Wordless: Wordful Wednesday- A post within a post

It’s an inception post. Yes, I saw the movie. Inception is brilliant. It is exactly the kind of movie I love…..why? It has action, twists, and innovative ideas. Not to mention, I love Leonardo Di Caprio (yes, I know there are haters, but I grew up with him) and I love the Juno actress, Ellen Page.

I can’t always hear a movie word for word. What can I say….I have really bad hearing. If I have images, and things to see that helps me not worry that I didn’t hear every word. If the visuals are mind blowing, then all the better. Inception definitely delivered on that and more. The last hour of the movie, I was literally on the edge of my chair. I say again, brilliant. Go see it, if you like different, imaginative, and cutting edge.

One week ago, this was my post, Wordless Wednesday- A blast from the past. It turned into a photo caption contest. I am proud to say, I had my daughter pick a winner out of all the entries. This kid has a super power in wit, and her favorite caption (drumroll please)……….

“WOAH! That kid just put a ball from the skee ball machine in his mouth!!!”
-by Go, Pop, Go!

He just had a new baby, and I bet he has that exact same look on his face. Way to go Pop!

Now, for my wordless? wordful Wednesday post. Just in case you thought the last picture was a fluke of Sydney and I sharing like expressions. Maybe it wasn’t. 🙂

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22 thoughts on “Wordless: Wordful Wednesday- A post within a post

  1. Love the pictures! I have a few of my own, but am afraid to share them for fear of turning the few people that read my blog away in terror!

    Here’s a caption for ya…

    The mother-daughter fashion show kicked off with “Fashionable Dinner Wear”.


  2. Yogasavy

    Inception was and is a brilliant movie! Loved it and could go back and see it again….. Have been having my very own inception and love it!
    A must see movie


  3. We were going to go see Inception last night when we got back from Savannah but then got lazy and decided to stay home.

    Sydney is saying “Bless her heart” in the new pic. We both know it can mean SO many more things than actually “Bless her heart!” LOL


  4. D2 had an explosive poop that shot up to my bicep. And yup, -that- was the face I made! I wasn’t even mad; it was amazing!

    I haven’t seen Inception yet but have heard incredible things. Now, getting 2-3 free hours to go watch a movie might as well be a dream from the film. And for your WW pic, I REMEMBER THOSE BIBS!!! Whatever happened to all the McD’s characters?


  5. Hi Angelia! Thanks for stopping by my blog! It’s always nice to meet another one of us! I can’t wait to see Inception! I think the hubby is taking me this weekend. I saw on your profile that you like the Sword of Truth series, it’s one of my favorites! Do you watch Legend of the Seeker?


  6. As we are going to be spending a lot of time resting at home this next week for various reasons I was thinking about getting some movies to watch so will definitely get this one as I too like Leonardo and the Juno actress.

    Love your photos – oh how it must take you back just looking at them now, you both look so very happy in all of them.


  7. Ray and I had thought about going to see that movie this weekend (we had a kid free 1/2 day thanks to my mom!!), but decided to go see Toy Story 3 instead. I’m sure we’ll watch it eventually though.

    Great photo’s of you both! Love the McD’s bibs!!


  8. Sounds like that movie is going to be a movie that I will have to watch by myself. Hubby hates movies that he can’t hear all the words, he constantly says “what did they say?” Drives him nuts and me too after awhile.

    Love the caption Sydney picked! Too cute!

    Yall really do have the same hair!


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