The Cross Dressing Elvis makes a Move

Oh, he wasn’t always a cross dresser. Once, he lived a normal life in a cellophane package on the grounds of Graceland. Until one day, purchased and bagged, he ended up here – Magnet Fridge City. Land of the collectible seductive metal, instead of gracing Graceland, he graced the icebox.

It’s not really his fault. Wardrobe on the box is limited. Just ask his friend, Blue Suede M&M.

“That’s Alright”

When Elvis met Marilyn, he not only stole her heart, he stole her pants.

And can you blame the guy? She had a rockin’ attire. Wasn’t it obvious she came from Vegas the city of glitz? Always cool. Dressed in her finest gown. Crooning and laughing her throaty laugh. She didn’t mind.

They all wanted to be like her. Even the dog lived the sweet life.

“Hound Dog”

Their biggest fear? To be left behind. Forgotten. Unused. Undressed.
What if no one changed their bra, their pants, their shoes, their crown? What if they ended up [gasp!] naked?
Or worse , on the side of a filing cabinet. It wasn’t an easy life, but it was their life. Being together – the most important thing.

But all good things must come to an end. The day came when their clothes were scraped off. One by one, from head to toe, they peeled forward. Handled delicately they were placed unattached in a cardboard box. Clothes tossed in a pile like dirty laundry.

“All shook up”

The horror! They were moving. Where would they end up? Who would be in what dress? The uncertainty struck fear deep in their magnet core.

As the box lid slides to a close. Marilyn beams her bedroom eyes, and Elvis grins his star-lit smile. Someday soon, they will rise again to great glory of cold food storage, and great inter-changeable fashion.

Coming soon to a fridge near you (uh-Jason).

” ‘Til we meet you again, may God bless you. Adios.”
Elvis-Said in 1977 at the end of a concert during his last tour.

**No magnets were harmed in the making of this post.**

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23 thoughts on “The Cross Dressing Elvis makes a Move

    1. Yogasavy – Yeah, those didn’t work very well! I had those too. You have to cut them out (or punch them), and not tear them, or lose a tab. These are so much easier. Just stick and play. We even got a nativity scene for Christmas.



  1. This totally made me laugh!! I LOVE it. Thanks for sharing…and now my college sons are acting like they’ve never done that with our magnets and they so have!


  2. For 17 years, we lived in Memphis. People would come to visit. They wanted to see Graceland. “O.k.,” we said. Then we went out and rented a car. We went to the costume shop and rented disguises. I always liked the curly red wig and the go-go boots. Rod liked the big nose and the glasses.

    “Today is the day for Graceland!” we told our guests. Then we would load them up in our rented car and drive to Whitehaven. We would park across the street from Graceland and let our guests out.

    “We’ll see you in a little while!” we told them. Then we drove to the rib place and had lunch in our disguises. At the appropriate time, we would drive back and pick up our guests in the gift shop across the street from the mansion.

    Then we would drive home. None of our friends ever found out that we had gone to Whitehaven. Praise Jesus!


  3. You’ve had me in stitches here.
    I’ve got something similar here on my fridge but it’s all Santa to be dressed in different outfits. Right now they’re all still in their pajamas from the last time my granddaughter came to visit. And they’re laying on their backs.
    You’ve made my day (Night?)


  4. hahahaha oh I love it!!! I’ve always wanted one of those sets that’s all words…and see what people come up with…clothes would be way more fun!!!!


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