My Blog Reviewed

My dear blog friend, and creator of Real Bloggers United Group, on Blog Catalog, who is a Southern Woman who Rambles, Laura Avery, has graciously reviewed my blog in her newest blog creation, The Magnolia Blossom Review.

I value her support and I really appreciate her taking the time to give me some great feedback. Please do drop by, and see what she has to say. I am extremely honored by her thoughtfulness and kind words.

Review: Living, Loving, Laughing.

22 thoughts on “My Blog Reviewed

  1. I think the review was indeed great and very specified. I can imagine you are very proud and happy she did this for you! One more reason to keep on doing this 🙂


  2. What a glowing review, Angelia!! I want one 😀 I agree with Avery – your car dancing blog is one of my favorites!

    And thank you SO much for the very kind comments on my SITS day! I must say, they are the sweetest I have ever received. Have a great day ~ Rene W.


  3. Todd Crabtree

    Great review! I totally agree-you are an awesome writer. Your empathy and compassion for others inspires me to be a better person. I love reading all your posts! I am amazed at how you accomplish so much day after day.


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  5. Congratulations, Now I better understand today’s post.
    The review is excellent, no flattery there to my mind, just an intelligent appreciation and acknowledgment of what you do well.


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  7. Went there, read it, loved it and commented on it.

    The only thing I wish wordpress had was the “Previous” and “Next” buttons, but I really like the feature on Suzicate’s page where she has the Archives.
    Aww who cares, your place is perfect cause it is your place!

    Great review and you deserved it!


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