My Life Edited

Mama's Losin' ItI chose weekly writing prompt #1.
1.) If you could do it over again…
(Inspired by Barb from Half-Past Kissin’ Time)

Truth is, almost every time this question comes up, I answer it the same way. I wouldn’t change a thing about my life, or where I am today.

However, today I decided to answer this burning question with absolute honesty, and a little of the stuff dreams are made of.

I got a Nikon D3000 DSLR mid January this year. Since then I have had a burst of creativity. My mind has enlivened. The camera frees photographs, the photographs free words, the words tell a story. For me, it flows in a never-ending whirlpool of spectacular visions.

Recently, I decided to try portrait photography for the first time (with a non-family member). That post could be written using writing prompt three: 3.) Steppin outside the box (describe a time when you went way out of your comfort zone)
(inspired by Sherri from Matter Of Fact).

Believe me, this was the time. Yes, I had a big camera. No, I had zero bridal portrait experience and very little experience of non-family photos. I started out extremely nervous. What made it easier was – she really didn’t expect much. She knew I had a nice camera and liked to take photos. So, we did.

The result.

See more photos here, or here.

The story.

She had brought these army boots to take pictures in and an army helmet. Those and her bridal veil were very important to her. She wanted to make sure, I had some poses with them. I noticed the veil did not quite match the color of her dress, but never considered anything else, other than my eye was seeing it through the lens. The boots and helmet made me think a loved one was in the army. A dad? A brother? Come to find out (after the session), her fiance is in Iraq. The boots and helmet were his. Now when I see the pictures; the story unfolds.

She is not just a beautiful bride-to-be. She is the ultimate bride awaiting the safe return of her groom. And the veil? Her mother’s. To me, it became a story of love, and family. Made more endearing by the photos taken.

She wants me to take photographs of them both when he returns home from Iraq. What an honor.

This is not the first time this has happened. On the drive back from Houston – which definitely qualifies for writing prompt four: 4.) A long drive…
(inspired by Lindy from Lindy And Ree
). For me, Dallas to Houston is the worst drive. Ever. But I digress.

We stopped North of the Woodlands, at a little 7-11. There was a man seated in front of the store with a dark green duffel bag. I could tell he was homeless. He had on worn clothes. He didn’t smile, or frown. He just sat there; still and tall. Browned by the sun, his facial features resembled leather, as if they were chiseled on his face. I was surprised he didn’t have a cup, or a sign. But he had nothing- literally nothing. And he didn’t ask for anything more.

I gave him a few bucks upon leaving. He thanked me profusely and we blessed each other. I got in the car, but couldn’t help notice his features again, the bag next to him, and his story. What was it?

I wanted nothing more than to grab my camera, offer him twenty bucks to take his picture; ask his name and where he was from. Get his story. How he got there? What he did before? Was he a vet, a father, a brother? The opportunity passed. We drove away. But I never forgot that burning desire to know and to capture.

Maybe, I should have been a photo journalist. Maybe, I still could be. If I could, would I? Would I choose to discover this desire earlier in my years and turn my life in that direction? Maybe.

I find it all very fascinating and interesting. I have my camera ready…..what’s your story?

42 thoughts on “My Life Edited

  1. Lovely post Angelia. Follow your heart is what I say, if photography is what you want to do then keep trying out these sessions, doing new things with your camera and it will unfold. What a lovely story about the bride – I had wondered about those boots and think it just so very touching that she wanted pictures in her bridal dress with her fiance’s boots.


    1. Thank-you Jane! I have a few more planned sessions – senior pics with a bull, a one-year old, three seven-year old girls punking out, and engagement photos. I should be able to work up a nice portfolio and see where it leads.

      Maybe I’ll even try a few classes. 🙂


  2. Visiting from Mama Kats …

    I do think you have the makings of a photojournalist!

    And I have to say, the bride photos just came alive once she started showing the boots!!! They came out great!


  3. These are great portraits, Angelia. And, I know what you mean about the photojournalism ‘bug.’ I wish I were brave enough to get random people’s pictures and stories, too–I so often want to. I’ll be following your story with keen interest. 🙂

    Whatever you choose to do, from what I’ve seen of your stories and comments, I’m sure you’ll be stepping out in faith–which will make all the difference.


    1. Heather – it does seem like I am being led down a different path. I am trusting he will continue to guide me and put on my heart what I need to follow.

      There is something amazing about following your gift and knowing it. 🙂


  4. That story just makes me want to cry, very sweet. The love that shines through knowing that she has him there in the pics through the boots and helmet.

    I think you have found your passion. I know I have. The camera you gave me has made me into a person that loves to get out of the house to find that next new thing to capture. I always liked to take pics but the times were different and expensive, like not knowing how your pic came out till you paid for it to be developed. With the new models, I feel like I have steped into a new world with my eyes opened. YOU did that for me and it is now my passion.


    1. Heather- It is definitely a passion. I know you get that and have it too. It’s hard to put away once it comes alive in your soul. I am honored to be part of your journey.

      I know, it was meant to be. Your comment and seeing the unused camera we had. I wanted more than anything for someone to use it to capture beautiful surroundings. You have done that so well. You are very talented!


  5. Follow that path, girl! I certainly feel like that’s what you’re supposed to be doing… you’re so dang good at it.

    AHA! That could be your book! A compilation of people’s stories (with photos!) that you meet on the street. It would be so interesting…


  6. OH my goodness… I loved those photos… the very last one of her was my favorite. And as soon as you said her fiance was in Iraq… goosebumps crept across my arms.



  7. Angelia, these are fantastic, gorgeous, beautiful, etc. I can’t think of a word … about ….oh, I don’t know. They defy words.

    Check in with my blog. I’ve left you something there.


  8. I love the idea of reinventing, because we can. Although it’s a lot harder with other responsibilities. (Kids/house/cars, lots of bills!)

    I don’t think it’s too late to do anything. Your skills as a photographer go perfectly with your writing skills. And they’re both pretty marketable. Good luck!


  9. I recognized the boots immediately, being a military wife. I LOVE using them in the pre-wedding shots. My hubby hadn’t joined up yet (nor had any plans to – pre 9/11 world…) when we got married, so I didn’t get that chance! Beautiful shots.
    I have just recently become interested in photography. Mostly I see my kids, or from their point of view, but I love to see other peoples very cool point of view too. Everyone frames a shot differently. I still don’t have a good camera, but I am working toward it.


  10. Good blog. I had similar thoughts today in mine. There are no do-overs in life and it’s probably a very good thing. I believe we have all gotten it exactly right the first time.

    — Judson


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