Time goes on

Two years go by, but I’ll never forget. I still remember like it was yesterday. The day we held your service and placed you to rest.

I look back on this day, as if it were crystallized in my mind. The hot August sun. The crispy graveyard grass. The beautiful spray of flowers across your handsome gray casket. I try to be strong for my mom. I know she needs me, but when Charley Pride’s, I’ll fly away, plays at the service. I lose my composure a bit. I have memories of riding in your big yellow Lincoln town car listening to Charley Pride sing, Mountain of Love. The first song I ever heard by him. It was one of those I could hear over and over, as you did when you were seven. You really got a kick out of that. To hear his voice again brought such happy tears, and sad ones.

You flew away – oh glory – to a home on God’s celestial shore. A piece of my heart flew with you – is still with you. Always.

The comfort of today is that you are free, just as your beautiful gravestone says.

    I’m free
    Be not burdened with times of sorrow
    I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow.
    My life’s been full, I’ve savored much,
    good friends, good times,
    a loved ones touch.
    Lift up your hearts and share with me,
    God wanted me now;
    He set me free.

Father, confidant, supporter, encourager, most patient man in the world – stepfather and treasure. Times goes on….but your memories are alive in my beating heart.

I see the sun and you are in it.

16 thoughts on “Time goes on

  1. Oh Angelia – I am sure today is filled with complete bittersweet sadness for you. You write so eloquently about this wonderful man I just know he would be so very proud to read your words.


  2. What a beautiful tribute, Angelia. He, obviously, was the dad God hand-picked for you–the seeds he’s planted in your heart seem to have taken deep root, and we get to enjoy the fruit.


  3. A beautiful tribute to a very good stepfather who is more like a father to you. I would like to state here a beautiful quote I learned from a fellow blogger’s blog. It’s timely and fitting for your beloved dead.

    “If we live our life the right way, our memory will live on. Because it’s our children and our loved ones who will say our name when we are gone”.

    Angelia, we share the same grief. Tomorrow, August 6, is my mother’s 9th year death anniversary. I wrote a hub in loving memory of my dear, Mama. Peace and God Bless!


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