Cherishing Love

Writing prompt instructions:
This week we’re going to switch gears and write a little poetry. Writing poetry helps us work on cadence and rhythm which can make for better fiction. So by flexing our poetry muscles, we can in turn create more fluid fictional pieces. Please write a narrative poem that focuses on the workings of a family, whether it be your own or one that you’ve created from scratch. Good luck!

    *This poem is written for Jason, my betrothed. I am not a poet, nor consider myself one. It is inspired by the first time I saw him with his two young children. I was already in love with him, but his calming demeanor, and patient touch, really sealed the deal upon witnessing. I love you and I am honored to be part of your life and your future bride.
Cherishing Love

Gentle spirit,
Gentle soul.
Shimmering pride,
Beams aglow.

Tender Gaze,
Tender Heart.
Life anew,
A brand new start.

Lifting Presence,
Lifting Force.
Blanketing comfort,
Down every course.

Firm Resolve,
Firm Reserve.
Generously offered,
Affirming deserve.

Engaging Smiles,
Engaging Resistance,
Persuading charm,
In timeless existence.

Loving Completely,
Loving Outright,
As precious as treasure,
In God’s gracious light.

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26 thoughts on “Cherishing Love

  1. Ericka @ alabaster cow

    You can tell how much you cherish and respect this man. And I found some interesting word pairs like “affirming deserve.”. I like the way that sounds. Very sweet!


  2. Has Jason seen this? I think it’s beautiful and should be used sometime during the pre-wedding celebrations.

    I get tickled everytime I open your blog and see those three laughing faces up there. They’re enough to brighten my day, any day.


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  4. I adore how his fatherly actions inspired your complete love. You’re so correct – those moments are so telling of a man.

    Fantastic job. “Blanketing comfort” – speaks volumes. Congratulations on your great love.


  5. I would say that you have done a beautiful job capturing the moment and the love that flows in your world. 🙂 You have a precious family and it is sooo nice to see that you all cherish life and the moment. Stay well. Stay happy. Have a summer full of promise. 🙂


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