Sighting Home

**photos by Angelia

One-hundred and seventy-eight miles Northeast of my residence, lies a small Oklahoma town. Outside of town is an even smaller slice of country life; a blip on the map. Therein lies my home of childhood, at least most of childhood. It is different now. The trees are taller, the windows more obscure behind the smoky glaze of age.

Knickknacks have come and gone, although some still stand their place of posturing on the shelf. The carpet replaced; from laminate, to shag, to wood. Bathroom faucets spray from an unfiltered spout in a rough sideways fountain. The kitchen window no longer overlooks an in-ground pool. The pool long filled in. The back-yard tree canopies the view, casting over the window, a green filtering sunlight shade of leaves.

The small shrub plants a foot tall are now tree size.

The country made Bees love them.

Such beauty at work.

In harmony.

In peace.

Maybe they see you, and wonder your purpose as well.

A happy cottage beckons it’s promise of playful cheer.

Spring flowers long past their bloom bake in the sun, awaiting the turn of season.

Three hours of driving to sight home. Three hours to revel in the brisk nature, city sidewalks just don’t encapsulate. Sentiment, and wonder alive through the lens.

Joie de vivre cradled in a ripened era.

I, literally, could not put my camera away.

Home, not just from the dusty gravel road, but from the 55mm lens of grown-up aspect.

29 thoughts on “Sighting Home

  1. Lovely post Angelia, it must be very nice to return to what was your childhood home. My parents have moved three times since I left home and a part of me wishes I could go back to the house I grew up in, but it was not the idyllic retreat of your childhood.


    1. Well, it is different. We didn’t have a play cottage, nor the numerous dog pins. No giant shrub brushes the size of trees, with HUGE bumble bees. The pool is covered in. The country is beautiful though. I do miss that. I can’t imagine not having it.


    1. Those bees were incredible!! I had my short lens so I had to get close and my mom tells me their stings are really painful! But I couldn’t help myself. There were about six bees (that I could count) on that butterfly bush.


  2. Beautiful photos.

    What a nice trip that must have been . . . down memory lane.

    And, by the way, uh . . . I should say, “Country Made Bees”. We DO NOT have bees that gigantic here! OMY! Those things could carry away small children!!!!


    1. Leslie,
      Thank you! My brother lives in Tulsa. It’s actually a lot prettier there than the town I was in. It’s more hilly and has a nice river through it. It really is a great place!


    1. Andrea,
      It was really nice in the country. I’m sure you will enjoy your visits back once you move. Something about all the knickknacks and decorations from growing up days – bringing to life – precious memories.


    1. Missy,

      I miss you too! I am getting around I promise. I bet my camera would love where you live in Washington! Those trees…..mmmm.

      After the honeymoon, we may have to come back your way again.


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