Brownie Poo gets a new Doo

For all you Brownie Puppy fans…..(I know you all love my puppy, right?)…..well, she got a haircut this weekend.

Her FIRST haircut (awwwh!), I did not keep the first locks, don’t worry. I’m not that bad. Truth is, I just thought of it. Ha.

I was really worried about her being traumatized. I have tried to brush her a couple of times and let me tell you, she FREAKS out. I mean freak-a-zoid freaky freak out. Like the lambs are screaming scream. I burned that brush and she has been a furry chewbacca ever since. Until, we let a professional try.

She did fine, except for the hair dryer, according to the groomers, she screamed like a lamb. Okay I made that part up, but they did say she screamed.

I got home to see her – I was surprised. It was like meeting my four-month old baby Shih-Tzu for the first time. I could actually SEE her face. Oh my goodness! What big eyes you have….and an actual wittle face.

I couldn’t stop saying, “Hi, nice to meet you.” And I swear, she would look at me in that same way. It was darling.

I think she can see better now. It’s a whole new world.

She is just runway styling (and flowing) in her new doo. Move over Farrah.

Besides the exciting news of Brownie….we also went to a baseball game this weekend. I took my camera.

We sat in right field.

We had a good spot with a view of my favorite player.

Josh Hamilton made some amazing plays, which I mostly saw. Not so sure about these two (my daughter and her boyfriend).

Rangers win!

Does anyone else just loooove when they congratulate the other team? I get a little verklempt. Does that make me soft? Of course, that was little league. But I digress.

And then there were fireworks.

I really wanted to “try” to get a few pics. Night shots really need a tripod, and definitely a chair in-between the photographer and a bouncing leg in tune to the one-hit wonders playing with the show. I moved one chair over – no offense Jason – and it helped.

These were my favorite.

Love the spirals.

I only wish the little girls would have been with us (we did ask), but it wasn’t our weekend. They would have LOVED the fireworks set to music. The ballpark is absolutely the best place to watch them. I missed them a lot, because this was part of my birthday celebration. It was amazing and great, but just not the same as having their shining faces there too. And… I had no one to steal cotton candy from. Heh!

Jason does get the girls tonight until 7pm, I can’t wait til they “meet” the new Brownie Poo…who has a new doo.

Wonder if they will be as surprised as we were.

31 thoughts on “Brownie Poo gets a new Doo

  1. Oh, that Brownie is a heart stealer. So cute. I love when I can see their eyes!!

    Sorry the girls didn’t get to attend the game with you. 😦 But it does look like you got some GREAT fireworks shots. GOOD JOB. That is not easy to do!


  2. runrettarun

    Aw Brownie is so cute. My mom’s dog is named Brownie as well. She’s a Yorkie & fox terrier mix. I think of the fox terrier part lol. Your pics are gorge as usual!


  3. I love Brownie-poo’s do! Since Mulligan has had regular and wholesome meals, and lots of love, his hair has grown out and is so pretty! He loves to be brushed!

    Baseball game fireworks are THE BEST!


  4. What a funny post! You had me chuckling all the wy through–especially the Farrah comment. 🙂

    And, I also have to mention, again, how much I love your photos. The fireworks ones are amazing–just spectacular. What a treat to follow along.

    Oh, yeah–Brownie! I have to admit, at first I thought I’d really miss that ‘mop’ look he had goin’ on–but, after seeing him running through that field… well, I have a whole new appreciation for him.


  5. A very nice post again. And you are a true photographer! I am impressed. The firework pictures and the running pictures of Brownie Poo. And of course the picture of Sidney and her boyfriend. Nice looking chap, tell her that, please! 🙂


  6. I love the look. So Hollywood. I would keep a look out for some scouts. 😎
    You have got a lot of fun shots. You are doing a fantastic job with that camera of yours. Have fun. Be happy, Just be you.


  7. Brownie looks adorable!! I’m not a big baseball fan, but I’m glad you had a great time and I think the fire works pics are amazing. What a brilliant photographer you’re becoming!! I’m very jealous.



  8. Andy wants to take our boys to a game next weekend – I thought about you, but it is the wrong TX team playing the Braves- Houston Astros, not the Rangers. A couple A-10s (Andy’s plane) are supposed to be doing a fly over as part of the entertainment, so we’ll see if we can work it out. Planes fly a lot faster then we drive – the game is a four hour trip for us!
    I love the laughing pic. I guess it goes with the name of the blog, both yours and mine…


  9. Very cute pup!

    Looks like a fun time at the baseball game.

    But were you joking about the team shaking hands with the other team?

    It’s a huge pet peeve of mine. Baseball players are the only players that DON’T shake hands with the other team. They shake hands with their own team. It’s pretty lame.

    Even football players and hockey players who beat the crap out of each other shake hands after the game. I don’t get it.


  10. Oh, no. Don’t tell me you’re a Rangers fan. Oh, they’re American league, right? I’ve got a postie coming up on Tuesday about the Rangers catcher. Not too bad. Just be warned, though.
    Brownie Poo looks amazing with her little green bows. So chic. Don’t they just crawl in your heart and stay there!!


  11. Yay! Your pup Brownie is sooo cute!!! Scrumptious!

    I have 2 shih-tzu’s and keeping up with the grooming is a must. My poor babies come back SHAVED when I haven’t brushed them enough and they can’t get the matts out. UGH! Then they have to grow back. Boo. They are both used to the groomers by now and we keep them both in a puppy cut. Much easier.

    I have 2 pics of them in my latest blog post. Your pics of the fireworks came out great.


  12. Gracie hates loud noises too, but I’ve been grooming her myself. I’ve been cutting off lots of her hair with this electric trimmer product that I got from Wal-Mart. She freaks out at the noise, so I usually have to hold her while I let my sister trim her fur. I love how adorable and fluffy Brownie looks!


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