Savoir-Faire as the Cookie Crumbles

Keep your feet on the ground even though friends flatter you.

Apparently, my plans of floating away using my ballooned head from the ego boosting review, and the wonderful, uplifting comments has been delayed. Because the cookie said so. And you don’t mess with the cookie.

I will keep my feet on the ground and heed the advice I was given, in such a timely fashion.

My blog will stay the same as always. No bells, whistles, or shining lights; no mad endorsements, or instant fame. I will still write, chronicle, and record. I will continue to laugh, live, and love. And each, and every response I get from you, I will cherish and give thanks, because I appreciate every one. But my flying days? Well, they will be saved for my honeymoon.

So I bow down to the master cookie in the sky (God really does have a sense of humor) and praise you for preserving my character for another day.

I should say tact was worth much more than wealth as a road to leadership…. I mean that subtle apprehension which teaches a person how to do and say the right thing at the right time. It coexists with very ordinary qualities, and yet many great geniuses are without it. Of all human qualities I consider it the most convenient—not always the highest; yet I would rather have it than many more shining qualities.

-M. E. W. Sherwood

**This post also inspired by the fact that the superintendent of the school I went to (elementary-graduation), reads, subscribes, and comments on my blog** What an honor! Thank you Todd. You were an amazing biology teacher and I know you are an amazing superintendent. It was great to see you at the reunion last year. I could really get a big head from your glowing comments. Thank goodness we have fortune cookies to keep us sane. 🙂

29 thoughts on “Savoir-Faire as the Cookie Crumbles

  1. Gotta love them signs, huh?!

    I once got a fortune cookie that said, “Handsome is as handsome dose.” I then turned to my wife and asked, “Would you like a dose?”


    1. That message came so timely. Usually, my fortunes make no sense.
      What is really spooky is last week the one I got said Opportunity awaits you on next Tuesday.

      I remember thinking, “HECK YEAH! I’m off that day!”

      Well I had the strongest urge to email the little girls mom and ask if she wanted to meet for lunch and see the kids. She actually said YES. Their faces were PRICELESS. So, I had the opportunity to make some people very happy that day. Indeed it was right, again.


  2. What a wonderful way of turning this into a blog entry. Fortune cookies are a lot of fun, and the inspiration for practicing tact is a great start to any day.



  3. LOL To think that we will go crazy looking for signs of what to do form “the BIG guy” and never see what you are searching for, and then out of the blue we are confronted with things like this! I love it!!


    1. I would take those numbers on the back and play the lotto! Woot! Don’t forget your friends!

      I got one that said, “You will have supreme and total knowledge” – or something like that – I threw it down and said, “OH CRAP, I’m going to die.” I mean, that is the only time we know everything, right?????? LOL!


  4. I love the photographic anticipation as the pictures unfold. And floating away with the ballooned head image.

    I am frozen in my expression wanting to avoid flattery. XD


  5. I have had the stangest coincidences come out of fortune cookies myself.
    You deserved your great review and I love that quote. My youngest child was born with No tact at all.


  6. Oh I think I just heard the wind whispering ‘Ah, Grasshopper, you see…you see’.

    So glad to see that the review has been a hit but even glad-er (umm, yeah, that’s not really a word but I felt it…so I had to share!) that you’ve not let it go to your head!

    Cheers and happy blogging to you (and all your friends),

    (Well, you can let it go an eency weency bit to your head because you deserve it!)


  7. God has a great sense of humor until you try to tell Him a Knock Knock Joke

    You say ; Knock Knock

    He always says HE KNOWS!

    Blessings & Giggles to you and yours, Jeanie/
    aka Soccer Mom in Giggle Town


  8. Isn’t amazing how we make these “fortunes” fit into our lives at the moment! LOL We just had some last week and DJ opened one that was totally fitting to him at that moment…even mine was uncanny! Do I remember them…nope! LOL Ahh such is life!


  9. So, maintain status quo. That seems to be working for you anyway. I so wish I could talk to you face to face. I just know that we’d have an exhilarating chat.
    Have a great weekend.


  10. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

    Congrats on a great review 🙂 You musy feel great.

    I have to agree with you!! I love that my blog does well without all the “bells and whistles”. It makes me sad that so many bloggers have giveaways every week and reviews a few times a month… etc. I wish they would just WRITE about life or whatever!

    Good job on yours 🙂


  11. Wow kind of cosmic to get that fortune right at a time your head should be floating.
    Sound advice.

    Friends with one of your teachers, I can’t even remember any of mines names! LOL!


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