gaping at one of my children. If not, then I have no idea. But what a fabulous picture!! I love that someone thought to snap a pic of your faces instead of the jaw-dropping event.



  3. Haha! Awesomeness. My cousins and I went to Chuck E Cheese for all birthdays! That’s alot of CEC pics with 15 cousins on my dad’s side. I must dig up those pictures just for the laughs and embarrassment!


  4. That picture is…super awesome. It was probably that mouse character chick who danced around on stage during their little song and dance bit…but she – the mouse-robot chick only moved her mouth and her left arm? She was freaky.


  5. You look intrigued and like you’re about to drop your pizza. Sydney looks shocked…therefore:

    Caption Contest:




  6. OK…if you were at the Chuck E Cheese that I was at last summer for a birthday party, your jaw was probably dropping b/c you just saw/heard my 2 year old poop her pants up in the tunnels and try to slide down the tube slide, poop coming out and all! agh!! It was horrifying then but I have to laugh now!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today.


  7. You know. I just very well may be the only mother/grandmother who has never had to go to a chuck e cheese.
    This is a precious picture! 97? And you still look the same.


    1. hahahaha! I just have to laugh at that one, because, coming home from town one day we saw a lady walking down the street with the biggest butt I have ever seen–but the rest of her was fine. I made the mistake of reacting out loud, “That is the biggest butt I’ve ever seen!” My daughter lambasted me for days afterward, “Didn’t you tell us not to be rude, Mom?” “Didn’t you say we’re not supposed to point out things about people’s appearance?” etc…

      I imagine our faces looked a little like that, too. 🙂


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