Grounded Again! A Story of Youth.

Quite honestly, I was grounded often, and unfairly excessively as a teenager. I really felt like my parents got this sick joy from it [insert: evil laugh] because they grounded me with such relish.

Surely, it wasn’t because I would sneak out at night; take my stepdad’s car on a joyride, get caught driving my mom’s van to school, or steal liquor from their stash of Scotch Whiskey (all in my magical year of age thirteen). Nah!!

I did get caught at most of those things and more (eventually), but none compared to the grounding that occurred days after my sixteenth birthday.

My parents gave me a rockin’ car for my sweet day in August 87′. A 1984 Mercury Cougar; aka, the silver bullet. She was bewitching! I was in heaven – a teenagers dream – not only my own car, but a really nice one.

Their only rule? I could not pick up, nor see my boyfriend Mike, who they did not approve of. He was from the wrong side of the tracks and had bi-racial parents. Plus he was cute, charming, and corrupting; according to them. In other words, a normal teenage boy.

So I got my new car and I drove straight to his house to pick him up (of course!). We went to the car wash giving the silver bullet a blinding gleam. Then, as my parents wished, I took him home, advising him, he wasn’t allowed in my car. Sorry (thanks for the car wash), seeyalaterbye.

Next stop, the local swimming pool to see my friend Jason. He was a lifeguard. We were “just” friends. I took him for a ride (since HE was allowed) to all my girlfriend’s houses. We had a great time showing off my new wheels (and hot lifeguard), and I didn’t mind the new rule at all (heh).

I returned home, and there, waited MOTHER. By the look on her face, I was in big trouble and she knew. She knew!

Without a word, I was busted. I crumbled under her piercing gaze. I didn’t even bother trying to lie when she asked if Mike had been in my car. I admitted to my car wash guilt.

Grounded – again!

How she found out, I have no idea. Mike had only been in the car ten minutes and no one had seen us. It was not fair, after all, I had barely broken the rule *sniff*.

My punishment – six months restriction from my car. No driving whatsoever, not even to school for my Junior year. SIX MONTHS.

Even worse, as a High Schooler, I was required to ride the bus to school. Not that I couldn’t walk, or get a ride. I could have. The school was less than a mile from home and easily walkable. But no, this was part two of my punishment – riding the bus when I had a car in the driveway and a driver’s liscense in my wallet. The horror! I couldn’t even pretend I rode the bus, and not. My parents were drinking buddies best friends with the bus driver, who stopped by to report every night.

Talk about humiliating….that was the longest, hardest, most miserable six months of my life. Officially, it was only four months. For every room I cleaned spotless in the house, they minused off a day. It was brilliant child labor. Then I went to France for a month over Christmas. When I returned in January, they gave me the car back. I guess they felt sorry for me. Thank goodness!

The worse part of it all, was when I finally asked mom how she knew. She told me my girlfriend’s mom told her when she called her house looking for me. She had glanced outside seeing lifeguard Jason in the car, not boyfriend Mike, and mistakenly told her the wrong guy. Arrrrgh!!!

This post inspired by: Mama's Losin' ItI chose prompt number four: 4.) The craziest reason I ever got in trouble as a child.

25 thoughts on “Grounded Again! A Story of Youth.

  1. Oh Angelia, Do I need to say it? ; )

    probably not considering the time I was 14 and went to a party with a disapproved of boy instead of where I was supposed to be-skating, when the ok boy called my house from the skating rink to look for me and told my mom I wasn’t there, because he was worried. That was 3 months. Yep.


  2. Oh my – I hope when my time comes I have that instinctive just knowing thing going on with my daughter. Either that or I shall just have to let my husband do what he insists he is going to do which is follow her everywhere and on every date 🙂


  3. runrettarun

    Out of all my sibs, I always got caught even though we were all doing the same things. WTH? I had to ground my 4 year old for the first time from the Wii. Talk about harsh ;).


  4. And you STILL got grounded. That’s how it goes, i guess. 🙂

    You know, my guilty conscience was always the thing that got the best of me. I would do something sneaky, feel immeasurably bad about it, and at the slightest hint that my mom might know something about it, I’d spill the beans and bust myself. Stupid conscience!!


  5. LOL I loved this story, and it definitely brought back some memories of my own…..How do Mother’s do that?!?!

    My dad is the one who had “the look” in my family. One look from him was as potent as any truth serum! 🙂

    Great post!


  6. I remember the feeling when I pulled out of the driveway for the first time in my very first car (’89 LeBaron convertable btw). I was 18. What freedom!!

    Therefore, I can completely understand your torment.

    Thanks for sharing this story! xoxo


  7. Love the story! You’re such a rebel.. lol…
    It also brings back my own memory, that’s why I’m relieved that I don’t have a daughter as if I do, I know I will not survive a mini version of myself 😉


  8. Rod and I lead such sheltered lives! I was never grounded! I was too scared to do anything wild, so I saved all my wildness up for NOW!! Another reception coming up tomorrow, and after the last three weeks, I am so ready! And I won’t get grounded.


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